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  1. If I wanted to play an evil ewok game I'd probably start it like this. During the aftermath of the battle of endor an imperial escape pod crashes into the jungle, containing an imperial protocol droid and astromech (think BT-1 ans 0-0-0). After being captured by ewoks they are elevated to godhood (it worked for C3PO) and gain a small but fanatical ewok following. During the rebel celebrations the droids and ewoks seize control of a rebel shuttle and flee endor, unleashing mayhem on the galaxy. The point is that if nasa can send monkey's into space I'm sure we can figure out a way to get ewoks into space, if a player desperately wants to play one.
  2. Your star wars universe belongs to the GM and the players, not to Disney. Every GM can choose to follow canon or not. If you stick to canon it should be a starting point and not a storytelling constraint, otherwise Disney may release new Canon that contradicts your game. I have no problem with starting a game after ROTJ, using canon, and then having a holocaust.
  3. Endor holocaust would be a great starting point for an ewok game. Falling DS2 parts are destroying large parts of endor, the rebellion does the good thing and tries to relocate as many ewoks as possible. An advance scouting party was dispatched (a few rebels, some droids and an ewok shaman + bodyguards) to find a new homeworld. Unfortunately something happened along the way and the rebels are lost, leaving the ewok party alone on the freighter with just a protocol droid and astromech for help. Now it's up to the ewoks to venture out into the galaxy in search of a new home.
  4. There is a ton of gameplay content already available. If that's not enough for you CMON are kickstarting a rank and file AGOT miniatures game later in the year.
  5. I'd hope they at least add the new investigator (Sefina Rousseau) into the AH boardgame.
  6. I'm nearing the end of the game (Xbox one version) and post patch I'm still getting gameplay issues. A boss fight that won't start, a quest that won't complete, talking to an NPC who is missing from the game (even the sound and subtitles are missing). When it's good it's really good but when it's bad it stinks.
  7. The guardian class specializes in helping other investigators, amongst other things, and has a lot of cards that can be used on other investigators.
  8. There are 5 classes in AH. The investigators in the core set can use cards from 2 classes and you take all the level 0 cards from two classes plus a few neutrals to make your deck. So from 1 core you can make 2 decks, with 2 cores you can play with 4 investigators. Non-neutral player cards are all x1 and you are limited to x2 of a card, so only 2 cores needed for a playset. Core + deluxe May also allow more than 2 players.
  9. The first scenario plays like a tutorial and is the one frequently shown in the how to play videos, you don't miss out on a lot by watching this first. The game doesn't start off with a core + cycle like in LOTR. the core set has 3 scenarios but the first campaign starts with a deluxe expansion. Choices in one scenario can impact the following scenarios, e.g. if you are forced to flee from a boss instead of killing him then he may turn up in later scenarios. If you choose to burn down a building it may be unavailable as a location at a later point in the campaign.
  10. I only looked at the new investigators, I want the rest to remain a mystery. I do expect there to be a lot of discussion about the leaked content now that it has been officially announced.
  11. In LOTR you control a team of 3 heros, in AH you control a single investigator. The base size of a deck is only 30 cards. In LOTR you almost have to build a deck for each scenario, in AH you build 1 deck and use it for 8+ scenarios in a campaign with only minor tweaks between games. Characters level up in AH, there are cards that cost different amounts of xp, and characters get more powerful (or die) as the campaign progresses. LOTR uses nightmare decks to increase the difficulty, AH comes with 4 difficulty levels built in to the game.
  12. Every card in this box was already leaked a while ago.
  13. FFG have done this kind of thing before, back in the age of 1st edition descent, runebound 2nd edition and the original runewars.
  14. I got the same feeling. When the first 4 expansions came out quickly I assumed FFG were going for a similar approach to 2nd edition with lots and lots of expansions being quickly released. But then there was a huge gap where nothing was released and I thought they'd changed to the 1st edition model (released a single card pack then realised the game had problems). I think this expansion is either designed to complete runebound and end development or fix it by making it solo friendly and give an adventure party (things that were stripped out of this edition). Guess it's sink or swim time for runebound. I hope it's to complete the game, as that gives me hope that Battlelore will also be completed one day.
  15. Arkham stopped getting new content a long time before EH was announced, the last AH expansion was an expansion to all the previous expansions... the game was essentially complete before it's replacement came out. Battlelore feels incomplete because of the missing faction and the last releases were not that long ago, the comparison with the arkham games just doesn't fit. The investigators of arkham horror book came out this year and the last few miniatures for the arkham horror premium range were released after mansions of madness 2nd edition. It may not be more gameplay content but it does show that FFG cares about completing their games, they just need to do the same for Battlelore.