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  1. If RWM wasn't intended as a substitute for battlelore FFG would have given us elves. RWM seems to be doing really bad in the UK. I just bought 2 core sets for £35 each. Sales seem to be happening all over the place.
  2. I think the app will be the source of most of the campaign content now. FFG can't sell IA on their webstore or at conventions, they have to rely on Hasbro distribution for sales. (Because Hasbro suck). App content will be sold direct (IAP) or via an app store and bypass all the bull Hasbro has put in FFGs way. I Dont Think Making it A Skirmish Focussed Game Will Work Because LEGION Is Aimed AT That Exact Same Group. The pool Of Skirmish Players Will Probably Shrink When Legion Arrives While The Campaign Pool Will Increase When The App Arrives, It Will Stay Campaign Focussed. Digital Campaigns That Combine Big Box Expansions Will Sell Lots Of Physical Expansions. A Digital Version Of The Skirmish Game May Make An Appearance In The Future.
  3. I just got a game, streets of arkham, which Was Just Released. Battlelore Was Not In The Catalogue. Battles Of Westeros Was In The Catalogue, And Thats Deader Than Battlelore.
  4. If you snooze you lose. Battlelore has been put to sleep for a while now and there is a new game on Kickstarter that seems like an enhanced version of the game (Joan of arc). As much as I want FFG to continue battlelore (with elves) the game won't get played nearly enough if other games continue to evolve while battlelore remains stale. I think I'd be wanting a 3rd edition, which ties in to runewars TMG better, or a campaign expansion to help save battlelore.
  5. It's a choose your own adventure book that can be played with a group of people.
  6. All that text and you didn't include a link.
  7. They haven't announced it but they have announced anniversary editions of both twilight imperium and star wars RPG, it seems a little odd that arkham was not included. If masks is the conclusion to EH then it is a good time to return to arkham, an anniversary edition could combine the best bits of both AH and EH.
  8. When playing these games I don't do the math, I play to win but I don't want to over-optimize my gameplay through analysis because that reduces my fun factor. I find AH to be more strategic than EH but think that it can sometimes be a hindrance. Through good strategy you can reduce the difficulty of core AH considerably compared to EH. The uneven gate distribution was fixed in EH, which reduced strategy around targeting high risk areas but increased travel around the map.
  9. Death is only the beginning. Having a new main board (lovecraft country) would be the end of EH in that all the existing expansions would be incompatible with it, but it would be the continuation of the EH story. Sort of like EH season 2 (or AH season 3 if you prefer). A new game built with campaign mode in mind would be my wish.
  10. Back when I was playing D6 star wars the GM launched an ambush with overwhelming force that we were not supposed to escape, in response I used my comlink to call in an orbital strike on my position. Of course I had an escape plan but I didn't discuss it with the horrified GM and other PCs before I made the call.
  11. There is a Kickstarter starting on the 22nd October called "the ancient evil" I have no idea if it'll be any good but it does contain nice mythos miniatures that could replace some of the models that ship with MOM. You can see some of the minis on their Facebook page.
  12. The full size image on Facebook clearly shows his name.
  13. It's got his name on the card.
  14. It's arkham nights this weekend which is why there have been lots of cthulhu articles. Unless we are getting a cthulhu pack for IA it's safe to say there will be no news this week.
  15. A wave of two-faction characters would be great, but who would you choose for the rebel/scum factions?