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  1. Was wondering about this as well. Looking at the quickbuild lists (and cards that come with expansions), I noticed that the pilot names do have the "limited" dots, while the upgrades they carry, don't. So I assumed that pilots do have to follow the "limited" rules, but this does not apply to their upgrades. Of course, "solitary" is a new thing. I'm just going to assume that in QB rules, the restrictions box of upgrade cards do not apply (given how the QB already break certain restrictions, like Ablative Plating on a small ship), therefore the "solitary" keyword also does not apply. I know it's a casual format, but it would be great if FFG gave this a bit more attention. It's a great format for casual play. But come on... Duplicate pilots in the QB lists, non-existing pilots, etc...
  2. Hey, great work! I was using 1.2 until yesterday for the core campaign, but today I learned I was a bit behind. However, I noticed 3 things: Am I missing something, or is there only 1 slot for unequipped items on the rebel sheet? There used to be 4 slots on v1.2. We have multiple unequipped items, but as they have been purchased, they need to be accounted for somewhere. Is the Additional Expenses field used anywhere? It doesn't seem to change the amount of credits. I'm not sure if the calculations on the Under Siege (core campaign) is correct. In our case, the Empire managed to get their 4th token at the end of round 8. If I get the rules correct, this would mean "Imperial Hospitality" is next, heroes get 2xp each, heroes get 100 credits each, empire gets 2xp and 1 influence. However, with no combination of result and bonus can I get the Rebels to have 100 credits and 2xp. I worked around it by giving them a negative credit bonus for now. But seriously, great work!
  3. Just read somewhere that (at least a few years ago), Apple used to release apps around midnight in the local timezone of each appstore. Also developers can only set a date for release, but not a specific time for that date. Having said that, 9.30 in Western Europe and still no sign of the app. ?
  4. I did, and got an answer the same day: "It is supposed to be 4 rounds. I will reflect this in the next FAQ update."
  5. Speaking of Scenario 12... How many turns are in this scenario? There is a '4' next to the hourglass icon, but the victory conditions mention round 5...?
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