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  1. It's easy to bash GW for the company they are now, but prior to FFG they were the the best board game company. From their involvement in heroquest and space crusade to classics such as blood bowl, necromunda, man o' war, warhammer quest, space hulk and fury of dracula. FFG took the crown with with twilight imperium, arkham horror, descent, runebound and runewars. FFG has has a good run at being the top company, just like GW did, but now the crown is beginning to slip. They've also picked up a certain reputation, just like GW has.
  2. I'm not sure what makes this a terrinoth game. Apart from them using the word uthuk it seems they've taken a generic fantasy setting and made it more generic.
  3. I've played with 3d cardboard terrain before and it can be amazing, but the terrain in this game doesn't look good enough for the price. An example of good cardboard terrain:
  4. Some interesting concepts but I'm not really feeling this. This was supposed to be FFGs gloomhaven killer but instead it's making massive darkness 2 look good. Gloomhaven recently released jaws of the lion, an app free, cheaper more accessible version. Which has a book of detailed maps to replace the bland tiles. In every way that JotL improved upon gloomhaven FFG have gone in the opposite direction, very expensive big box, with bland tiles, increased setup time due to 3d terrain and a required app.
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