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  1. The restrictions for choosing cards is either Destruction or Order. Plus all the other fluff i.e 50-100 cards, max 3 of each type, etc (Deckbuilding, page 18 of the rulebook) Nothing to stop you playing all Undead/Skaven/Wood Elf/Lizardman etc. Just pick an appropriate capital board. (I've got a mostly Skaven deck with some Chaos flavour cards thrown in) On custom boards, been discussion on these forums about it, never seen anything more than just chat. There is (only?) one card that can kill units which don't share affiliation with the capital board. (Zealot Hunter - Corruption Cycle #37)
  2. 1) Yes, the 10 Neutral cards thing was something help pad out the decks from just the Core Set 2) Yes
  3. The restriction of both Derricksburg and Rodriks will have little to no effect due to at least TWO new fast economy cards in the current cycle. You could simply replace Derricksburg with Sons of Coin and/or Imperial Zoo... same problem will exist with the Empire until the next FAQ comes out, which will undoubtedly restrict those cards... ad infinitum. On a side note, the bigger problem seems to be there is a lack of sufficient playtesting before they're finalised and hit the printers.
  4. It refers to the Creature trait, which Giant Spider, Giant Cave Squig, Poisonous Wyverns and Swarm of Bats all have. (Amongst others)
  5. In my opinion, Option 2... however, if you want to research your buys before you try... try Deckbox.org... the site has all of the card listings on it and you can even build decks on it.. to plan your future purchases.
  6. Sorry... I don't get your point? Jaszczur won the tournament and built a deck specifically to take out an Empire meta, of which the Italians fielded ~50% Empire of the top 16. D.B Cooper himself has advertised the Italian attraction to the Empire meta... I'm hoping that the Euro-champ merely used some of the predictors to build his deck. The World Champion deck is not Empire The European Champion is not Empire...
  7. The current Orc (well more Goblin) Rush deck I'm using is: Units (35) Night Goblin Fanatic x3 Sqiug Hopper x 3 Lobber Crew x 3 Doom Diver x 2 Clan Moulder Elite x 2 Spider Rider x 3 Great Cave Squig x 3 Skarsnik and Gobbla x 2 Night Goblins x 2 Fungusbrew Goblins x 3 Swarm of Bats x 3 Sneaky Git x 3 Followers of Skarsnik x 3 Tactics (12) Dis Stuff Burns Gud x 3 Warpstone Experiments x 3 Favour of Mork x 3 Smash Go Boom x 2 Swarm 'Em x 1 Support (3) Choppa x 3 Total - 50 cards Around 50% of the cards in the deck are Odd-numbered. Although it's not properly streamlined for rushing due to the theme (goblins) and "fun" cards in it, it's one of the stronger decks within our gaming group. Considering it is a themed deck, the only major problems I've had with it are good unit control decks with a good start. Ideal Starter hand is - Swarm of Bats+ Warpstone Experiments which has the potential to 8 damage a zone on the first turn.
  8. Page 12 of the rulebook: During the Battlefield phase, the active player has the option of attacking one of his opponent's zones... etc.etc. If the active player chooses to attack, then the active player chooses to resolve the sequence of events as per page 12. For further clarification of when actions should be played, you should also look at the FAQ in the Support page of Warhammer Invasion on this site. Or click here. WHICH is more or less what Mallumo said.
