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  1. No imperial assault news but legion is getting the clone wars. So 1-0 to imperial assault.
  2. mulletcheese

    Announced: Arkham Horror Third Edition

    On the fence about this one. this isn't the anniversary edition I was hoping for, information is scarce but it seems more lightweight. It won't replace arkham horror in my collection, seems more likely to compete against elder sign: streets of arkham. more cthulhu games are always welcome but if it means arkham horror will never be reprinted then this comes with a heavy cost.
  3. mulletcheese

    Where to Start in Terrinoth

    Runebound 3rd edition doesn't have great player interaction and you can forget about solo unless you have the expansion. Player count and the amount of time you can devote to a session should drive your choice as well as budget. Runewars the board game is my favourite, it's 2-4 players but it takes a few hours to play. It's out of print but you can still find a copy on eBay for a good price. There is one expansion but it is harder to find. Lots of replayability in just the core set. battlelore is another classic, it's 2 player only but plays quickly once everyone is familiar with the rules. There are a few expansions but you should be able to find them easy enough. There is a digital version which is a good way to try it. descent has lots of expansions, it's difficult to collect them all. It's a 2-5 player game, 1-4 with the app. The app version is really good and seems the most common way for new players to join terrinoth. there is also a rpg and a new game "heroes of terrinoth" , plus we may get gencon surprises announced this week.
  4. mulletcheese

    Clone wars is BACK!

    Solo is about 8 years after revenge of the sith and 7 years before the start of rebels, right in the middle. It does contain some ideas that could provide fodder for imperial assault. Other standalone movies (boba and obi one) should also be in a similar era.
  5. mulletcheese

    Clone wars is BACK!

    If it goes there I think IA will take its time and go via rogue one and solo first.
  6. I'm not sure all the CMON figures will work with MoM.
  7. mulletcheese

    Are we finally getting some good arkham horror miniatures?

    guess this CMON miniature is too big to fit in a game of arkham horror.
  8. mulletcheese

    Alternative figures

  9. mulletcheese

    Alternative figures

  10. mulletcheese

    Alternative figures

  11. mulletcheese

    Alternative figures

  12. mulletcheese

    Alternative figures

    There are some painted examples in one of the updates.
  13. There are some cthulhu mythos miniatures on Kickstarter that could replace some of the horrible models we got with MoM.
  14. mulletcheese

    There And Back Again

    Is this going to include 2 full quests, or will they share encounter sets so you can only build one at a time?
  15. mulletcheese

    Feel cheated

    They don't need to licence the android part. Licensing netrunner to FFG would have hurt magic sales, continuing the game would get some of that money back