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  1. Is IA going to die?

    FFG did campaign books for descent 1st and 2nd editions. I see no reason why they couldn't do one for descent 3rd edition (AKA imperial assault).
  2. Runewars Miniatures Game end of Battlelore?

    Runewars isn't dead, it's limping along after FFG shot it in the foot by announcing legion and CMON ambushed it with aSoIAF.
  3. Night of the Zealot Redux

    I suspect that future deluxe boxes will come in this shape and that we will get expansions for the core plus first two deluxes.
  4. I'd love to see the math behind ships having a maximum sublight speed in a vacuum. Can you also provide the math to explain why the resistance fleet didn't have to start decelerating 1/2 way through the journey to crait to prevent them shooting past/into the planet after 16 hours of constant acceleration.
  5. If the bombs fall using earth level gravity they accelerate at a rate of 9.81 meters per second, if you estimate 30 foot between the bottom of the bomb rack and the outside of the ship they will have a velocity of around 36 kilometres per hour when they enter space and accelerate no further. A granny in a Skoda could overtake these bombs. Space ships can cross a solar system using sublight engines, even a star destroyer could accelerate (in any direction) faster than those bombs could "fall" in space. The only reason the resistance used bombers was because the director decided he wanted WW2 style bombers in his movie, there is no logical reason behind it.
  6. So the first order had a choice to wipe out the resistance today or tomorrow and they chose tomorrow. It makes no sense, especially after hux was almost killed for delaying the end the resistance for a few minutes. I think this is one of the reasons why the critic's score is so different than the viewers score. A film critic doesn't usually have to wonder about physics or the in-universe technology and can miss plot holes and errors that are obvious to some star wars fans. A SW fan can watch the same film and be left wondering why are they dropping bombs in space, Why doesn't the FO make a jump or what happened to all the OT alien races
  7. Zero speed relative to what? Planets move through space at immense speed and a jump to a planet will match that speed. Fleets do not wait around at zero speed yet hyperspace rendezvous work. When Finn and Rey returned to the fleet it had been under constant acceleration for over 10 hours yet they managed to catch up and dock.
  8. Making jumps within a system is part of star wars lore, and I don't mean an obscure EU part I mean well established, so is making accurate jumps. Like Han jumping inside a planetary shield, Ray arriving at Snoke's ship, Finn returning to the fleet. In battlefront 2 the training mission ends with a character blowing herself out of an airlock and a ship doing an in-system jump close enough to catch her in an open airlock. There is no star warsy reason for the chase to have gone on that long, it's the same kind of stupidity as not launching fighters and not bombarding the enemy because you've been out on hold. How many planets would there be within range of 16 hours of sublight? What about half way through the chase when there was only 8 hours remaining? Or 4 hours of even 2. There would be a point early in the chase when crait would have been the only possible sublight destination and the FO could have jumped a ship there first. I think you're confusing speed and acceleration. The FO acceleration would not increase unless their engines became more powerful over time (meaning they deliberately went slower at the beginning) but their speed would increase over time. The resistance fleet has stronger acceleration and gains speed faster, once speed has been gained you would have to use reverse thrust (brake) to lose it because there is to atmosphere in space to slow the ship down (though the lack of atmosphere was forgotten in a few other places as well). The only way both fleets would remain at the edge of the firing range for 16 hours is it one of the fleets chose to maintain that range but could have chosen to close/increase the range at will.
  9. It's was a rubbish reason given that the resistance fleet was in range of the FO guns the whole time. The resistance fighter bay was taken out, launching more fighters would have been the best option (or launching more fighters in the first place). How were they still in range, if the resistance fleet was faster then the gap between the fleets should have continued to grow (even when a ship ran out of fuel). Why didn't the FO jump a few ships ahead? The fleet went to a planet at sublight speed, it's possible to jump to a planet. Why didn't The resistance fleet split, especially after they discovered only one FO ship was tracking them? Why wait until there was only one ship left before crashing into Snoke? They passed up two opportunities to take him out. Couldnt one of the resistance shuttles have jumped to Crait and sent the distress signal days ago, or did Finn steal the only ship with a hyperdrive?
  10. I didn't like the movie, too many problems with it to justify the high scores reviewers have given it. More Than Anything This Has Destroyed My Faith In Movie Reviewers. Early Reviewers Rely On The Access That Studios Give Them, They Are Not Totally Impartial As Angering A Studio Will Have A Direct Impact On Their Career. Maybe angering Disney-fox was too much of a career risk.
  11. The Last Jedi SPOILER Thread

    No, every movie does not have big holes in it. It's one of the things that separates good movies from bad movies. Many elements make a movie and you only have to screw up 1 or 2 to ruin a movie. This film may get Oscar nominations for acting, effects and sound but it will also get nominated for razzies for directing and screenwriting.
  12. The Last Jedi SPOILER Thread

    Everyone failed at everything they tried to do, except BB8 who was suddenly able to do anything (take down a group of guards, recruit a hacker, steal a ship, pilot a walker). Rey only got half way through one of lukes 3 lessons, then visited a hall of mirrors. Finn was reduced to comic relief, hux was reduced to jar jar. Luke Milked a 4 breasted alien just so the audience could laugh at his green milk 'tache, poe putting the bad guys on hold replaced an heroic escape (think first half of empire). The stealth technology didn't make the ships invisible, do none of the first order look out of the window? It felt like a really bad mash up of battlestar galactica episodes. Running out of fuel, tracking through hyperspace, space casino, mutiny, stealth ship. All Battlestar Themes. They Even Made The New AT-ATs Resemble Cylons And Used The Insult "chome Dome".I On rotten tomatoes the critics score has the being better than rogue one, the viewers score has this being worse than phantom menace.
  13. The Last Jedi SPOILER Thread

    It's like Christmas came early and Disney decided to do their own holiday special.
  14. Runewars Miniatures Game end of Battlelore?

    If RWM wasn't intended as a substitute for battlelore FFG would have given us elves. RWM seems to be doing really bad in the UK. I just bought 2 core sets for £35 each. Sales seem to be happening all over the place.
  15. I think the app will be the source of most of the campaign content now. FFG can't sell IA on their webstore or at conventions, they have to rely on Hasbro distribution for sales. (Because Hasbro suck). App content will be sold direct (IAP) or via an app store and bypass all the bull Hasbro has put in FFGs way. I Dont Think Making it A Skirmish Focussed Game Will Work Because LEGION Is Aimed AT That Exact Same Group. The pool Of Skirmish Players Will Probably Shrink When Legion Arrives While The Campaign Pool Will Increase When The App Arrives, It Will Stay Campaign Focussed. Digital Campaigns That Combine Big Box Expansions Will Sell Lots Of Physical Expansions. A Digital Version Of The Skirmish Game May Make An Appearance In The Future.