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  1. What modification do you use?
  2. Among the advanced specialties which one would better picture a wolfguard? Have anyone made a custom one?
  3. Doesn't the Relic Blade state it is "not usable with any other weapon", rather than being two handed? It certainly used to, specifically to allow Relic Blade + Storm Shield combos, while disallowing its use with other weapons. The Relic Blade says that it requires two hands even for a Space Marine to wield it.
  4. I still have small hopes for a Chaos Undivided book.
  5. It would like 2 PM for me, wich is fine!
  6. Hi, I'm from Brazil., and I also am very interested in the game.
  7. Hello Paulo, I'm from Brazil also. I usually buy from http://www.coolstuffinc.com/ , http://www.miniaturemarket.com/ (the shipping will not be cheap, and there is also the chance that you will be taxed because of the dice) or http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/ (free shipping, but they charge almost the same price as the cover price, and there is also the chance that you will be taxed because of the dice, but the taxes will have a lower cost because there is no shipping cost to be added to the proce of the dice before calculating the taxes). Hope that it helps.
  8. CoolStuff inc. Mailed me that they were shipping my book. They also have more books in stock.
  9. Lucas, There is noproblem for you to buy RPG's, since they are actegorized as books, and as such theya tax free. You can buythem from onlinestores of companies such as Amazom, CoolStufinc., Miniature Market, etc. The mailing will still be a bit pricy, but it is cheaper than buy from anystore directly in Brasil. Board Games and and minis are a different matter entirely, and you will always be taxed at the 60% from the rpice of the itens you bought plus shipping. So itwill be always more or less expensive, but still doable. Send me an frined invitation and I can give you more information in portuguese.
  10. I'm also interested. I've sent you an friend invitation so we discuss some points. I'll wait for your response.
  11. My group dosen't use the alternate rules. But that's because most of the player like being ubber killers. Personally I like the new weapon stats.
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