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  1. Descent 2.0 was an improvement on the original in many ways, but there were two ways it fell short: both threat and hero death were removed. This caused a few issues such as shadow Dragon reinforcements and so many quests being races (due to no hero death OL win condition). both of these features were added back in to IA which was the major improvement over descent 2.0 early descent campaigns have these problems, later campaigns tried to mitigate these issues. I'd recommend the later stuff to someone who is moving from IA to descent. the best experience for an imperial/overlord player is descent 1st edition road to legend. That campaign had an overland map, the overload player could move his lieutenants around the map hunting the hero's and burning villages while the hero's were trying to find the overlords lair.
  2. I went for the cthulhu version, shadows of normandie. I haven't played it yet, it's just sitting on a shelf staring at me.
  3. They did show a marvel miniatures game... From another company. I still have no idea what that was doing in the in-flight report. Final hour, did they just steal the plot of cthulhu death may die?
  4. Watching Andrew Navarro on stage was like watching Todd Howard at E3. Both FFG and Bethesda have done some truly great games and given me many great times but recently they have both been off their game. weirdly I think CMON have saved gencon this year, zombicide 2nd edition, cyberpunk 2077 & gods of Egypt (the follow up to blood rage & rising sun).
  5. I thought the whole inflight report was pretty poor this year. final hour looked awful, it's like someone vomited onto a board. There was nothing gameplay wise that made it stand out from the many other arkham horror games. For a moment I was excited for genesys. After the terrinoth & Android source books I was sure we would get either twilight imperium or arkham horror next. Once they said the players guide had rules for horror settings I thought it must be Arkham... The keyforge setting book was a bitter disappointment. new ships for x-wing & armada were scraping the barrel. The new lcg could be interesting, only 1 core set needed and new hero's bought as complete decks. The artwork is fugly. All the other LCGs have amazing artwork, this one looks like the cartoons marvel did back in the 90's. Modern comics don't have artwork this bad. Usually whenever FFG announce a new LCG another one bites the dust, so I can't be excited for this. Besides a day later Eric Lang (who did some amazing FFG LCGs) announced he has done a cyberpunk 2077 card game, that took all my card game hype. One thing that did catch my eye was the prices, ouch. It's like they are bumping the price in case they get bit with tariffs later.
  6. Cthulhu wars did a 24h kickstarter for a cat faction on April 1st, so it's not just dogs that are getting the love. I think that is actually going to print though, so shame on FFG for not doing the same with this.
  7. You are forgetting that FFG are their own worst enemy, they specialise in competing with their own games.
  8. FFG have a history of giving some of their games a good send off, completing the classes and hybrids does make it seem like this is the end. I would not be surprised to see a 3rd edition with app support built in from the start.
  9. It's a nice list but I wouldn't class zombicide as a dungeon crawler, it's a tower defence game.
  10. FFG used to be my number one games company, making up 95℅ of my collection. Now it's down to 50%. I like CMON as a company, they get a mixed reputation as a high-quality components low-quality playtesting company but they do have some really great games. Now that they have Eric Lang (who designed many of FFGs greatest games) they are making games like rising sun and blood rage. I really like plaid hat games as a company, good quality and a friendly company. Dead of winter is a really good game, the next crossroads game (gen 7) will be set in space and should hopefully give more of a BSG feel. Kickstarter is a platform that has launched a lot of games, most companies on there are known for a single game so it makes sense to list games instead. Scythe, gloomhaven, KDM, cthulhu wars, xia, 7th continent, zombicide, this war of mine, eclipse etc. In the UK we have games workshop and modiphius as our biggest answers to FFG. while thinking about non-FFG games similar to IA I have to mention core space:
  11. It matters to me because I've avoided buying the legion models because of the size difference. If newer IA models are the same (or similar) scale to legion then I may have to buy some.
  12. I just opened the latest expansion and the miniatures are huge compared to the rest of the IA range. Has the size increased to match legion?
  13. No imperial assault news but legion is getting the clone wars. So 1-0 to imperial assault.
  14. On the fence about this one. this isn't the anniversary edition I was hoping for, information is scarce but it seems more lightweight. It won't replace arkham horror in my collection, seems more likely to compete against elder sign: streets of arkham. more cthulhu games are always welcome but if it means arkham horror will never be reprinted then this comes with a heavy cost.
  15. Runebound 3rd edition doesn't have great player interaction and you can forget about solo unless you have the expansion. Player count and the amount of time you can devote to a session should drive your choice as well as budget. Runewars the board game is my favourite, it's 2-4 players but it takes a few hours to play. It's out of print but you can still find a copy on eBay for a good price. There is one expansion but it is harder to find. Lots of replayability in just the core set. battlelore is another classic, it's 2 player only but plays quickly once everyone is familiar with the rules. There are a few expansions but you should be able to find them easy enough. There is a digital version which is a good way to try it. descent has lots of expansions, it's difficult to collect them all. It's a 2-5 player game, 1-4 with the app. The app version is really good and seems the most common way for new players to join terrinoth. there is also a rpg and a new game "heroes of terrinoth" , plus we may get gencon surprises announced this week.
  16. Solo is about 8 years after revenge of the sith and 7 years before the start of rebels, right in the middle. It does contain some ideas that could provide fodder for imperial assault. Other standalone movies (boba and obi one) should also be in a similar era.
  17. If it goes there I think IA will take its time and go via rogue one and solo first.
  18. I'm not sure all the CMON figures will work with MoM.
  19. guess this CMON miniature is too big to fit in a game of arkham horror.
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