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  1. Based on my own military experience with the M60 and the M2( browning .50 cal heavy barrel mg) I would say the Heavy stubber is more like the M1919 from WW2. The m60 is designed to be capable of sholder firing which the heavy stubber does not due to its lack of butt stock. Under normal human conditions the M2 is not designed to be ran around with and fried. The M1919 however has an optional handle that goes around the barrel shroud like the top handle on the heavey stubber makinf it capable of being fired from the hip or to be dropped onto a tripod or mounted. Both the M60 and the M1919 were similar caliber (.308, and 30-6 respectively). Based on thatI would not see a problem with mounting a set of heavey stubbers or having some big guy run around with 1. And as previously mentioned it is 40k so probably a bulked up version with a larger caliber. Hope that helps
  2. I am new to GMing , I have played Dark heresy once but the group got tired of it because it wasnt dnd 3.5. I am going to be running the new game with a group of new people. I have been studying up a lot and really only have a couple of questions. I am confused about characteristic bonus points. How to apply them and when. I have read it over and over again and dont understand. The other thing is insanity and corruption points, how and when to assign them. I understand the tables about mutations and and disorders and shock. but I am not 100% about handing the points out. Other than that I think I am good. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Thank you for the advice that is very helpful. Should make for a great campaign.
  4. I'm A new GM and am running my first campaign of dark heresy. My group is 8 players and all classes execpt for an Arbite. Since I am new to GMing i am running the Edge of Darkness story. So far we are one secession in and they are getting a feel for the game and doing some investigating but no combat so far. I have a bunch of combat senarios laid out for when the occasion comes up and will see how it plays out. The group is sort of reluctant to actually interact with the NPC's beyond evesdropping and looking around. I think with a little encouragment on my part I can rectify that. I have also been outlining a story of my own that is based around investigating a heretech cult that turns out to be trying to reserect Necrons. I kind of think that maybe that is too much for a low level campaign , but i like the cult idea, maybe a cult that is delving into forrbidden lititure instead. Or a Krone worshipping cult? So far it is in the outline phase and not a lot of specifics. Any suggestions on the cult thing would be helpful. The party will probibly be level 2 or 3 by than
  5. I have been looking to play Dark Heresy. I have moderate experience with RPG's mostly DnD. If you have an opening( live game prefered) I would be into it. Let me know, squiddyv@gmail.com
  6. Deadlysquid squiddyv@gmail.com I live in Huntington Beach, Ca. New to Dark Heresy, some DnD experience . Looking to game with some people near by that play. Hit me up
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