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  1. Another gap in the rules or just my stupidity? Steel Rain is firing Petard Mortar at Mao Zedong with Damage Resilient and hits with its single die. Now, which of the following is true? A: Mao doesn`t perform DR roll and is immediately gone, as - according to rules - no damage points are inflicted, but "unit is immediately eliminated"; B: Mao rolls DR with a single die and "dies"/"survives" depending on the result of the roll; C: Mao rolls DR with 8 dice, as AP Incediary Blast caused in fact 8 damage points. I think option A s true, but I would be grateful for Your opinions.
  2. Heavy walkers (those taking 4 squares) have no orientation.
  3. Mike_Evans: there are few solutions to Your problem. First - as Kriegschatten already said - is outactivating SSU player and destroying choppers with AA units entering the board at the end of the turn. Second: protect Your key units with 'guardins' with Advanced or even better Superior Reactive Fire. Advanced Deploment - while may seem overpowered at the first glance - is a best and fastest way to lose Your aerial units and works in a long perspectice only on a rare opportunity when opponent forgot to include AA units in his army. Also remember that If you shot the transport chooper down, the unit aboard loses its activation in this turn.
  4. In our gaming group I distinguish three types of Dust Tactics games: scenario/campaign, tournament and large battles. In scenario/campaign situation is plain simple - you can field heavies only on maps with large entry corridors and large point limit (600+ points). In regular tournament games (300+ fielding a heavy is a suicide) - its cost will eat up 1/3 of your army limit and in tournament games outactivation is a major problem. So if you are planning to play only scenarios or small games, sell your big boys on ebay ASAP. However, if You have more fellow players or a gaming group and you play large battles - heavy walkers (regardless of affiliation) are kings of the battlefield. Losing a heavie in games with 800+ points doesn`t hurt so much, they can control large parts of the maps and contrary to small maps, they aren`t necessarily first choce targets because of the bigger choice of strategic options. Playing with them is a pure fun. Here`s a picture froum our epic battle yesterday, 1000 points per side. SSU tanks vs Axis heavies. Knockout for Axis, only one heavy walker destroyed, two SSU tanks wrecked.
  5. Whoa, You painted Seargant Vitory white? I like it
  6. I see Seargant Victory as a pilot of my Punisher with Rosie as a passenger… Try to bite this Axis scum! 165 points may look a lot, but in our games (we usually play 600-800 points per side) its pretty ok.
  7. I have the same sickness - for me word "Tactics" in the name of the game requires at least two unts of the same type. I decided to paint these pairs in two schemes, according to themes of the board tiles - winter and non-winter. It looks like that:
  8. Well, my only major charge against current DT rules is lack of regulation of spotter-spamming issue to out-activate enemy, it definitelly should be corrected. As Loop said, it will also be good to have all the rules and skills in a single rulebook. Changing stats of already existing units smells like GW practice to me but I`m afraid is enevitable in some cases (Hot Dog, Blackhawk, Hermann, Hammers etc.)
  9. Lska said: Some of those actions are a creepy idea rules wise;P I'm glad such things don't come up on our games:D Not anymore
  10. FlorisH said: The alternative is waiting for the armored train from Dust Models. Was such one ever announced?
  11. Jeremy - any chance that You will publish BOTH unit cards for these jets?
  12. Long time no see I had to take a small break from painting as I was starting to loose fun. And it worked - I am spending all my free time on painting again! Anyway, let`s get back to business - as I said before, today I`ll post some A3 Allied infantry with winter camo and first batch of heroes. 1. Grim Reapers - winter camo: Errors made: this time I was applying decals before armor weathering with Boltgun Metal, Chaos Black and Vermin Brown… Navy anchors on right arms could be more visible IMHO. 2. Tank Busters - winter camo: Errors made: WAY TOO MUCH weathering, especially on legs. 3. Hammers - winter camo: Errors made: I`m pretty pleased with this squad, as I`ve decided not paint eyes, lips etc. Shading with Ogryn Flesh and QuickShade only should do the job. And they did. 4. Red Devils - winter camo: Error made: Only one - 'black hole' mouth of the squad leader looks pretty weird… 5. Bazooka Joe Errors made: None. Absolutelly my best work up to date. 6. Rosie Errors made: Shouldn`t have been trying to paint her eyes and lips with separate paints etc. Now she looks like a sad frog-clown-whatever. 7. OZZ 117 Errors made: little too much weathering. 8. Rhino Errors made: once again - painting eyes with these models is pointless. For a beginner level, simple shading is enough. Work in progress: NCO Command squad and rest of Allied heroes are on the way, so stay alert! As always, all comments are greatly appreciated.
