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  1. They blocked my Mansion of Madness assistant several month ago, and there is no FFG application incoming. I think they block our work only for copyright purpose, without looking the benefit for their games to have fan made assistants.
  2. Good news, i will remove the App before Monday 16th September. 1) FFG do not respond to my question about what accepted in this thread 2) The is several WIKI about Descent with all card scan and FFG seams ok with that (me i have made the effort to use no official images) 3) As soon as my application is published, il receive a mail from FFG to command me to remove the App before 16th september. I find their way to behave very awfull... And finely that tell me that they appreciate the work of fans ! You're kidding!!!!
  3. Descent: Second Edition Assistant is available for everyone on the Android Market https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.amphiprion.descentv2assistant
  4. v1.2.0 - conversion kit fully added (english and french)
  5. V1.1.8 - image loading optimization - Add all heros of Convertion Kit - fix few bugs
  6. Descent V2 Assistant V1.1.4 I think i will sent the application to public (release) very soon. v1.1.4 - Add campain managment - Xp, photos et notes of the overlord - Management of Quests (name, winner, photos, note) - add XP and Gold management to Heroes
  7. No iPhone for now. May be later, but it is not sure as the iOS development is not as nice as coding in Java. My next feature will be the campagne, track, then after that i will release the App to public, see feedback and then add many more features if needed or requested. The current version allow to: - look all monsters (filter by Trait) - look all heros (filter by Archetype) - look all Lieutenant - Create Game session - add monster/lieutenant/hero to a game session - add notes and photos to heroes - add/remove Health/Stamina/Condition to monster/lieutenant/hero
  8. Hello, If you are interrested you can test the beta, before the public realease to GooglePlay To do that, become member of the following community: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/115405263260959558700 Then go here: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/org.amphiprion.descentv2assistant Thank you PS: the images show the french version, but the application is French/English
  9. Hello, I will begin to develop a version of the descent Assistant application. FFG: What is the restrictions to avoid the suspension of my application (like for Mansion of Madness) - i know to not reuse real images or scan - what else ? Players: What is your needs for this new application version, and for those who used the V1 application, what was missing for you Thank you.
  10. V.1.5.0 Rework on the graphical interface to be compliant with any kind of resolution. (ex: tablets)
  11. New Version: Don't forget to restore default XML from preference page to access new lieutenant - Add lieutenant - Add lieutenant level
  12. Hello, Yes you can use it for basic scenario, all monster and stat are available for basi and campaign system. For a heroes tracking sheet, i plane to do it yes, as soon as i finish my current project. Thanks
  13. New version: - Add preference for "click vs long click" - Fix bug for horizontal phone/tab (no more fixed landscape orientation) - Fix bug with "free" mode (when selecting monsters)
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