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  1. I almost died laughing reading this! Pretty interesting perspectives, I thing I will grab King in Yellow!
  2. So I've got Arkham, Innsmouth, Dunwhich, and CotDP(unrevised). I want all the sets eventually, and I plan to get CotDP revised and Miskatonic last. So my question is what do you think I should pick up next. I'm thinking a small box, since I only have the one vs. three big boxes. Of course I can be persuaded otherwise. So what and why?
  3. Thanks, I'm sure even pick up everything else before I ever think of grabbing CotDP again, but that did help.
  4. This first expansion I bought was CotDP 1st edition. Eventually I want them all, I've got it Dunnwich and Innsmoth now. So I have a few questions. 1. Is CotDP non revised compatible with Miskatonic? 2. Is it worth buying the revised edition purely based on its own merit? 3. Is non revised fine too? 4. Do you know if they plan on re-do-ing anything thing else so I can hold of on it?
  5. Was not paying attention. Wrote this in the wrong place. Sorry.
  6. So at this point in my life I'm a pretty big board game geek, and Arkham Horror is the crown jewel in my collection. I was already a big Lovecraft cultist since high school, and I grabbed everything related to him I could, bam now I like board games. BACKSTORY ASIDE: Before I knew what was going on I bought my fist expansion, Dark Pharaoh(First edition). I have it as well as Dunwich and Innsmoth now. I plan to have all of them. Then like... half a year later it got Dark Pharaoh got revised. So my questions are: Is it worth buying the Revised edition? Is miskatonic compatible with the normal edition? Do you know if any of the others will see revision and if I should just wait for them?
  7. I assumed this was probably the case. However it wasn't it would make the Gate Box, and Find Gate(Spell) more useful! Not to imply that they aren't already some of the best utility cards in the game!
  8. So my AH crew and I ran into a problem lately in Arkham Horror. It was something like this: A - My friend had an Arkham encounter that lead him into Dreamlands where he would resolve a otherworld enounter and return. B - He then had his encounter that told him to stay delayed in the Dreamlands. C. Never from that point did a Dreamlands gate open on the map. D. When he got his move turn to return to Arkham we simply delayed him in time and space. My question is, should we have: 1 - returned him to arkham at step B regardless of the other world encounter? 2 - played his turn as is written above? (did we do it right?) 3 - allow him to return through any other gate? 4 - keep him in dreamlands until a gate oppened? 5 - create a house rule on the fly? 6 - other? (if there is a way to handle this I didn't mention) As a final note, we're using a 'hardcore' houserule that plays gates face down until they are traveled into, as we do anything to make the game harder! But we did check them all this time around.
  9. Doesn't it kind of break the game to have more of a certain monster? Don't the rules state that when you add a new maniac and there all on the board you have to kill one and move it? Seems like it might tip the balance in favor of the keeper.
  10. The character's can't continue to lose sanity and there a few really powerful trauma cards you can play on characters with zero sanity. In situations where the would lose sanity you can still play trauma cards on them.
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