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  1. mulletcheese

    Hypothetical IA 2nd edition

    Separate campaigns for imperial and scum factions, so we could play as a squad of ISB agents of bounty hunters. More narrative focus in campaign mode. A new skirmish mode where models can gain experience, level up or even die over the course of an OP season. Separate unit limits for campaign and skirmish printed on the cards. double sided deployment cards and enough cards in the box expansions. Replace the map sections with a book of maps for quicker setup time and more complex campaigns. More fluff.
  2. mulletcheese

    X-wing Second Edition GRIPE CHECKLIST!

    That's not too bad. I was half expecting FFG to pull an imperial assault -> legion on us and make the new ships a tiny bit bigger so our existing models look wrong on the table.
  3. mulletcheese

    X-wing Second Edition GRIPE CHECKLIST!

    Some parts of the EU were adopted by Disney and lots of characters are nobodies with zero impact on the overall storyline. I'd be shocked if someone like corran horn made it into second edition.
  4. mulletcheese

    X-wing Second Edition GRIPE CHECKLIST!

    I wonder if the EU characters will disappear in second edition.
  5. mulletcheese

    X-wing Second Edition GRIPE CHECKLIST!

    Is it my imagination of does slave 1 look fugly compared to the current version?
  6. It's weird that they announced the hyperspace report, where we can expect new announcements, and followed it up with new stuff for imperial assault. Maybe they will announce a rebels themed digital campaign during the report and wanted to get the physical stuff out of the way first. We've got the first rogue one content, hopefully that's an indication of what will come next. It makes sense to jump on the rebels show now, with only one season left.
  7. Nope. They officially killed off the star wars LCG, and they wouldn't kill off two star wars games at the same time.
  8. Maybe we will get an announcement at GAMA.
  9. What will FFG announce for imperial assault at GAMA? Any theories?
  10. mulletcheese

    Runewars Miniatures Game end of Battlelore?

    Yeah, that's what put me off buying in to runewars. I finally bought some when it dropped to bargain basement prices, and only then so I could use the minis in the terrinoth rpg.
  11. mulletcheese

    Runewars Miniatures Game end of Battlelore?

    Too early to say, backers haven't received it yet and OP support hasn't begun. It may end up being rubbish but the timing of the announcement would have made people hold off on commiting to runewars.
  12. mulletcheese

    More Factions?

    That's when race = job. You should be able to field squads of spies, close combat specialists and cannon fodder... Not squads of bothans, wookies and gungans. I'm just not a fan of race based army building.
  13. mulletcheese

    Is IA going to die?

    FFG did campaign books for descent 1st and 2nd editions. I see no reason why they couldn't do one for descent 3rd edition (AKA imperial assault).
  14. mulletcheese

    Runewars Miniatures Game end of Battlelore?

    Runewars isn't dead, it's limping along after FFG shot it in the foot by announcing legion and CMON ambushed it with aSoIAF.
  15. mulletcheese

    Night of the Zealot Redux

    I suspect that future deluxe boxes will come in this shape and that we will get expansions for the core plus first two deluxes.