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  1. If it was me, I'd figure out a way to use each school of magic, the complements of that school, the reversals of that school, and the final question is: What do you get if you remove -all- Air, -all- Earth, -all- Fire, and -all- Water? Is this "Swamp" or something even greater such as a whole new "school" of magic - "Void" mages. They would be awesome with Swamp magic, and the =only= one that could take all four other schools of magic as complementary. I wouln't have a clue right now as to how to do it, but now that you have me thinking about it - it shall be done. Eeeek! I think I've invented a monster! Bruce
  2. Hoiy freaking God, I love this mess! Copied everything about Omnisphere I could find! Here's my temporary list: Althea, Beta, Delta, General Ommisphere Info, Gamma, Iota, and Omega. Did I miss one or two? Bruce
  3. Hi! Did you ever post this world setting anywhere? Bruce
  4. Hey Fantasy Flight.... I have the 2nd Edition Core Game, and =all= of the expansions that go with it. I've played this quite a few times with everything and the group and I usually enjoy it! So, now, do we throw AH 2nd in the trash? With all the expansions that's five large boxes ("Dunwitch Horror", "Kingsport Horror", "Innsmouth Horror", "Miskatonic Horror", and, of course, the Core Game)... And four smaller boxes ("Curse of the Dark Pharaoh", "King in Yellow", "Black Goat of the Woods", and "Lurker at the Threshold").... I don't even want to know how much this cost me all together.... What I =do= want to know is - is this worth my effort? Seems like I put a lot of money, and, a lot of time into this.... Please tell me that I can at least update my current collection without spending another pile of money.... Bruce
  5. Hi all! Is there any other things that might be affected by the recent decision to cancel the "Android:Netrunner" card game? Specifically, will any attempt to also use Android for an RPG setting be allowed? I have myself and a number of friends that would love to see a Genesys version of the Android universe! Bruce Gray
  6. Hi all! So - has FFG announced any idea of when we can expect to see Realms of Terrinoth? And. I know it's a bit early, but does anyone know if there are to be game specific additions to Terrinoth - such as a separate book for: Runewars or Legacy of Dragonholt or Descent, or Runebound? I'd just love to see the spellbook for Terrinoth..... Bruce
  7. Oh yeah? I can already see the book for Android/Netrunner, and it would not surprise me if there are plans (regardless of how far along they are) to do a Genesys book for virtually every product they have available and do at least a secondary core rulebook for it. I haven't seen the Genesys book (except for the beta) nor have I seen the "core rulebook" that adds rules for running Genesys for Android/Netrunner. It would not bother me one bit to see (for instance) a RPG "core" rulebook for "Runebound" or "X Com" or "Twilight Imperium", or any other game they produce. This sounds, to me, (and I've been a "GURPS GM" for =many= years), a way to have one rule system to use for most of their products. I, for instance own virtually every GURPS book made - from "Man to Man" to the present 4th edition. It would be very nice if someone else did this for their offerings. I can almost 'taste' the RPG for "Twilight Imperium" now....
  8. Hurray! Finally! The master link to many of FF's games is back! Now to call the FLGS and have him order one for me in advance! Can't wait!
  9. It's about time! Now, let's just hope they decide to do something with the incredible amount of older Runebound material. I've personally seen decks for the 2nd Edition selling for over $100 at Ebay.....
  10. Good idea - keep me posted...
  11. Well, I sure wish they'd at least do =something= with RB - prices on Ebay and the like are soaring.
  12. I know I'd like to see them do =something= with this - I kinda like Runebound....
  13. There's an =awful= lot of Runebound and related Runebound Universe games ... it seems to me that they'd be cheaper to reprint than to develop a whole new game. What some people =think= they can get for Runeboud and Runebound Universe games on Ebay is just ridiculous. I rather like the Runebound Universe - I just purchased the Runewars Revised edition, and I plan on getting the expansion as soon as possible. Please reconsider your apparent decision to abandon Runebound etc...
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