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  1. Interesting set of questions. I definitely agree with Nehkrimah's response. Any techs acquired by the active player using the top half of the card fall under the category of "acquired by the primary" in my book. So, if someone receives 1 tech for free and a 2nd for cost, the rest of the folks could choose to get either one for free. Jol-Nar thing, not so much. When the Jol-Nar player is activating the secondary AND the primary, that player can get a free tech via the secondary if it copies one of the active player's choices. Then they can get use their special ability to do the primary madness, getting a 2nd one for free and finally a third for 8, less all their crazy discounts they usually have accumulated (e.g. Neural Computing, scientists on tech specialty planets, etc.).
  2. Your videos are impressive. It's not how I'd approach the challenge, but I like what you have done. Keep us posted on progress!!
  3. I've tried the Eclipse app. It's a great port, but with all the shortcomings of the board game, at least to me. Luck reigns and it falls flat compared to TI3. The multiplayer sucks (never finished a game because all the other players always quit or never take their turns). The AI is good, but predictable after a few games: oh look, the Planta are upgrading hulls. It's worth the $6.99 if you are into Eclipse, but I only play it because I don't have TI3 on the iPad.
  4. The FAQ has ruled that 52N6's ability may not be used for racial technologies or Stasis Capsules. Does that mean the ability COULD be used for War Sun? If yes, then when a player is attacked with a fleet including the War Sun, the War Sun simply can't participate in the space battle. Is that correct?
  5. …and the Speaker gets to vote last. In the event of a tie, the Speaker decides.
  6. I'm a hopeless addict. The best iPad app I've found for space strategy is Starbase Orion. It plays like other 4x games you've tried on the PC. Ascendancy isn't bad either, a bit retro but okay. TI3 must make a showing in this arena. I think it would be huge for the community and great fun to boot. Sure, it will never replace all the elements of face-to-face TI3, but the point is that I can play TI3 on the iPad 24x7 (if I cut off work, family, sleep, etc.). Face-to-face TI3 is about 6x per year at best. An iPad app for TI3 wouldn't make me stop the face-to-face, it just would give me something to do in between sessions.
  7. I've posted on this thread before. It's hard for me not to start fleshing out my own ideas with a proof-of-concept. I love this game and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see FFG take on this effort. You did a great job with Elder Sign, now time to do it up right with your flagship game. Spread around this recent article from the LA Times: www.latimes.com/entertainment/envelope/cotown/la-fi-ct-board-games-20121113-71,0,2368312.story The article mentions how iphone/iPad/PC games can actually boost sales for board games. FFG, are you listening!?? Let the record show that I am willing to offer up anything FFG needs to help out with this effort. I have decades of software engineering experience (including design, project management, documentation, and coding) and dozens of TI3 games under my belt. I would volunteer to help make an electronic version of TI3 possible, have ideas how to get past some of the tricky bits (and still maintain the awesome insanity that comes with political and action cards), and would still pay any price to have the opportunity to play TI3 in an electronic format. Drooling whenever I think about this. C'mon fans, keep this thread alive.
  8. For this objective, you need to control MR (the planet and the space) as well as all adjacent systems. System control requires a non-fighter ship in space and control of all the planets. Systems without planets only need the non-fighter ship in space. Special systems that are impossible to occupy, such as Super Novae or Asteroid Fields, would be excluded from the requirements of the objective.
  9. Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but I have a t-shirt with the TI3 logo on the front and the Latin words on the back. I received it as a gift from my wife, who used one of those custom t-shirt web sites and some digital photos from the box to put it together. I wear it everywhere hoping someone will come up to me in public and throw down the glove! I've also worn it to a few of our local games.
  10. If revealing your Spy first, selecting the Speaker token, drawing 2 new PCs that can be used as trade goods, choosing which player to select an agenda (if any still have Political Cards), and choosing whether or not there is a Voice of the Council vote isn't enough, some folks will allow you to draw 1 or 2 Action Cards when playing with Assembly II. Discuss it before the game begins. In a 4 player game, where it comes up every game round, 3 or even 2 ACs seemed a bit much to me. For the Yssaril, that could mean 4 ACs per round with no hand limit. Do the math, that is a lot of extra ACs.
