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  1. Selling points about this book: 1. It has a significant importance in the initial development of the "Star Wars" Expanded Universe. It is really like owning a "piece of history" of the Star Wars franchise. This cannot be over-emphasized. With these books, you are getting a look at the first steps to expand the Star Wars universe when the only information available was the movie original trilogy and five or six novellas about Han Solo and Lando Calrissian adventures. 2. The Rulebook gives you a perfectly serviceable rules system which it can be adapted to any setting wich favours a "cinematic" feeling (let's say any setting which could be used with the FATE system). 3. The Sourcebook gives you A LOT of background information which it is useful for any "Star Wars" RPG game (just compare the amount of space given to the description of any starfighter with the amount of space given for that same starfighter in a FFG or Wizards of the Coast book). 4. Both books are a delightful reading. Seriously, I laugh everytime I read passages like the "use of the Survivor skill" example. These books are from a time in which reading a RPG book it was supposed to be fun.
  2. Yes, I know there's three movies and two cartoon series. And comics and computer games. And I've seen the movies, both cartoons, and read a lot of the comics (and novels). And I still maintain that the canonical pool of characters it is quite reduced for the Republic faction, and almost nonexistent for the Separatist forces, even using non-Trade Federation forces. Do you know any Galactic Bank, Techno Union or Geonosian named pilot? Meanwhile, EP IV, V, VI and VII (and Rogue One) have named pilots for almost any fighters which appeared in the movie (although many of them have been "uncanonized" because they came from the Expanded Universe). Just in the "Rogue One Visual Guide" you have more than a dozen pilot names for X-Wing and Y-wing pilots. And some days ago, I found an article published in Starwars.com focused on given the names for the Red and Blue Squadron pilots from "The Force Awakens" (http://www.starwars.com/news/its-the-resistance). There is nothing similar for the Clone Wars era. A friend of mine loves the ARC-170 fighter design and always wanted to see it added to the "X-Wing" line, and before that happened, the main problem I'd always seen for adding that fighter was: "which pilots and squadrons can you use?" From "Revenge of the Sith", you have "Seven Squadron Pilot" as a generic pilot and "Odd Ball" as an unique pilot, and then you have to start diving in the cartoon and the comic books in search of some ARC-170 named squadron or pilot (good luck with that, because the cartoon uses mainly Y-wing, V-19 and Z-95 fighters). When they finallty added the ARC-170 to the game, they had to assign him unique pilots who fly mainly other types of fighters (Braylen Stramm flies B-wings, Shara Bey flies A-wings, Norra Wexley flies Y-wings and Thane Kyrell flies Y-wings)!
  3. I think that the main problem for doing an "X-wing"-line set in the Clone Wars period it is that there is a severe lack of squadrons and aces to do a pool of fighters from that era. The Republic faction has N-1 Starfighters, ARC-170, V-Wings, Y-wings and the two types of Jedi Interceptors. This seems like a good pool of fighters, but there is a severe lack of Squadrons and Ace Pilot names to do the different cards. All Jedi Interceptor's pilots are, well, named Jedis. There is no canonical "Generic Jedi Squadron". So you have a fighter-type limited to unique pilots. And I am quite sure that a lot of people would dislike that the Jedi Interceptor mini has not a customised paintjob for the Jedi Pilot that you want to use. And all ARC-170, V-Wings and Y-wing pilots are clones, whohave a very small pool of named Aces. The Separatist faction it is even worse, because all his fighters are Vulture, Hyena and Tri-fighter droids. Yes, you can use fighters from non-Trade Federation elements (Techno Union, General Grievous fighter), but again, there are no named Squadrons and Ace Pilot for droid fighters, and there is almost no info about non-droid fighters. So, I think that FFG sees the EP IV-IX settings as a much more easy place from which to develop units for the game. I don't see any Prequel-hate in FFG designers. The ARC-170 presence in the game is a good indication that they are not against using Prequel Trilogy fighters. They just require too much effort to implement it in the game.
