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  1. In my experience and the hundreds of posts I've read about the game, Descent 2nd Edition is very balanced. I've seen many people complain about the Overlord being too powerful, and just as many saying the exact opposite. That to me means its probably right in the middle, and my own experience playing 2 separate campaigns validates this. Our first campaign in particular was an absolute brawl, with a roughly even win rate throughout. The Finale came down to no heroes but the dwarf berzerker surviving (with less than 4 health). You can't blame Descent's rules if your Overlords are playing like sissies.
  2. Indalecio is correct. The disease tokens would be pretty weak otherwise.
  3. Having played 2 times with the expansion, I agree with almost everything Indalecio said. The randomness factor with the stadiums, ref, and penalties is too much and I dislike it. More and more I am considering just removing penalties and these added aspects from our games. I did not find the penalties to be fun. I would disagree with Nurgle though. They are much stronger than Vampires from what I have seen. The Disease tokens as a mechanic are much more in the coach's control than the blood tokens, and thus they see more action and ultimately benefit the team more.
  4. Yeah I agree. I had the chance to play them on Friday, and the disease tokens were definitely double-edged swords. They definitely deterred my opponents from playing at matchups, but they also deterred me from the same! I'm still wrapping my head around how to play this team, but it is an interesting one for sure.
  5. FYI the devs answered my question on the Beast of Nurgle "Immobilize" ability via email, and the answer is that it affects ALL players.
  6. Hmm, I think FFG is going to have to answer the Beast of Nurgle one via FAQ. Although reading it RAW, it does appear to effect all players, I just can't imagine that was the intent. Does anyone else have thoughts on this one?
  7. After one game with Foul Play where the Goblins were added to the mix, my instinct is that Sudden Death is probably better for newer players. Foul Play adds alot of weirdness and extra rules to the mix (which is fun once you know the game), but while you are still relatively new having Goblins steal balls from matches, throw their teammates to different matches, etc might be a bit overwhelming. I like Foul Play, but I think Sudden Death is probably the better expansion to start with as it doesn't have nearly as many shenanigans. I'll comment more as I get more games in.
  8. The game is obviously balanced around the fact that teams can draw from the entire pool of star players, so limiting this could hurt and help teams more than intended. Also, would freebooters be removed entirely? They are a very valuable asset to some of the teams that are already a bit weaker (ie teams without Sprint), and not having them available would just make the problem worse for these teams. It sounds like it could be kind of fun, but I think game balance will suffer if you do this.
  9. I'm not assuming it doesn't mean what it says, I'm just making sure I am understanding what it says correctly, because it does seem quite powerful when used correctly.
  10. Actually had a follow up question on the Beast of Nurgle's "Immobilize" skill. It states that "players at this matchup cannot use the Pass skill". I assume this is intended to only be opposing players but the text of the rule would make it seem that all players are affected. Thoughts?
  11. Nurgle's Rot states: When this player successfully injures another player, search your Team deck and discard pile for 1 Rotter Lineman and commit him to this matchup. Then, shuffle your Team deck and discard pile together. Does this mean that activating this ability starts you off with a fresh deck with no discards at all? This seems like it could be very strong, and work something like a Sprint for the team (although it could be a double edged sword if you have only weak cards in your discard pile)
  12. Has anyone played with against Chaos Dwarfs yet? I have a general dislike for them in "normal" Blood Bowl, so maybe I'm biased, but they seem pretty strong and a team that really punishes bashing teams with the Foul abilities when downed. These are teams that already struggle so I worry about this a bit...
  13. We didn't play with stadiums as we had two beginners and I didn't want to over-complicate things, but they seem pretty cool. My one issue is that they don't rotate every week, but remain all game. I will almost certainly house-rule that they are rotated every week so that the liabilities placed on certain teams aren't permanent. Its one thing to have a "No Tackle" stadium in your face for one week...but to have to deal with that every week is a bit much imo. I'm not sure how others feel. I really wanted to play Nurgle, but again, with beginners, I didn't want to over- complicate the game with disease tokens. The Goblins and all their crazy shenanigans were enough as is...lol
  14. Played a game tonight with Humans, Orcs, Dwards, and Goblins. The Goblins are weird as hell. They cycle through their deck super fast, and to some extent want to avoid star players because the Goblin. They were fun and whacky, without being OP, just as I would expect Goblins to be. Question: There is an ability for Goblins to move the ball from one matchup to another. Does this mean that if each team has a ball, it no longer acts as a tie breaker? Also, does this mean that the Passing skill can be used on either ball you choose? I assume yes both questions, but wanted to see what others thought.
  15. I can tell you for a fact that Sudden Death is solid. You can't go wrong with it. You probably won't get any feedback on Foul Play for a few weeks since it is so new.
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