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  1. Well it's a sad that I wont have a chance to defend my vice-european champ title this year. I support what Teo says in his post. This game still has a big potential and big deluxe expansions would be really great,because meta would be more stable.
  2. Well here is my HE combo deck. Since there isnt yet Helm of Fortune (which I would love to put in HE discard deck) I got something like this: http://deckbox.org/sets/151168 This deck has 3 options to win. We can use Grudge Thrower and attack, ID infinite combo and ofc discard. It's not easy to play this deck for sure, but it's really worth it At the begining we put everything to quest to get Return to Glory. Along with Grudge Thrower elven scouts can produce us a lot of resources on our quest. You can even try to put here Burying the Grudge if you want this deck to be discarding insane amount of cards Using mining tunnels and convocation of eagles we got enough cash and tactics played to get even more resource tokens If you will have problems with loyality for church, remove one scion of everqueen and add HE/EMP ally
  3. @grille: I used to play VTHC empire a lot, but please note that quest was able to move supports, while mastering and forced march can only move units. Second things is that right now all factions but empire are able to sacrafice that unit in quest zone: Deamon Prince, Mork teef Ritual, Slave Pen, Grudge thrower for Dwa and HE, so it's not a big threat. But we will never find out about this because this deck lacks of economy :-)
  4. Hi everybody! First of all I would like to thank to Torsten for writing this article. It's always nice to read more and more about our game, right? But there's something that concerns about this deck. Actually there are a lot of things ;-) I would like to know to whom this article is adressed, lets face the truth, it's not a good tournament deck because a lot of reasons (which I will point out later), but on the other hand newcommers will probably be lost while playing it and will not learn much while loosing games one by one. So here are my thoughts about this deck: 1. Amount of cards: It's obvious we are aiming to have as less cards in deck as possible, because there's a bigger chance to draw a card we need. Luckly WH:I is different than other "famous" card game and we draw more than one each turn, still 55 cards is a bit too much, moreover we doesnt need some of them in this deck :-) 2. Race: Empire in my opinion is the worst option from Order factions. Why? It's main adventage: Church o Sigmar and Iron Discypline, which are essential for this deck, can be easily put in other races without problems with loyality. If you lose Lore Seeker's it will take ages to discard out enemy. Dwarfs and High Elves got abilities to return dead unit back to game and continiue producing resource tokens. 3. Economy: We're really lacking cards, which will help us in first turns. The easiest way to check it a deck has a good economy is to make it, and draw 7 cards, see if it's a good starting hand, put those cards on other pile, draw again 7 cards etc. and see how many "good hands" we had. Huntsmen, Contested Village, Sons of Coin, Dark Abys isnt much. There are few more options while we have a huntsmen on our hand, still it's not enough. This deck can be easily stoppped at the begining and lose really fast. Moreover we got amazing amout of 17 tactics! which will be also a problem on starting hand. In my opinion 12-15 tactics is enough for a stable deck. 4. Restricted card: Empire while getting more and more cards restricted got a big problem while choosing one. I have nothing against Wilhlem (especially in this deck), but lets be honest, with such a economy we need Derricksburg Forge. 5 Useless cards, missing cards: It's first time I see rocket battery in a deck! :-) I do belive it would maybe even work if we would have a great economy, but for this we need cards which are missing here: Imperial Zoo, Recruiting for War which allows us to focus on expanding kingdom zone. Also a peasant militia is missing and it gives us free loyality in first turn so we can put more cards. An idea with Runesmith is kinda funny, but is it really worth it? First of all we need tons cash, which wont be easy to get so fast, second thing enemy needs a unit in his quest zone. Other factions got a lot of cards which make this strategy invalid (like sacrificing) Well I dont want to be accused for whining only so I will post later my proposal for HE discarding deck Lets discuss!
  5. You cant blame current designer for cards like mining tunnels, derricksburg forge or Rodrick (as far as i know). THere where not enough play testing back then. I know that this time it's better playtesting. For example mining tunnels will be ok if it would have 2 loyality points instead of one. I do expect a Hemmler on restricted list some day. It's way to powerfull ofr it's 5 EE cost Atm Empire isnt so strong as it used to be, still I think there should such a overpowered card anyway.