  4. One thing which I miss a lot from the WEG "Star Wars RPG", and which I found lacking in nowadays RPGs are the "tongue-in-cheek" way in which WEG explained the game rules to the readers. The Failed Jedi using the Survival skill to find some way to get drunk (because alcohol is a vital necessity for him). The descriptions of how much a character knows about something based in the level of a relevant skill (with examples going from "I know space as the palm of my hand" to "No! It's bad to open an airlock while you're in space! The air goes out! Fwoooshh! Got it?"). And I think that the chapter about Gamemastering should be required lecture for any Game Master ("Players will be players!").
  5. Agrivar

    RZ-2 A-wing length

    The original A-wing it is supposed to also have swilveling blaster cannons, two concussion missile launchers with a 6 missile magazine each, and a sensor jammer. The West End Games "Star Wars RPG" described those features, the "X-Wing" computer game manual also mentioned them (it was quite funny to read n Imperial pilot claiming that "the A-Wing fired backwards"), and at least the sensor jammer was added rules-wise in the second edition of the RPG. "Rogue One", "Rebels" and the new canon novels have added a lot of info which FFG could use to give new options for the classic trilogy fighters. There are a lot of new named pilots for Red, Gold, Green and Blue Squadron, and you can add pilots from the Saw Gerrera partisan and the "Rogue One" Blue Squadron. You can add A-wings from Phoenix Squadron. The "Pivot Wing" card for the U-wing it is a good precedent for doing an "S-foil wing" for the X-wing. And if the "hidden features" described in the technical readouts are shown in the movies (i.e. in "The Force Awakens" we can see an A-wing using a sensor jammer, or with swiveling blaster cannons), surely FFG will try to add them to the miniatures game. I expect to eventually see a "Rebel Veterans" expansion pack with an X-wing and Y-wing in alternate paint schemes (Blue Squadron or Jedha Partisan markings for the X-wing, and Gray Squadron markings for the Y-wing), and a future RZ-2 A-wing expansion pack (which we will surely see) would be a good opportunity to add cards that can be also used to update the classic A-wing ("Swiveling Blasters", "Integrated Sensor Jammer", ¿"R-22 Spearhead" title?"). FFG faces now an interesting dilemma. If they model an RZ-2 A-wing using the given length, it will be smaller than the current A-wing. PS. I like a lot the Joe Johnston quote from the "A-wing Wood Model" booklet: "Creating new ships comes to designing something you've newer seen before. It has to do with taking the character of the ship and taking the character who is using it and trying to tell a little bit of the story".
  6. The booklet which comes with the "A-wing Wood Model" from Episode VIII gives a bit of info about both the original A-wing and the newer model which will be see in "The Last Jedi". https://imgur.com/a/S20wP I noticed that the specs section from the booklet gives a lentgh of 7,6 meters for this new A-wing, which it is less than the 9,6 meters official length for the original A-wing, although visually both fighters seem very close in size (with the new RZ-2 seeming a bit longer than the older RZ-1). I just wanted to let you know this info, because I am aware that the accuracy of the official length for the A-Wing (and the accuracy of the FFG A-wing model) has always been a topic of debate. Some people think that the 9,6 meters is a good measurement, and that the problem comes from ship models used in the movie being out of scale between them (or the pilot figurine for the A-Wing model being too big), and other people think there is no problem with the pilot figurine, and the official length for the RZ-1 A-Wing should be smaller (i.e. 6,9 meters). The "Rebels" cartoon seemed to follow the 9,6 meters, as their A-wing seem bigger than those appearing in "Return of the Jedi" (the pilots look much smaller inside the cockpits), and there is a Bandai A-wing model which seems to be close to the 9,6 meters measurements. So I'm a bit curious about the possibility of the official A-wing length being oficially reassesed (as was done with the Millenium Falcon, which changed from the 26 meters given in the first Technical Sourcebook and RPG books to the current 33-34 meters, and the length for TIE Fighters, X-wings and Y-wings was slightly tweaked after "Rogue One").