  11. If you're trying to bring new players into the fold, I wager you may have better luck trying more general gaming group sites. You may want to try researching local meetup, google, or yahoo groups in your area. Craig's List may work as well. Heck, even trolling local game shops might open you up to the new community. TI3 players are rare gems, but you can usually find many gamers willing to try a more epic game.
  12. Mercs are quite powerful--some players remove the most powerful mercs from the game or ignore the option altogether. I love mercs myself. In a 4-player game where everyone picks 2 SCs, this guarantees some competition for Trade III. The player that takes Trade gets the merc, so I find it can actually help players with weaker starting fleets get a quick boost.
  13. Sleeved cards can get stuck together, but will certainly help protect from accidents. I kind of prefer the character that comes with a well-used set: for example, my Advanced Civilization game board has a couple of red wine stains that always bring a smile.
  14. No, you may not claim a secret objective in the same Status Phase as when you claim your Preliminary Objective. Even if you play with Bureaucracy, you are limited to only scoring the Preliminary Objective in one game round and a Secret Objective in a subsequent game round. Any objective scored may count in the case of the tie-breaker. This should include Voice of the Council, artifacts, Preliminary Objectives, Secret Objectives, and Public Objectives.
  15. I would pay 50 to 60 US dollars for a PC or Apple OS rendition of TI3. I would love it. I have thought about doing it myself many times. Why oh why is there nothing like this? As a long time PC gamer fan of the 4X space games out there, I can say that none of them are quite the same. I want TI3 with good AI foes so I can play by myself and I want robust multiplayer options. NOW! Just another frenzied fan…
  16. I'm in town for the weekend and trying to organize a game on Sunday, starting at 10 AM. Already have 2 players, looking for 2-4 more. If interested, reply to this thread or send me a private message. I've got both expansions. I've posted some rules/variations below, but am willing to negotiate that as well. Any takers?! 1. Dreadnoughts: DN’s roll 2xd10 dice in space battle. 2. Home System Control to WIN: in order to be eligible to win, a player must control all planets of their Home System at whatever point in the game victory conditions are calculated. The player with the highest number of VP’s, and who also controls all planets of their Home System, will be declared the Galactic Emperor and Winner when the end-game condition is reached. *The Clan of Saar, due to their racial special ability, is exempt from this requirement.* 3. TI3-SE-SotT Strategy Cards: the following TI3-SE-SotT Strategy Cards will be used, with the below options and HR modifications; (a) All TI3 Shattered Empire SC’s will be used with the below exceptions and HR modifications: (b) Options - players may choose either “Warfare” or Warfare II” for SC#6 © The appropriate number, based on SW, MW or TLW, of Stage I and Stage II Public Objective (“PO”) cards are displayed per the “Age of Empires” (“AoE”) format. Drawing SC#8 “Bureaucracy” allows a player to remove the “Barring Token” from [1] PO of the appropriate Stage (I or II), making this PO available for claiming. (d) When executing the primary ability of SC#3 “Assembly II” the executing player receives [2] Action Cards (“AC’s”) (e) SC#5 “Trade III” will be used to allow “Mercenaries” 4. Pre-Set Maps: pre-set maps will be used, those provided in the source documents on the FFG website will be used as a guideline along with the Shards galaxy tile breakdown (to get some Shards tiles on the board). 5. Clarification: The Universities of Jol-Nar and the Sardakk N’Orr receive (-1) and [+1] die roll modifiers, respectively, to their combat die rolls for all die rolls which inflict casualties; this includes Assault Cannon, Bombardment, PDS fire, PDS counter-fire and ground force invasion or defense. 