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  1. Well, since your character is at a School he/she's not supposed to learn Riding, only way to do that would be to sneak away and learn it. A 10 Honor loss looks fine for me.
  2. By the rulebook Victory is also a Keyword..
  3. You don't (and can't) keep the runner out from everywhere. Only from what really matters. Try to fool him into useless runr, waste his credits and keep him to the edge. Try some ambush too.
  4. because you are thinking like they have the same use. You use dirty laundry to add a bonus on a run you probably are going to do anyway and add a sweet bonus to it. You use vamp to drain all credits from the corp and then run on another server. You use account siphon to annoy the corp.
  5. Except you can counter it in so many ways. Also there are a lot of variables you are not considering, like spending credits to break ICEs on HQ
  6. It's the same text as the ICE subrutines. I think it would more confusing if they changed it
  7. You can't never rely on a single ice. Also, if the archer is rezzed it usually means a bad time for the runner.
  8. from the FAQ:   Multiple Net Shields cannot prevent more damage.
  9. Change "People" with "The Net Shield Card" or "The Rules"
  10. No, you are preventing 3 times the same single point of damage. The FIRST point of damage
  11. also, there is an human team upgrade about affiliation (end game , 2 point for human affiliation, only 1 for others)
  12. I don't think they are overpowerd. Dark Elves are very versatile, but the lack of a 4 Star Power player is a big drawback. Undeads are like Orcs with less tackle , but with a 1 on 3 of regeneration. (a good skill, but not game-braking) Vampires are the worst team. No 4 Star Power player, no sprint… and nearly no tackle… how are they supposed to win?
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