  7. I own the Spanish edition of the "Star Wars Roleplaying Game", "Star Wars Sourcebook" and the "Rebel Alliance Sourcebook". I also own the English edition of the "Star Wars Roleplaying Game Second Edition", "Star Wars Sourcebook Second Edition" and "Star Wars Roleplaying Game Second Edition Revised and Updated". My Spanish edition books were bought at the early nineties, and although they show a little wear-and-tear, there are still in good shape. My English edition books were bought four or five years ago after finding them in the second hand section of a bookshop. They are in pristine condition (it is obvious they didn't see much use) and they were offered at a reasonable price (15 $ each book, or 40 $ for the three of them).
  8. Over the years, the accuracy of some of the ship lengths given by West End Games in their RPG-line have been discussed to death [star]. The Millenium Falcon seemed to be too small (26 meters), the length given for the Executor (five times the length of an Imperial-class destroyer) didn't seem to match the dimensions of the film model, and even the A-wing and TIE fighter lengths were a bit suspect. When the starships and starfighters of the original trilogy started to be converted to CGI models, some of the measurements discussions were put to rest. The current Millenium Falcon lenght is about 34 meters, the Executor's length is 19 km, and even the measurements for the X-wing, Y-wing and TIE Fighter were slightly tweaked in the "Rogue One Visual Guide". I ask this question just to known which is the general mindset about an hypothetical update of the starship lengths given in the "Star Wars Sourcebook" reprint to match the current lengths. I'm not suggesting that FFG might do that (I do not think this idea has even crossed their minds), but I'm curious about to know, if you received an "Star Wars Sourcebook 30th Anniversary" which it is exactly identical to the original book, but with the starship lengths showing the current measurements, what would you think about that change? Would you get angry because changing the original text seems to be disrespectful to the work of the original writers? Would you be fine with that because it seems a change that, if WEG could have implemented it, they would have done it? Keep in mind that I'm only talking about changing the original length of half a dozen ships, not about updating the lore to the current one or anything like that. I want my West End Games' A-wings keep being a post-Yavin personal project of General Dodonna and Walex Blissex, not a Kuat Drive Yards starfighter used in the early days of the Rebellion!
  9. Agrivar

    Tie Striker 'fix'

    He is just trying to modify the TIE Striker to better represent the info given in the "Rogue One Ultimate Visual Guide". I would change the cannon slot by a crew slot. The visual guide mentions the presence of a gunner, and it could be argued that the Primary Weapon value already represents the six laser cannons. Or make a "TIE Striker Only" modification card which adds a Proton Bomb Bay without adding any Crew or Bomb slot. The presence of the gunner manning the proton bomb bay would already be represented by the rules in that Modification card, maybe as a free action after your movement which lets you to drop a Proton Bomb token. That would prevent you from equipping your TIE Striker with Crew or Bomb upgrades, but it would still represent the presence of a gunner and a proton bomb bay.
  10. Interestingly, a lot of the themes used in the modern "Battlestar Galactica" TV series would work for a TV series based in a Rebel carrier group. They fight against insurmountable odds, they are always on the run and lacking resources, and now that "Rogue One" has shown the existente of more (and less) militant Rebel factions, you can have some internal friction about when are you going to far in the fight against the Empire.
  11. Red Leader and Gold Leader would be Garven Dreis and Jon Vander. They are mentioned in the Visual Guide, but I didn't added them because we already knew they were there. I haven't seen any mention to Wedge nor Biggs. Maybe they were transferred to Red Squadron from another squadron to replace the losses suffered at Scarif, just as Luke replaces the Red Five pilot who dies at Scarif. Jek Porkins is briefly mentioned as Red Six in the Red Eight (Zal Dinnes) entry, as both come from the Tierfon Yellow Aces Squadron, but there isn't any other reference to Porkins, so he is not mentioned as fighting at Scarif. If you wan't to see photos of the new pilots, just wait form them to be added at the Star Wars wikia. As a sidenote, the TIE Striker description mentions some fighter-bomber capabilities which I haven't seen in the TIE Striker cards previewed by FFG. The fighter is crewed by two (pilot and gunner), and has a proton bomb bay. I haven't seen any "TIE Striker" Ship card with the "Crew" or "Bomb" Upgrade icons in its Upgrade bar (https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/12/5/a-swift-and-vigilant-defense/), and I have the suspicion that this is no mistake made by FFG. Most probably, Disney only gave FFG descriptions of the TIE Striker mentioning their air combat specialization and how they are used to guard planetary bases, and FFG had to work with just that, and all this added detail (including the two-person crew and bombing capabilities) were added much later. So I would expect to eventually see some "Veterans of Scarif" pack with a TIE Striker-only Title Card saying "your Upgrade bar gains the 'Crew' and 'Bomb' upgrades" (there would be some added drawback, of course). Gold 5 was "Pops", but Tiree was Gold 2, not Gold 3 (so the Y-wing trench run was done by Gold Leader, Gold 2 and Gold 5). The Visual Guide doesn't explains the fate of each pilot at the Battle of Scarif. We can assume that Blue Squadron was annihilated (save for those fortunate enough to not reach the Shield Gate in time and survive the space battle - we know that Herb Tobber does the former, but we don't know if it did the latter). We also know what happened to Red Five...
