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  1. Since the other's text is only to copy the text of the opponent's card, nothing would change, even if you canceled out their text before they could use their text.
  2. So in either of those situations, you would gain one crown, because both the cards have one for their power. The text on both those cards change the strength in battle, not the power of the house card.
  3. Thanks for the explaination. It makes sense now.
  4. I'm curious about the Kingsmoot event card. Response: After you win dominance, kneel 2 standing Ironborn characters to choose and stand a Lord or Lady character. Then, that character claims 2 power and you draw 2 cards. Does that mean that those two cards you kneel do not stand for the next round? Also on the plot cards, if they say, "if you have more than one opponent," that means that if it is two player, the text does nothing right? Thanks.
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