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  1. Hello everyone, I live in Japan so we are likely in different timezones. However, would it be possible if I could silently sit in and enjoy the show? Thanks.
  2. Okay, I am in the middle of reading The Mist by Stephen King. I watched the movie years ago. However, it was not much like the first short story, the one found in Skeleton Crew. Anyhow, I think it is a great setting. I am going to do three chapters: Early, day zero to about two weeks in. Medium, about six months in. Long, this will be about 20 years later. They can play as their children of their former characters if they want. There will be a small community and other rivals, chance for unity, etc. Either way I will do no more than three chapters.
  3. Thank you for the input everyone. I have played Changeling the Dreaming and Changeling the Lost for years. While I like it I do not want to do that much work. I do think I can make this work. And yes the Faries will be closer to what you see in Changeling the Lost and even a little bit of Alice in Wonderland. The rules for EotW are light. So this can really work. The last time I did Changeling I had spreadsheets of dozens of characters, Gant Charts, flow charts with branching story plots, etc. This one with my girl will be more of sandbox campaign.
  4. So my I am trying to get my girlfriend into RPGs. She is starting to like them since she did drama in college. I like the mechanics of this game. It is quick, light and to the point. Furthermore, I beleive it indeed has a good balance and the rules don't bog down the game. My questions is....? Do you think I can do a "lost in Fairie world" type setting? That is what she is into and I think I can make it work. Any recomendations would be appreciated.
  5. So my group is pretty set on playing themselves. Needless to say I won't run it. I can't have a bunch of untrained civilians borrowing machettes and firearms from friends to bring over to my place or my buddy's place to play a game. One gamer took it hard that we all agreed that he is essentially below average in all the stats. And yes...many gamers, the true actual people are. I wish FFG never tried a play as yourself mechanic in the rule book. I hate to explain to my friends that they are out of shape and have no survival and usable skills during an apocalypse. I think I already mentioned the guy in wheelchair. Yup, he would be dead in the first five minutes of the game. My goal now is to let this simmer down and sell them on my "archtypes characters" in a few weeks.
  6. Gotcha, those are just examples. There will be at least three times as many "arch types" as I have heard them referred to before. I would appreciate any other examples such as: sheriff, town drunk, petty thug, pick-pocket, handy-man, outdoors-man, farmer, biker gang guy, psychologist, stripper, etc. I can get plenty of examples from Elder Sign and the like.
  7. Did anyone see the movie The Mist? That can be either Aliens or Wrath of the Gods.
  8. Yes, Sakara. That is actually one of my goals. I want them to be regular people with their own set of skills. I was planning on having them grab cards from a hat. Inside the hat I have a basic idea with a specialty skill. I got this idea from Last NIght On Earth. Homeles Guy: Scavenging Pastor: Talking to People Locksmith: Picking locks, doors Mechanic: Fixing Cars Paramedic: Fixing People Each has a unique set of starting items and specialty skills. The first chapter will be the intro of how this happened. The 2nd chapter will be 6 months later so we can add a good number of experience points to each character. I have pretty much banned special ops and military. Though I do have an older retired Vietnam vet. I just don't want any death dealers at the beginning. I want to emphasize the human stress and survival horror feel over the one-man army against hordes of undead, aliens, monsters, etc. What do you think?
  9. Good Morning, I do not like this idea. There are several reasons. 1. I do not want any of my untrained friends or acquantainces bringing their firearms, machetes, and spiked baseball bats over for a RPG session. 2. I play with people who are usually out of shape and one is in a wheel chair. If I played myself with them my first act would be to ditch them. I am the only one trained proffesionally with firearms and survival. I also am the only one in shape. 3. People get offended when we argue that they are not that strong, fast, good with people, etc. I know they have a game mechanic to fix that. But let's be real, many gamers would have much less points to make a starting character of themselves than the book sugests. Many would have more experience points based on what they achieved in life. My regular group, not be offensive, are not smart, strong, fast and lack any and all survival skills. To solve this, I told them we will be creating fictional characters. Done... What do you think?
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