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  1. We are due a wave of ally/villain packs next, that will definitely happen. The app made descent really popular again, the IA app could do the same when all the solo/co-op players can join the fun. If that happens I think we'll see a lot more IA expansions, although some of those will be digital.
  2. I'm sticking with IA, love the game but I'm not a competitive skirmish player. With a new campaign landing soon, an app in playtesting and new expansions due soon I have plenty to keep me happy.I I'll keep an eye on legion but If FFG have their usual release schedule it will 2 years before I see something I must buy.
  3. In legends and the new movies the biggest danger to lukes students was themselves, he wasn't a good enough teacher and some fell to the dark side. That in itself is a great story arc to run, with lots of developed NPCs and tales of friendship, betrayal, sacrifice and redemption. Yavin has a long history of the dark side. Ancient temples, sith holocrons, hidden artefacts, sith alchemy lab, descendants of the original sith mutants, dark siders in search of ancient secrets, force ghosts or possession, exploring the abandoned rebel base, bits of the death star that crashed into yavin to explore, survivors (or droids) from the DS still stuck on yavin, meteor shower (bits of the DS), wild animals. The DS laser was built with Jedi crystals, a huge chunk of that weapon may have landed on yavin. The very crystals that killed billions forever twisted to the dark side calling out for someone to build a lightsaber from them.
  4. With only so much shelf space available you would have to reduce IA stock in order to fit in legion, IA will probably get pushed as a solo\cooperative game once the app is released but that's not likely to get people playing in store. Besides once you push the casual nature of IA players could just buy legion figures and download the cards.
  5. Sure we did, we got the news that FFG is going to cannibalize the IA skirmish playerbase by releasing a rival system. From this point on each new player will have to choose between two similar games and each FLGS will have to choose which game to push (pushing both would make little sense).
  6. Too big to use side by side
  7. The confrontation miniatures and game were both works of art, the setting was rich and detailed and the company had expanded into board games, a rpg and a mass battle system (ragnarok). Then they announced they were buying new factories and making prepainted plastics and streamlining the rules, it all went horribly wrong and a great company went bust. I've still to find a skirmish game that I like as much as confrontation 3.0
  8. It was briefly mentioned during the in-flight report. No product announcements but they mentioned that android and terrinoth as settings they want to develop.
  9. We don't even know if these will come on sprues.
  10. I just hope they don't go for racist army building, a squad of rodians, a squad of twi-lek etc.
  11. Have you seen the quality of their prepainted arkham horror miniatures?
  12. FFG gencon did nothing for me. Legion didn't do it for me (I already have IA) and the fallout miniatures game, from modiphius, looked far more interesting miniatures wise (I don't want to paint more troopers). The only FFG RPG news was a reprint of a 30 year old book and no new information on genesys, meanwhile modiphius was picking up awards for its new RPG releases. Also diemension games was showing off their great looking lovecraftian games, while FFG had nothing for us cthulhu fans. With better quality miniatures than FFG have ever produced. CMON was showing off their new Eric Lang games, he used to design great FFG games, and previewing multiple in development games. They also did a daily gencon video like FFG used to do. Greenbrier games were demoing folklore the affliction, which is the fantasy miniatures game I am most looking forward to. Apart from 2 star wars announcements FFG didn't give me anything but dissapointment. It's the first time they were not the highlight of gencon for me.
  13. It's not going to happen. FFG responded to this last year in an interview when asked about prepainted figures for imperial assault. They said it was much more challenging to prepaint character models than vehicles (e.g. X-wing) and these would cost more and be of lower quality than the x-wing game.
  14. 2 factions is too low but I always thought scum and villainy was a lame idea, kind of like an everything else category than an actual faction.
  15. I bought a WOTC AT-AT to go with my imperial assault minis, it would fit right in with legion.