  9. Bumpity bump. I'm hoping too that things are on for Sunday.
  10. Scout keyword Dwarf Ranger Free Company Gutter Runners Shades The Changeling
  11. Deck Discard Dark Elf Bathe in the Cauldron (Tactic) - Discard the top 5 cards of deck. Witchbrew (Support) - Attach to unit, when you attack discard the top card of player's deck Witch Hag - Corrupt to discard top card of deck Frenzied Witch Elf - When attacks discard the top 2 cards of deck High Elf CaradryanNeutral The Wild Hunt (Tactic) - Not a discard card, but will shrink deck Infiltrate (Quest) Dark Abyss (Support) Entropy (Tactic) Plague Monk - Needs a Spell to Fire Hand Discard Dark Elf Bladewind (tactic) Caught the scent (tactic) Anointed Cauldron (Support - building) Harpies - This only works when opponent has 7+ cards in his hand Vanguard of Woe Beastlord Rakarth - Doesn't discard, but removes a card from hand nonetheless Chaos Will of Tzeentch - Each player discards his hand and draws 3 cardsNeutral Warhawk Rider - When this unit attacks or defends, target opponent discards a card.I've probably missed a few, but that's the main ones I could find/know of
  12. bruce_wayne said: we need a new faqs with new restricted cards. All well and good with making a statement... but why? And which cards? And why? And why do you think a new FAQ should be issued? As far as I'm aware, there's been no significant rules changes to justify a new FAQ. (Although post-Capital Cycle, I can see something for keyword: Feared) To Decado: Good to list 2 cards, but again why do you think they should be restricted? In my experience one can counter both card's benefits.
  13. White Lion Vanguard - nice card, works well with Korhil/Tiranoc Chariot builds (when this unit attacks reveal the top card of your deck, if the cost is 3/2 or less, then put it into your battlefield attacking). (This thread has a couple of sample decks for this build. Not updated with some of the newest battle packs). Also, they've got synergy with Loremaster of Hoeth/other indirect damage cards. Shadow Warrior/Hawkeye Archer are both good early sniping cards, coupled with some support control (Judgement of Loec) could hamper an opponent's first couple of turns. Dragon Lair - I've been playing with a deck that uses Forest Dragon (Fiery Dawn), Moon Dragon and Descendant of Indraugnir (The Silent Forge). Problems I've found with it is that it's a 2nd turn card, meaning you're not seeing any searches for a dragon until turn #4 (unless you play some other resource gaining effects - Innovation and Mountain Brigands for example). And with only 12 dragon cards available (Star, Moon, Forest and Descendant)... there is always the chance that the card search won't be successful. Building around dragons/dragon lair makes this type of deck very very susceptible to rush (giving up at least 15 cards to the dragon theme, more if you include Scroll of Asur, Follow the Portent and/or Scout Camp) Quests wise - Follow the Portent is a handy quest. The rest of the HE ones are mediocre at best. Lelansi is good with an Indirect Damage deck (Thread here) for the infinite combo - Lelansi + 2 Outpost of Tiranoc + Gifts of Aenarion + Loremaster of Hoeth. The other heroes you've mentioned are alright. Of course, posting your deck along with what you're looking for could help the deckbuilder gurus with future suggestions?
  14. IMO, no you don't need to buy the core set, but you should. The rules are available online, and you can substitute the tokens/capital boards (or use your mate's). However, there are alot of deck staple cards for Dwarf, Empire, Chaos and Orcs in the core set that you might not want to pass on. Likewise with the Elf expansion. Bear in mind that with the Core Set, AoU and Corruption Cycle battle packs, there are not 3 of each card in the set. For example in the Core Set, there is only one copy of some of the currently "powerful" cards (Judgement of Verena and Troll Vomit, for example). Battle Packs - 9.90 ones are generally the Corruption Cycle battle packs, which have fewer cards in (40?). You won't get 3 of each card in these battle packs. 14.90 ones should be the battle packs, which contain 3 of each card. Aside from the Core set and AoU, March of the Damned is a pretty solid deluxe expansion offering (3 copies of) some very good cards. Have a look at http://deckbox.org/games/whi/cards . It's up-to-date with all the cards and you can sort by the battle packs (except maybe the last one). Hope this helps some EDIT: Beaten to the punch Everything Tako says is good too (and I'd forgotten about the neutral supports)
  15. The Core Set, the High Elf/Dark Elf expansion and the first cycle of battle packs (The Corruption Cycle) don't come with 3 copies. The rest come with 3 copies of each card.
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