  12. I received today the "Rogue One Ultimate Visual Guide", and there is a gorgeous list of all the Rebel Alliance pilots which appear in that movie. I would like to list them here, so you can have an idea of how FFG could expand the current Rebel unique pilot roster. RED SQUADRON (X-wings) Red 5 - Pedrin Gaul. Red 6 - Derek Klivian (yes, we already have it, but it is interesting to see him listed) Red 7 - Harb Binli. Red 8 - Zal Dinnes. Red 9 - Nozzo Naytaan (he will reapper -and die- at the Battle of Yavin) Red 11 - Ralo Surrel. GREEN SQUADRON (X-wings) Green 2 - Torge Gommer Green 3 - Riss Clyos Green 4 - Attico Wred Green 6 - Chaff Korus Green 7 - Namen Takamen Green 10 - Broan Danurs Green 12 - Wion Dillems. GOLD SQUADRON (Y-wings) Gold 3 - Evaan Verlaine (she appears later in the "Princess Leia" comics, so she survives Scarif and Yavin. She IS NOT the blonde female pilot who appeared on some trading cards). Gold 6 - Brace Marko Gold 7 - Gazdo Woolcob Gold 8 - Datchi Creel Gold 9 - Wona Goban BLUE SQUADRON (comprised of X-wings,. U-wings and some Y-wings) Blue Leader - Antoc Merrick Blue 2 - Torius Chord Blue 3 - Jaldine Gerams Blue 4 - Barion Raner Blue 5 - Farns Monsbee Blue 6 - Vangos Grek (he is the pilot of the X-wing who collides against the shield gate) Blue 7 - Robich Duggsin Blue 8 - Heff Tobber (U-wing pilot, it seems it is quite easy to confuse this pilot with Biggs Darklighter, he doesn't reaches Scarif, so maybe he survived the battle) Blue 9 - Calum Gram Blue 11 - Laren Joma (U-wing pilot) Blue 12 - Paril Ritta (Y-wing pilot) Of course, many of these pilots could be represented as a generic " Squadron Pilot".
  13. What about this? 1- Blue Squadron X-Wing (from "Rogue One") 2- Gray Squadron Y-Wing (from "Return of the Jedi") 3 - Phoenix Squadron A-Wing (from "Rebels") I think the Phoenix Squadron A-Wing paint scheme is already used in the "Rebel Aces" box (being both based in the original McQuarrie's concept art), but they could use the Hera Syndulla's A-Wing paint scheme (in a similar manner as the X-wing fighter from the "Rebel Transport" box uses the Expanded Universe Wedge Antilles' X-Wing paint scheme).
  14. This looks like a different ship then, or both sides are not identical, they are facing different directions and some trailers are mirrored? I think it is a trick of perspective. In the second photo, the ship seems much more shorter (or the ventral fin a lot closer to the prow), but I think it's just a matter of the lateral "ridge", when viewed from the rear, obscuring all the front section of the ship. BTW, has somebody recognized which ship is at the upper left corner of the second image (just above the X-Wing at the left side of the image)?
  15. To me it looks like a stolen MC80 that ripped off part of a drydock docking ring trying to get away. More seriously, the upper and lower fin and the smooth hull gives him some resemblance to a Trade Federation Providence-class cruiser/carrier.
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