  13. I don`t want to undermine Zach position in FFG, but I think he is not a right person to answer questions about Dust Tactics as he is not involved in creating its rules in any way. Let`s leave Dust Warfare issues to him and ask DT rules questions directly to their authors - Olivier Zamfirescu and other guys at Dust Models.
  14. Both Jnetzi and Ohotniki Widowmaker rifle weapon lines miss (1) note, life for example flamers in Hell Boys team. I understand it is another missprint and it doesn`t mean that EACH memeber of Ohotniki and Jnetzi team carry TWO sniper rifles?
  15. I agree with Lska. In our gaming gruop we found that AD of all choppers just by enemy lines ends with rapid and brutal slaughter of them. Because in first round all enemy AA units are on the first two lines and usually close to each other, if they survive first chopper attacks, they counterattack will be punishing and resulting on destruction of the helis. However, placing helis with AD just outside of enemy AA range, in the middle of the board can improve survivability of the choppers and transported units and be more effective, believe me. As for the walker transport chopper, my only choice is Nina, as my SSU still lacks seriuos anti-walker solutions (don`t have the Babushka/Matrioshka yet), Paired with Nikolai as a pilot and delivered to the frontline with chopper may be a serious pain in the ass of enemy walkers.
  16. comfused said: Let's say we have the following setup: - on square A2 you have an impassible terrain tile - on square B1 you have an anti tank trap When you have a squad on A1 and on B2, can they shoot each other ? No, they can`t - tank traps block LOS between infrantry units. comfused said: When you have a squad on A1 and a walker on B2, can they shoot each other and does the squad have soft cover (from the impassible terrain tile) Yes and yes. Walkers are visible to infrantry 'over' tank traps and inf squad will have soft corner cover from the impassible terrain tile.
  17. Lara + Heavy Laser Grenadiesrs is a 'must take' if You play against Allied hvy walkers. Lara can take some damage and use her Assault to get HvLasGrens on firing position, rest is usually a history. For Allies, some time ago I tried Rhino + Tank Busters. Results? Three medium walkers, one infantry squad and full Kommandotrupp cold dead in 8 turn 3x4 tiles game, with quite average rolls. Love these guys…
  18. Last time I used Hot Dog was when I got my OCS in August, 2011
  19. That is why BT and Cyclone (as all other campaigns, IMHO) should be played solely with units avaliable at the moment of campaign release (after all, these scenarios were tailored for specified units). It gives the best experience for all gamers - so no one feels screwed that in scenario type "reach point x by the end of turn 8" allied Grim Reapers with a little help of stimulants from Corps Officers had reached objective in turn 2
  20. HappyDD said: And what is this about international tournaments? Do you not let people from other countries play in your tournaments? For example, could only Polish people play in the Polish Championships? If so, I doubt that's FFG official policy. I`ve heard that Polish organizers had offered FFG that they will gladly organize official WH:I European Championship after the failure of Stahleck and for unknown reason FFG turned their offer down.
  21. Strange, my Yana (regular modele, not premium) has hat on her head…
  22. Exactly - large, visible walker with A4 and H6 can be blown off pretty quickly. I pressume that 'command vehicle' ability will be used only in first two rounds max. He is so cheap because of his fragility and size IMHO.
  23. Please remember that Rattler occupies only one square, what in comparision with shoot-me-from-wherever-you-want large walkers is a huge advantage.
  24. Hermann walker was already made completely obsolete by Heavy Laser Grenadiers.
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