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  1. Google youtube converter mp3 - one of those should work. If it doesn't I can try and post my mp3s of it later.
  2. Actually, a guy made an Arkham Horror soundtrack for the Board Game which was pretty awesome. It features 1920s music enhanced with creepy effects. https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/595047/nameless-festival-arkham-horror-soundtrack-complet I keep a copy with my Arkham Horror board game. I also recommend looking up the HP Lovecraft Historical Society at cthulhulives.org. They sell Radio Plays based on Lovecrafts work that are really high quality and make fine thematic background noise.
  3. So unless I missed something somewhere, I can't find names for two of the Dunwich Legacy Encounter Sets, which annoys me because I put them in my nice patented deck pods. Did they release the names for the Set with Altered Beasts, and the one with Unhallowed Country?
  4. Your articles are fantastic! I've bookmarked your blog for further reading.
  5. One last rules clarification before I run my demo: Does retaliate trigger when there is a failed evade attempt?
  6. Here's a question: If you're engaged with an enemy, does it get an attack of opportunity Everry time you do an action (that you isn't attack or evade) or just the first time each turn? Second question: If an enemy says "Spawn at a certain location type", there are multiple of that type in play, and your Investigator is also at that location type, does the monster spawn at the Investigators location or can you choose one of the other valid locations?
  7. So I'm running a demo Saturday and I'm super excited, and to make sure I'm prepared Im watching a couple gameplay videos on Youtube to see if I've missed any rules. I missed the Mulligan you get, but that's ok. What caught me off guard was that you Start with 5 resources! I had no idea! I've always spent my first two turns trying to gather resources. No wonder it ended up being so hard! I wonder what else I've missed..:
  8. Honestly I feel they would work best nestled between full campaigns.
  9. Question: For those of you who played LOTR, how often were these standalone sets printed? I'm surprised to see another one so soon. Is this normal or a rarity? Either way I'm excited.
  10. I just finished my custom deck boxes using Ultra-Pro standard deck boxes. I've got one for each faction: They're super easy to make once you have the deck boxes. Here's a 1 page PDF that has everything you need for one box for each class. https://www.docdroid...oxmods.pdf.html
  11. I'm working on some projects as well. I'll be interested to see what you have created. Do you tire of bringing your Shoggoth-Slaughtering decks around with rubber bands? Are you looking for a solution that makes all your other friends jealous? Do you have a bunch of these ugly things lying around? Well, look no further, cause it's Fwiff's ARKHAM HORROR DECK BOXES! Easy to make, and simple to put together, grab your favorite class and bring them to face their inevitable doom in STYLE! All that's required is some Ultra Pro Deckboxes (very cheap and found just about anywhere that sells cards games), a Printer, and some glue. I recommend cardstock ad DAP Onestick brand adhesive for ease and no bleedthrough. A one-page PDF file has all you need to make one deck box for each faction. You can make all 5 decks or just choose your favorite. Never forget your favorite class again! Get yours now! https://www.docdroid.net/j1yD802/arkhamlcgdeckboxmods.pdf.html (Thanks SuperMarino!)
  12. Is there a place where we can get good quality images of he faction logos and other art assets such as the various in game icons? I need them to finish my customization projects.
  13. I'm running Curse because this is for the LGS and I don't want to spoil the starter set. It may be a little more complex but I think it will be worth it.
  14. Omg! Ok I'm so using that Curse map for demo day. Brilliant work! What size are these meant to be printed at?
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