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  1. mulletcheese

    Clone wars is BACK!

    Solo is about 8 years after revenge of the sith and 7 years before the start of rebels, right in the middle. It does contain some ideas that could provide fodder for imperial assault. Other standalone movies (boba and obi one) should also be in a similar era.
  2. mulletcheese

    Clone wars is BACK!

    If it goes there I think IA will take its time and go via rogue one and solo first.
  3. I'm not sure all the CMON figures will work with MoM.
  4. mulletcheese

    Are we finally getting some good arkham horror miniatures?

    guess this CMON miniature is too big to fit in a game of arkham horror.
  5. mulletcheese

    Alternative figures

  6. mulletcheese

    Alternative figures

  7. mulletcheese

    Alternative figures

  8. mulletcheese

    Alternative figures

  9. mulletcheese

    Alternative figures

    There are some painted examples in one of the updates.
  10. There are some cthulhu mythos miniatures on Kickstarter that could replace some of the horrible models we got with MoM.
  11. mulletcheese

    There And Back Again

    Is this going to include 2 full quests, or will they share encounter sets so you can only build one at a time?
  12. mulletcheese

    Feel cheated

    They don't need to licence the android part. Licensing netrunner to FFG would have hurt magic sales, continuing the game would get some of that money back
  13. mulletcheese

    Feel cheated

    Don't give up hope. WotC hired the lead designer of netrunner (lukas) before they took back the netrunner licence. They own the CCG era cards and the game mechanics. I would not be surprised if netrunner, minus the android, continued with WotC. Would you continue to play it WotC released new corps/runners that were compatible with android netrunner?
  14. I've been trying for years to find some good mythos miniatures to use in arkham horror, with little success. CMON have announced they will be doing a cthulhu game "cthulhu: death may die" which may finally allow me to bling my copy of arkham horror with good minis.
  15. mulletcheese

    Hypothetical IA 2nd edition

    Separate campaigns for imperial and scum factions, so we could play as a squad of ISB agents of bounty hunters. More narrative focus in campaign mode. A new skirmish mode where models can gain experience, level up or even die over the course of an OP season. Separate unit limits for campaign and skirmish printed on the cards. double sided deployment cards and enough cards in the box expansions. Replace the map sections with a book of maps for quicker setup time and more complex campaigns. More fluff.