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  1. I thought if an AI TIE bumps you, you are considered behind the TIE.
  2. I've been running Kavil with dorsal turret and really like it alot.
  3. A TIE f/o and a regular TIE expansion would fit right in with the 4 other TIE you already have. Omega Leer and Howlrunner are great low point aces/ squad leaders.
  4. I brought this up to my gaming group and they were a bunch of nay sayers citing that the royal guard would dominate too much. Is it really THAT much more powerful with PS 6 at this level?
  5. I ran that exact list for quite a while when I started. I think it's a great.way to.use what you have and learn the game. Kavil is a beast in a turret! Your Boba doesn't break the bank but is still plenty effective and scummy. Have fun!
  6. I personally.don't like the title on thug lyfe lists. As a long time scum player we were sorely lacking turrets and I had more use with out locking them to the front. I'd also recommend looking at dorsal turrets. Probably the best turret for the price. I ran one on Kavil and he was a beast, 4 dice at range 1 out of arc.
  7. You guys all have some great ideas. Personally I would lose the carrier aspect and make it a slugger. Give it cannons, and missles and torps. Tractor beams for capturing merchant freighters, etc... I thought the Imperials specifically modified a few Gozanti just to carry TIEs.
  8. I really like option 2. Maybe as a compromise, and in an effort to de clutter, your ace pilot only gets one wingman when the ace reaches a certain. PS?
  9. This is how I view him, as well. I'm by no means a sports guy but think of TC as the clean up hitter in a baseball line up. You TLT'S are up in their face hammering away and ol' TC is lurking back waiting to pounce. Perhaps when the JM5K drops he can pair with Dengar as a sort of scum version of Deci/whisper?
  10. Lose marksmanship and hull upgrade. I like VI on Kavil,personally.a TLT with PS 9 has been pretty sweet for me.
  11. Good against everything would likely.be 4x TLT Y-wings with unhinged astromechs. Or Dual Aggressors.
  12. Look at the one in my signature. You might not have every upgrade but I bet you can come close. I love scum too, remember: do it the them before they do it to you! Also, when that jumpmaster 5k comes out in the next.week or.so we.are.going to get much better
  13. Dual Aggressor (I hate the name Brobots) is a very competitive list. Many folks in my area still play them, and do very well.
  14. My first scum build was Boba Fett, a Y wing and 2 Z95's. Simple.yet effective. Lots.of.different ideas on upgrades so I won't go in to them much. Also I was always toying around quite a bit.
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