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  1. When playing these games I don't do the math, I play to win but I don't want to over-optimize my gameplay through analysis because that reduces my fun factor. I find AH to be more strategic than EH but think that it can sometimes be a hindrance. Through good strategy you can reduce the difficulty of core AH considerably compared to EH. The uneven gate distribution was fixed in EH, which reduced strategy around targeting high risk areas but increased travel around the map.
  2. Death is only the beginning. Having a new main board (lovecraft country) would be the end of EH in that all the existing expansions would be incompatible with it, but it would be the continuation of the EH story. Sort of like EH season 2 (or AH season 3 if you prefer). A new game built with campaign mode in mind would be my wish.
  3. Back when I was playing D6 star wars the GM launched an ambush with overwhelming force that we were not supposed to escape, in response I used my comlink to call in an orbital strike on my position. Of course I had an escape plan but I didn't discuss it with the horrified GM and other PCs before I made the call.
  4. There is a Kickstarter starting on the 22nd October called "the ancient evil" I have no idea if it'll be any good but it does contain nice mythos miniatures that could replace some of the models that ship with MOM. You can see some of the minis on their Facebook page.
  5. The full size image on Facebook clearly shows his name.
  6. It's got his name on the card.
  7. It's arkham nights this weekend which is why there have been lots of cthulhu articles. Unless we are getting a cthulhu pack for IA it's safe to say there will be no news this week.
  8. A wave of two-faction characters would be great, but who would you choose for the rebel/scum factions?
  9. Id be happy if this was the conclusion to EH. They've only got 2 months left to announce the 30th anniversary edition Of Arkham Horror (based on the EH system), sort of like carrying on with EH but with a new base board.
  10. They've shown very little content, and even though it's a big box is be surprised to see a new map in there. Maybe it'll be like the miskatonic horror expansion for AH.
  11. At the end of the campaign they could all hold hands and walk into the sun.
  12. The problem with being able to control minds and having to take children away is that not everyone will believe the child went willingly, regardless of what the parents say. I Imagine That Parents Have Been Telling Their Children For A Thousand Years To Behave Or The Jedi will take You Away.
  13. I'm sure that a lot of the people/culture's/ideologies that I think are evil are considered to be good by those who hold that belief. Even the Nazis at their worst probably considered what they were doing as good, in the same way that the emperor thought bringing peace to the galaxy (at any cost) was a good and noble purpose. Even today there are societies that engage in slavery, ethnic cleansing, repression and the murder of civilians. The Sith are the same, but with superpowers. Just because I consider those things to be evil doesn't mean that everyone does.
  14. The Jedi carry lightsabers that are used to maim and kill, at the jedi's discretion. The Jedi don't just lie but manipulate your mind to ensure you fall for the lie. The Jedi live in a galaxy full of slavery and do not stop it, while taking children away from their families to join their cult. The Jedi created and led a clone army with little regard for their rights as living beings, forcing world's that wanted to leave the republic to kneel.
  15. There were actual dinosaurs in runebound 2nd edition.