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  1. Hi all. I bet this has been covered 1.2 million times before, but I didn't see it in a search, so I will ask again, because I'd like help building my starting character. Joining an in-progress campaign soon, at present it is just the GM and a player. I believe the GM is just working with the EotE core rulebook, but seems open to let us use other books in the event that we actually buy them ourselves. I'd prefer not to go that route, because money is tight. I'm thinking about being a young Wookie who takes on a life debt to the other PC, an protocol type droid. As I understand it, the campaign has been running 2-3 sessions, it seems like a lot has happened for it to only be one session, I'm not sure. Anyhow, long story short the Droid PC gained sentience and met R5D4(!), an NPC who I suspect is just there to get him into hyperspace and maybe act as an outlet for the GM to be annoying. The droid duo proceeded to rescue a lot of Wookie slaves from the Death Star, then they stole a shuttle, which was shot to pieces in the battle of Yavin, possibly by rebels. They limped into hyperspace, towards Kashyyyk and an uncertain future. So, I'm making a Wookie, and I'd like him to have the force power Sense. I really liked sense back in the days of the WEG versions, and would like this character to have it as well. I'd also prefer not to have to buy any extra books, if at all possible. What is the best way to get hold of it using the EotE core rule book? I assume I need to buy Force Sensitive Exile (20xp) and then I can get sense (10xp). Is that correct? Would I be better off buying it at character creation, or should I save up and just buy it later on? Or should I just skip it because sense isn't as good as I remember? Perhaps some other option would serve me better? Thanks in advance!
  2. Can the ISBs be used any time, like the Hired Guns from Wave 3, or do they have to be earned through a mission first?
  3. I have no idea about best, but my favorite is my Walking Carpet. Mind you, when the Ancient Lightsaber comes out, my new favorite could very well be Gideon, Secret Jedi. bottom of the list for me is the Mon Cal. And that could very well be completely on me. No, thanks, man.
  4. Yeah, give me that sweet Zuckuss! I don't buy many non-ally packs, but I would not hesitate to get my favorite bounty hunter. As for the next wave, please hurry! I need the Obi-Wan pack, so that Gideon can have his Lightsaber.
  5. Thanks for the advice. I'm headed back to the drawing board, and I'll see what I can manage. Edited to add: I got it down from 9 specializations to 5. Thanks for the advice. I could try to get down to 4, but instead I'm going to try to figure out this character's backstory, to make it all make sense. I'm down to: Colonist, Scholar/Medic/Shadow/Recruit/Artisian
  6. Back in the WotC Saga edition of Star Wars, I would try to make a 20 level character with 20 different classes. I never got past 18 or maybe 19. It was just a fun thought experiment. I had the idea for a similar thought experiment for FFG's version of Star Wars: How few specializations would it take for one character to get every single skill (all 35) to be a career skill? Mathematically it should take one career (eight skills) and seven specializations (four each) to pass 35. In reality I can't seem to do better than one career and nine specializations. I don't have all of the career books, but the toughest skills to work around seem to be the knowledge skills (notably Outer Rim, Core Worlds, Lore and Warfare). What do you think? This is probably because Star Wars has been on my brain nonstop since I saw the new movie...
  7. There are a few Holocrons on the random list that seem like a lot of fun and makes me wonder what kind of awesome Jedi was responsible for creating them. The Brawl and Streetwise one comes to mind, as does the Skulduggery and Vigilance. If I ever had a party pick a Holocron as their starting gift (but really, don't) I would give them #4, Mechanics and Ranged. I hate being caught in combat without 1-2 points of Ranged, and I wouldn't wish it on them. And mechanics will help them with the secondhand (third, fourth, etc) piece of junk ship I will be saddling them with. The one that is a bit too small for comfort and always breaking down at dramatically appropriate moments.
  8. I would say that whichever force power(s) you think are cool/fun/interesting are the ones that go with whichever career you'd like for your character. There's no better answer than the one that makes you happy and the game fun.
  9. Mine came in today too. My brain is already concocting a Bothan Duelist and an Ithorian Seer. At the risk of being unpopular, I am not too impressed by the species in the book. Which is only to say that nothing immediately jumped out at me as a species that I wanted to try out ASAP.
  10. Just some hypotheticals, I'm interested in your answers. Which starting group resource do you think you'd prefer: ...when every character is made using AoR? ...when every character is made using F&D? ...in a mixed party, using characters from EotE and AoR? ...in a mixed party, using characters from EotE and F&D? ...in a mixed party, using characters from AoR and F&D? ...in a mixed party, using characters from all three games? Would you be willing to: ...take Morality if your EotE or AoR character picked up FSE? (This may be required, I don't have a copy of F&D yet so I don't know) ...take Duty in addition to Obligation for your EotE character? ...take Duty in addition to Morality for your F&D character? ...take Obligation in addition to Duty for your AoR character? ...take Obligation in addition to Morality for your F&D character? ...take Obligation and Duty in addition to Morality for your F&D character? What do you think? My answers: For AoR or any mixed games, I'd prefer our Group Resource be a shuttle that we can all enjoy. I'm open to suggestions, though. For a complete F&D party, I'd prefer a Mentor, for that sweet XP savings. If I was playing an AoR or EotE character, I'd be glad to take both Duty and Obligation. Plus Morality, if I ever picked up a force rating. For a F&D character, I'd be glad to take all three.
  11. Yeah, and when will I have the opportunity to make my dream character, a Highly Cunning Gungan Slicer, who can compromise your systems in the time it takes him to utter the line, "Oops! Mesa so clumsy! I be apologizing!"
  12. I see they are trying to find a way to make the Holocron mechanically useful but different from a mentor. It is close, but I agree that it doesn't feel right. Mind you, if I ever GMed a group that picked a Holocron, it would certainly end up a plot hook generating device. But anyway, pick a ship. Ships are great.
  13. Dang, no shipping notice here. What have I done? WHAT HAVE I DONE? Anyway, mine still says "Processing pre-order" here's hoping mine gets underway soon too.
  14. Ooh, I just read the Mentor. That means I could get all eight (of the 1 Force Rating) powers for 45 points! At extremely low levels of effectiveness! What a deal! Or, perhaps: What, a deal?
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