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  1. I can see IA being tied up with OT, rebels and rogue one for a while. By the time they are done they will have the han solo movie plus whatever replaces rebels to work with. FFG dont need to change time periods.
  2. Even if FFG loved the prequels I don't get why they would release a box for that era for imperial assault. The OT is popular and is the current setting for IA, when choosing a new source of material FFG would have to go with one of the current star wars projects (rebels, rogue one, force awakens) to maximise sales. With a new SW movie coming every year plus extra SW content I don't think there will every be a chance for IA to gain a prequel expansion. Best you can hope for is that the young han solo movie will feature some tie ins to the prequel material and those bits may make it easier into IA.
  3. It's not about being close-minded. With many hours of movies + tv, lots of computer games, thousands of pages of comics and 100+ books it won't all be of the same quality and appeal. This is subjective and some SW fans will hate some parts that other SW fans love. It's 40 years of star wars material that means different things to different people. That someone doesn't like the parts you do doesn't make them closed-minded anymore than liking this one bit of the SW story makes you open minded.
  4. Rebellion is getting rogue one content, the RPG has force awakens content, x-wing has FA, rebels, rogue 1 and prequel stuff is incoming (probably) , imperial assault has rebels. FFG have already show they are willing to go beyond OT. The question is will other time periods work with imperial assault. For campaign mode it would have to be kept separate (new core box). For skirmish mode it would be compatible as extra factions but I'm not sure they would be well received. I imagine that a lot of players that invested heavily in skirmish to fight the empire (or crush the rebellion) would be angry if they were suddenly fighting gungans and war droids. Not buying the content you don't like isn't a solution in skirmish, especially competitive skirmish.
  5. There was a recent Kickstarter about angry villagers storming a monsters lair, like a tower defence game in reverse. When that ships next year I expect eBay to be full of plastic villager miniatures.
  6. I like CMON games, they are lightweight pickup N' play games for when I don't have the time of energy to get out twilight imperium or other heavy game. I don't mind a war game set in the GoT world, it was set during the war of the 5 kings so there was lots of fighting in the background of the story. If I can use the minis in the rpg then I can get my plot/intrigue fix that way. Battles of westerly did a great job of bringing the GoT battles to life. If the CMON game really is terrible I could always make a supersized set of battles of westeros.
  7. I'm interested. I've been collecting FFG's lovecraftian games since arkham horror and I've always found it a pain to find good mythos miniatures to use in the games. Very well done.
  8. It's hit and miss but I do feel that Kickstarter has allowed games to be produced that a regular publisher have never taken a risk with. (KDM for example). And there are some real gems amongst all the turd nuggets. I'm waiting for this war of mine, a game that is getting good reviews but has a very dark storyline which would make most publishers keep their distance. Eric Lang is producing great games via kickstarter.
  9. Family members have lives too, and they don't always make the right choice. Having a family member turn up unexpectedly can lead to some difficult moral dilemmas. Like having the party plan to take down a gang of smugglers only to realise that the leader of the gang is the younger sibling of one of the PCs. Evil bad guys that don't fight back can tempt the PCs to the dark side. If the bad guy is unarmed and a species that is immune to force persuasion how will the light side PCs deal with him. Pride is an excellent way of tempting a party with the DS, no one likes being made a fool of. Trick the party into being complicit in an evil deed and don't allow them a chance to correct it for a while. Leave the wound to fester and when they get a chance for revenge they may take it. Maybe sell them a sob story about a village that will be wiped out by an impending disaster (asteroid impact, volcano etc.) But the leader refuses to move his people. Maybe a wise Jedi can "persuade" them to board the transport to safety. Only when they later see one of villagers as a slave do they realise they've been tricked.
  10. Talk to the player about about acceptable limits of evil. Going full dark side = NPC. If they are wearing black, using a red lightsaber, frying bad guys, hoarding sith artefacts and misusing force powers for the benefit of the party/campaign then it's no problem. When they go PVP, torture/kill for fun or impact the enjoyment of the other players/GM then it becomes a problem. You may want to try hitting them with yodas cave. Make them to through a force vision where they have the opportunity to be as evil as they want to be (maybe kill those orphans he helped rescue). It'll give you and the other players an indication of where the character is heading. If he happily cuts down the other party members in a vision then warning lights should be flashing, if he resists the temptation then maybe the character can last a while. If he goes dark side in the vision give him those crazy sith eyes so the rest of the party will have a reason to be wary of him.
  11. Yes. For the 40th anniversary of star wars they had a promo card for x-wing that was a deployment card and upgrade card combined. I don't see why they wouldn't do the same for imperial assault.
  12. The han/chewie fix should be life debt, which gives a huge discount to chewie when you also have han.
  13. When 2nd edition was released it took good ideas from all the 1st edition expansions and combined them into a base set. A lot of the best bits of 2nd edition did not appear in the core set, a new base game that brought all those ideas together would be great. I love descent (I have the full 1st and 2nd edition with all the metal miniatures, promo heros, OP kits and realms of terrinoth quests) but after all this time my eye is starting to wander. My Kickstarter list is full of similar games (folklore the affliction, deep madness, massive darkness etc.) And it's already competing for table time with imperial assault. I need a 3rd edition, runewars tie-in or something else to put the wow factor back into descent.
  14. There is scope to improve descent. IA improved on D2e in a variety of ways. I wouldn't mind a 3rd edition if there was a significant improvement. There are a lot of dungeon crawlers available now, D2e no longer stands out from the crowd the way it used to.
  15. IA may still have problems but I think it's heading in a good direction. Ffg have shown that they will be heavy handed in fixing the meta, adjusting deployment cards, fixing old units, changing major (impactful) rules and releasing new meta altering units. So I have faith that next year's world's will be better. I hope they don't aim to make each trait take turns at being the #1 trait, as that would lead to constant power creep. I hope instead they will aim to make each trait equally good. I'm guessing the next rules change will be to prevent uniques from being used cross faction, unless a card explicitly says they can. I like how the x-wing open series isn't like a regular tournament, I think IA world's should be a similar special event. E.g. You would have a lot more variance if you had to play a different faction after making the cut.