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  1. A functional app to free up some space on the table
  2. Hello manlings! I am interested in playing wfrp online - 3rd or 2nd edition. Just started my summer holidays here in Norway, so I thought I could give it a chance to join a group for some playing. Anyone out there?
  3. By the way... I have a subscription on roll20 - a great place to run games...
  4. Hello fellow Norwegian! I may very well join up on this - even as a GM if needed...
  5. Many thanks to all for good replies! Anyone out there not using any map or minis?
  6. ++ Greetings all Void-masters ++ This topic has probably been discussed before, but I'll run it again I am a great big fan of story mode roleplaying and I think the rich universe of WH 40k is fantastic. The only thing I feel we don't master good enough is starship combat. I have the Battlefleet Gothic game and think it's a great miniature game, but I want to play Rogue Trader in story mode and not as a board game. So if anyone out there would like to share their experience or solution on how to run a fluid tarship combat, I would really appreciate it.
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