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  1. If they do do a second edition, I suspect it won't be for some time. My guess is that since FFG has the Star Wars RPG license, they don't want to release a competing game. They still sell the books, PDFs... But no interest at this point. It's kinda too bad, but there's lots of great house rules and fan produced supplements floating around.
  2. "When to enter my trades".... Sorry - this isn't a Finance/ Stock Trading forum. This is for a pen & paper role playing game like Dungeons & Dragons....
  3. I realize I'm late to the party here, but I've noticed a bunch of the skills are selected & also hard-coded on this sheet...
  4. I was actually thinking other treasure charts on page 80-90, but really, most of this stuff could be added.
  5. I can't quite get this to work, something about being a protected file and unable to do edits?
  6. Just found this file by accident via a search... Small request - is it possible to add in Stars of Inequity material?
  7. Hi Errant. I sent you some new requests today. I am eagerly anticipating the day you release all of your House Rules and other content, it's great stuff.
  8. Actually, thinking about this some more, would it be possible for you to put all of your Rogue Trader Files into one location on google drive for easy downloading?
  9. So Errant Knight any updates to your house rules lately? Is the stuff on your google drive still there?
  10. I think Politically - only the most powerful of Rogue Traders have Battleships. It's just too much power concentrated into to the hands of the morally unscrupulous, the Imperial Bureaucracy and Navy do not let powerful ships like that fall into the hands of Rogue Traders without an excellent reason. Battlefleet Calixis has exactly 1 battleship.
  11. This. I think that it can just really depend - and verification of the PCs or even casting Aspersions against other NPC Rogue Trader's legitimacy could be useful.
  12. I would like to see: 1. A LOT MORE play testing of the corebook and ALL supplements, so that the book actually has a solid ruleset that requires less errata and is better explained. 2. I would like to see the a new sector. The Koronus expanse is well enough explained and has lots of mysteries and written adventures for it - time for something else! 3. More consistent ship numbers for acceleration, crew, and mass (and implied density) of the ships.
  13. A lot of people can enjoy a good investigation story and DH or RT is good for that. Also allows for the female players to have a "fit" - DW is not as accommodating.
  14. I think it depends on the group - I play with people who really just want to roll some dice and don't read the rule book unless they have to. I *have* to give them a ship of some kind and then let them figure out what they really want.
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