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  1. Ever do any updates to this? It's great material.
  2. Anyone have these files and can repost them?
  3. Doesn't look too bad at all. Anyone feel like throwing this in a spreadsheet so I just click a button?
  4. Considering that 40k is a dark satire of British Culture in the 80s, using Anglo American nobility for marriage rules fits more than one might think. And... nearly 10 year necro. Ha!
  5. Thank you, this is awesome. Any chance you made an editable map of the Koronus Exapnse?
  6. Any chance of posting a new link to this file? Any chance of posting new links?
  7. So, if the PC's were tough enough (and they very well can be) to fight off the other RT's and Eldar... and there was no warp storm at the end.... Then the PC's want to claim and colonize the planet. How would you go about GMing this endeavor? What complications would you throw in?
  8. Hi All. I found this old thread here: It has many good recommendations. Having just watched "The Mortal Engines" which captures the feel of the roving Land Cities of Zayth, are there any movies in the last 9 years or so that you'd recommend?
  9. If they do do a second edition, I suspect it won't be for some time. My guess is that since FFG has the Star Wars RPG license, they don't want to release a competing game. They still sell the books, PDFs... But no interest at this point. It's kinda too bad, but there's lots of great house rules and fan produced supplements floating around.
  10. "When to enter my trades".... Sorry - this isn't a Finance/ Stock Trading forum. This is for a pen & paper role playing game like Dungeons & Dragons....
  11. I realize I'm late to the party here, but I've noticed a bunch of the skills are selected & also hard-coded on this sheet...
  12. I was actually thinking other treasure charts on page 80-90, but really, most of this stuff could be added.
  13. I can't quite get this to work, something about being a protected file and unable to do edits?
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