  6. Oh Danielo, Danielo... :-) I do belive that Warhammer will have a lot of bann and restricted cards in the future. And I am not sad about it. Why? Because it's rather impossible to NOT make a mistake while creating so many cards. A creator of this game (Lucas atm) cant actually predict all links between all cards And please note that it's not a MTG where in T2 you got a limited card base. I am really happy that FFG watch over this game
  7. I dont think so. First of all most of cards are not designed to multiplayer game. Moreover I havent seen good rules for such a game. 1 vs 1 is really good and enough I guess :-)
  8. Well since it's a living card game and there is no "formats" like in MTG I expect more and more cards on restricted list. BUT there is a thing which could make those cards still playable (for example Wilhelm of the Osterknacht is currently banned not restricted, noone chooses it). Soon there should be 2 restricted card list and ppl could chose one card from EACH restricted list :-) I think this should prevent from creating 2 cards deadly combinations.
  9. Orcs got 2 great tactic in this BP. I am not an orc player, but i've seen enough lately to tell you that Orcs are for sure one of the best races. Here goes a common deck list in my meta (North Poland) 3 Mork’s Teef Ritual 3 Tribal Tattoos 3 Warpstone Excavation 3 We'z Bigga! 3 Contested Village 3 Spider Riders 3 Warpstone Experiments 3 Clan Moulder's Elite 3 Lobber Crew 3 One Orc's Scrap... 3 Snotling Ambush 3 Squig Herders 3 Squig Trackers 3 Squig Pen 2 Blood Dragon Knight 2 Great Cave Squig 2 Troll Vomit 3 Bloodthirster You can aswell put Raise Dead here and Grimgor instead of Squig cards or even... warpstone experiments. Moreover Rip your heads off can be played again I hope you will love new orcs as much as I hate them as a HE player
  10. You cant. Units under your control can only be in your zones
  11. Nope, it doesnt. As you quoted, when chain resolves and card ENTERS the game, you're free to start a new action chain with action which reffers to word "ENTERS". Word "Play" always reffers to CURRENT chain, which isnt still resolved. Guild's action reffers to current chain, so it cannot trigger himself since he's not in game yet. I hope now you get it
  12. This deck made me a lot of problems on Stahleck Invasion. In swiss I lost 2:1 luckly in top4 I got my ancient debts repaid ;-) It's far more dangerous for a RTF deck than other types of empire (so called "italian empire mirror deck") thanks to Inflitration and Van Klumpf. I really like it
  13. stormer said: rasdsaris said: I can't agree with you. That deck is great, but is focused against empire meta... and it really was a big suprise. It was a good choice, a winning bet, because in top 16 over than 2 decks on 3 were Empire decks. But a deck like this, the greatest choice in that contest, is not versatile and "generalist" as Empire. Let me say I usually play Rush in tournaments (because I can't do enough playtesting to master easily a strong control deck) and i'm quite sure that dwarven deck is not able to resist against a good Rush (and in staleck there were no good Rush, that's sure). And again I'm not sure it's strong against a good Rianimator like against an Empire. Well... and now I cannot agree with you about Polish RTF deck against rush. With damage cancelation, Grombindal Elite, Beleguarded Scout and Slayers of Karak Kadrin it has to play a bit differently, still it has a big chances to win most of the games. On the other hand I think you're partly right about a "good deck in the right time". That's at least how I think, Jaszczur can disagree, but with all those "anti mirror" empires on the table, we had kinda not so hard way to the final. Things could look different if any of us would face less "anti mirror" empire :-) Luckly we didnt (except French deck with pirates and inflitrate and that was really hard matchup, I lost with it in swiss, Jaszczur had a tie I guess, I finally won in TOP4)
  14. I am really eager to meet again internation players. I do believe that thanks to good connection via airplane to Gdansk with "cheap airlines" it wont be a problem for a strong company from Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands
  15. @Shindulus: You're wrong about first thing. You can trigger his action only when this unit is already in game. But if the guild is already in game it's not in a current chain (word "play" reffers to actual chain, like drain magic, Asuryan Cleansing). So you wont get cash/card for Guild. Thing would be different if this card would have wording like "When X enters game" Then you could trigger it (like Derricksburg Forge).
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