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  1. I don't have my copy in front of me but I remember being disappointed that the heretic who eats SM geneseeds still has a "Pen X" weapon where X is never specified despite it being pointed out as a problem on these boards when he was released as a web preview.
  2. telagos

    Mark of Xenos

    I see eldar and dark eldar cropping up more in the Black Crusade books personally. There is nothing wrong with focussing and doing a few groups of enemies really well in any given book. Looking forward to my copy arriving by the weekend, can anyone who has it already comment on what they did with weapon stats? I assume the pre-errata ones were used but were the "less dice optional rules" included also or as a reference table at the end?
  3. telagos

    Mark of Xenos

    For UK people I really can't recommend Infinity Games highly enough: www.iguk.co.uk I ordered my ROB from them in the past and it was way quicker than Amazon. Just ordered MotX today and they have dispatched - amazon had it down to dispatch in July and was only about £2 cheaper. Can't wait for it to arrive now!
  4. Pappa Nurgle would do a lot better if his followers didn't call in sick all the time too.
  5. Depending on how you want to use them you could run as written or adjust the SB and Damage so that they account for the unnatural strength (x3) - i.e. make the damage d10+14 Pen 2. It's a more appropriate level of threat imho. They also missed the unnatural WP (x2) off the main bad guy's stat line but that doesn't mean I'm letting him be nerfed in my game!
  6. Shaun said: SPOILERS AHEAD In the final part of TEP the stat blocks for the Black Engine and Paragelle are identical which I can't help but think must be a misprint. I did e-mail FFG about this but have never recieved an answer. Has anyone else gotten one? I suppose it isn't a big deal, but it would be nice to know what they were meant to be! That one is a good spot, I had to get my copy out as soon as I got home to check it was wrong. Glad I saw this before running the adventure with my group.
  7. Vendettar said: way to TT-Codex inspired. Sorry but looks to like Matt Ward "outpour"... As a community we need to encourage contributions not shout them down. Well done WatchCaptain for putting all of this together. I look forward to reading in a bit more detail later on, having more options for foes is never a bad thing from a GM perspective.
  8. Hi everyone. Just needed a little bit of clarification on how many attacks a TEP genestealer should make when it charges. I ran the Price of Hubris adventure last week and ruled that they could make 4 attacks on the charge (lightning attack + multiple limbs + preternatural speed) but one of my players pointed out near the end of the session that multiple limbs does state that you get an extra attack only when making a full attack action and preternatural speed says that you get to make a swift or lightning attack when you charge - i.e. technically not a full attack. I think with hindsight that the stealers probably should only get 3 attacks on the charge and 4 when they stand still and full attack but how have other GMs run it and what do you guys think?
  9. I say do it. Nothing wrong with adding some flavour for each character and making them feel special. I do a similar thing in my game and just have to up the number of enemies I use or add some special rules for them as appropriate. Don't forget that he GM directly controls requisition so you can easily modify objectives on your missions so that players aren't too powerful compared to your bad guys. And even if they are too powerful? Well it's not that important as long as your players are having fun and the plot is progressing.
  10. "I would have gotten away for it if it wasn't for those pesky primarchs" reflections on the Warmaster
  11. A group of freethinking young radicals who want to stand up to the faschist Imperium of man. Mullets and an ability to bullseye womprats in their T16's back home are essential qualifications.
  12. If you have foes who you want to be able to crit PCs but they really don't warrant being touched by the fates give them volatile weapons like plasma guns and you achieve the same basic effect.
  13. KT - kill team PC - player character NPC - non player character
  14. The way I read that encounter, when they form a horde they will be in melee with everyone and given the size of even a magnitude 10 horde disengaging to get some range and hose them down won't be an option. That said I like the way that someone else here described it: 1 ninja is deadly, 100 ninjas are cannon fodder.
  15. Sorry I know it won't help if you are on the second mission already but I am part way through the first and loving it. Worth buying for the bad guy stats it contains if nothing else but also some great ideas to build into a bigger campaign. That said, my players did make minced meat out of the dino on the divested hunt!
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