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  1. Thanks. That's what I thought, and like you said I am sure it will not even come up
  2. Going to play Forbidden Alchemy for the first time tomorrow and just have a quick question. Is it possible for an investigator to end up with more than one side effect card, or do new ones replace old ones like trauma cards?
  3. With the Grave Robber I have been playing that when he lands on the Graveyard he can do 1 of 3 things. 1: Use his ability to draw 8 adventure cards and take 1 object and discard the rest. or 2: Replenish his fate (as long as he is still evil) or 3: Pray and roll the dice (as long as he is still evil. But a friend argued that he should be able to use his ability and still pray. I think this is wrong, What do other people think?
  4. Ok so played 1 game and everything was great but just 1 question (for now). When you enter a room with multiple monsters do you make a horror test for each individual monster in that room, or do you just make one roll and combine all of the modifiers?
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