6. Preliminary and Secret Objective Card Draw: After all set-up is complete, in the order of the Draw Numbers previously received by each Player; each player will, one at a time, draw two Preliminary Objective cards. The Player will choose one, keeping it secret, and then will return the other Preliminary Objective card to the deck. The Preliminary Objective card deck must be reshuffled every time before the next Player draws two Preliminary Objective cards. When a Player achieves the chosen Preliminary Objective, the Player will then draw three Secret Objective cards during the Status Phase, will choose one to keep, and will then return the other two to the Secret Objective deck. If two or more Players qualify for their Preliminary Objectives, the same process will be performed as described above however each Player will follow the step previously outlined, one Player at a time, in Strategy Card order. 7. Tie Breakers and Scoring in the Final Round: in the event of a Time Limit Deadline resulting in a tie in the final count for Victory Points (“VP’s”) where no player reaches either [14] VP’s (The Long War), [12] VP’s (“Mid-War”), or [10] VP’s (Short War), the “Imperium Rex” guidelines on page 14 of the TI3 Base rulebook will be used to determine the Winner / Galactic Emperor. Whichever full Game Turn (“GT”) / Round is the last to be completely finished through the end of the Status Phase will be known as the Final Round for Scoring. The Rules-as-Written (“RAW”) shall be used for claiming VP’s in the status phase; in Strategy Card order during the Status Phase, the first player to reach [14] VP’s (“TLW”), [12] VP’s (“MW”) or [10] VP’s (“SW”) instantly wins the game. There are NO ties at [14] VP’s (“TLW”), [12] VP’s (“MW”) or [10] VP’s (“SW”). 8. Sudden Death Victories: any player who reaches [14] VP’s (for “TLW”), [12] VP’s (“MW”) or [10] VP’s (“SW”) during a Game Round (“GR”) instantly wins the game. LIST of the TI3-SE Optional Rules In-Play from the TI3-SE Rulebooks: I. * Leaders (TI3 Base Rules pg’s 34-35) II. * [10] VP regular game ("Short War" or "SW"), the Mid War [12] VP game, or The Long War {modified} to [14] VP’s (TI3 Base Rules pg 32) may be used – if TLW is used we will play until one player achieves [14] Victory Points (“VP’s”), or, until the agreed upon Time Limit Deadline is reached, or, until one player achieves the “Supremacy!” or “Domination!” Phase II Public Objective card, whichever among any of these comes first III. * Age of Empire {modified} (TI3 Base Rules pg 33) ** See Also (TI3 FAQ & Errata Version 2.2.1 3/20/2009 pg 1, FFG website) ** – All Players will secretly choose one Stage I and one Stage II PO card to be used during game play, this selection is performed prior to laying out and preparing the Objective Cards. The Objective Cards will be prepared as per the TI3 Base Rules on pg 7, with all six (or seven for “MW,” or eight, for “TLW”) of the random Phase I Public Objective Cards revealed at the start of the game, while four (or five for “MW,” or six, for “TLW”) random Phase II Public Objective cards remain face-down and secret; after the end of Game Turn 3, during item 7) of the Status Phase, all of the four (or five for “MW,” or six, for “TLW”) Phase II Public Objective Cards will then also be revealed so that now all Public Objective Cards, both Phase I & Phase II, are visible to all players. IV. * Variant Objectives (SE Expansion Rules pg 9) - we will be using ALL {mixed, base + expn} of the new SE Expn Objective Cards, including Special Objectives, with the following exceptions: we will not use, (a) “Imperium Rex” & (b) “Four Ships in Two different other player’s Home Systems, I Win.” The “Supremacy!” and “Domination!” Phase II Public Objective Cards will be used and randomly shuffled into the available Phase II Public Objective Card deck, and one or both may appear in the final Phase II Public Objectives for the game – if each of these are achieved by two different players in the same Status Phase, whichever player possesses the lower numbered Strategy Card at that time wins! V. * Race-Specific Technologies (SE Expansion Rules pg 9) VI. * Tactical Retreats (SE Expansion Rules pg 11) VII. * Custodians of Mecatol Rex (SE Expansion Rules pg 11) VIII. * Facilities (SE Expansion Rules pg 11) IX. * Homeworlds {modified, see HR-2 above} (Game Options & Variants Version 1.1, FFG website, pg 2) X. * Artifacts (SE Expansion Rules pg 9) which includes the use of Special Objective Cards XI. * Voice of the Council (SE Expansion Rules pg 11) XII. * Preliminary Objectives (SotT Expansion Rules pg 10) XIII. * Flagships (SotT Expansion Rules pg 10) XIV. * Mechanized Units (SotT Expansion Rules pg 11) XV. * Mercenaries (SotT Expansion Rules pg 20) XVI. * Political Intrigue (SotT Expansion Rules pg 12) Bureaucracy SC + Red Tape option and number of POs available: Standard/short War (10 pt game): 8 Stage Is 5 Stage IIs first 3 Stage Is open, rest tokenized Medium War (12 pt game): 9 Stage Is 6 Stage IIs first 4 Stage Is open, rest tokenized Long War (14 pt game): 10 Stage Is 7 Stage IIs first 5 Stage Is open, rest tokenized
  17. I'm with Steve-O and Mr. Djingles on this one: Bureaucracy would not allow you to qualify for this objective as you have not held MR the entire Strategy and Action phase.
  18. I like the house rule posted above, especially the fact that only one player may claim a secret objective. I do think I would miss the ability to score points from a secret objective and a public objective. We use a house rule where players draw three random SOs and then select one. The other two return to the deck, the deck is shuffled, and the next player draws three. Selection order is randomly determined in advance and whoever is first to draw gets to be Speaker during the first Strategy Phase as well. As to Steve-Os original question, I would only include alpha and beta wormholes as part of the Keeper of the Gates objective. I've also heard players excluding Mallice, if that's in play. Depending on the map you're using (we use pre-sets), there should be at least 3-4 wormholes scattered around the board. Even though these are all adjacent, it's on par with a SO like Threatening where a player only needs to take 2 systems (but each system is adjacent to an opposing player's home system).
  19. I think there were one or two cards in the base game that were misprints. In the Shattered Empire expansion, I seem to recall an insert describing the need to replace a couple of the technology cards. If you go by the revised tech tree in the expansion, it looks like Automated Defense Turrets and Cybernetics are the required prerequisites. Like Steve-O, I tend to just go by the cards. However, if you haven't replaced the misprinted cards with the new ones from Shattered Empire, confusion may ensue.
  20. This is one of the recommended ways to play 2-player. I've done it several times and found it had most of the goodness. My favorite two-player variation is a blend of my own gaming group's house rules and this variant: boardgamegeek.com/thread/119002/another-2-player-variant
  21. I've done 7-player preset. As I recall, there were no extra TGs offered. Our group doesn't think a few TGs are enough to offset a disadvantage that lasts a whole game. If a player is disadvantaged somehow in a 7-player game, try giving them access to a really juicy system like Berg/Lirta IV to make up the difference.
  22. Thanks for the clarification. I've ready that at least four times and I always saw "includes". Taking remedial reading courses now, thanks. ;(
  23. sirjonsnow said: sirjonsnow said: Anyway, if you had at least 2 GFs with any invading STs and took a PDS hit, that could go to a GF with no loss of STs. Shock troops always get hit first. I think page 10 of the SE rules is quite clear that this even includes PDS fire.
  24. Based on the FAQ question related to X-89, I would say that you could use X-89, because it is not considered a bombardment: Q: Can a Dreadnought, without the Graviton Negator technology, use the X-89 Bacterial Weapon technology against a planet that contains a PDS? A: Yes, using the X-89 technology is not considered a bombardment.
  25. Maneuvering jets and loads of fighters may help with the PDS grid. I can't share all my secrets here, but I do love the massive boatloads of units you can create with 3 space docks in one system and Sarween Tools giving you an extra three resources.
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