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  1. dj2.0 said: You might wanna go easy breaking into all those components though. Finding your way around Arkham is best one spoon of goo at a time. I'd have to agree. I bought Lurker, KIY, Innsmouth, and Kingsport recently, along with the base toolkit software, and have been slowly adding elements in as I go along, mainly sticking with the base game, the toolkit to handle dice-rolling and location / gate cards, and the personal story cards for now. Once I'm done with some of the things I plan on doing with the base game, I'm going to work my way through KIY and Lurker to see which parts I want to incorporate into my regular game before doing much with the big box expansions. Part of why I'm handling it this way is that I'm testing things in my solitaire play while also trying to make it easy to revert to the base game when I have to initiate some of my friends into playing. Better to break them in using the standard stuff rather than adding in additional complexities / difficulty like other towns, heralds, some of the nastier Ancient Ones in the expansions, gate bursts, etc.
  2. I'm not exactly sure what you mean. What you're describing sounds vaguely like the "touring production" of King In Yellow described in that expansion's rules. "Touring Production" puts the location, mythos, and gate cards for King In Yellow on top of the relevant decks to ensure that it moves that expansion's plot along. The rules spell out in big, bold letters that it is for advanced Arkham Horror players because of the tendency for the game to move along quickly due to actions that affect the terror track and doom track. If that's not what you mean, then you may want to start playing with the decks for the various items and spells to ensure that things like the King In Yellow book, the understudy copy of the play, etc., come up more often.
  3. YMMV, as you only need to add as many parts of an expansion as you care to use. My current setup is to play base Arkham with the "personal stories" option from Innsmouth Horror added in, which tends to make things slightly faster than base Arkham alone since there are conditions that would let you instantly seal gates or cause the Ancient One to be summoned quicker. If you want a quick and challenging expansion game, try The King In Yellow. There are a number of cards that will speed along the doom track and the terror track, along with an instant loss if the Act III card is played. The expansion pieces most likely to make the game take forever would be adding the board from one or more large expansions such as Dunwich, Innsmouth, and/or Kingsport.
  4. If you're looking at a big expansion, I'd look into Innsmouth thanks to the "personal story" cards, which give each investigator a specific quest to perform. If you succeed, you get a benefit. If you fail, you usually get a penalty that will hinder you the rest of the game such as a reduction in a certain stat, the loss of some allies, or even getting devoured in the case of a few investigators. Ex - If Michael McGlen gets 5 monster trophies, he gains 1 max sanity, 1 sanity immediately, and 1 sanity whenever he kills a monster from that point forward. If he gains $5 or more in one encounter before getting 5 monster trophies, though, he gets indicted by the feds for income tax evasion, loses all of his money, and becomes unable to have money the rest of the game, including retainers and bank loans. This makes him a prime investigator to use in order to keep down the number of monsters in Arkham as well as help overcome his low max sanity if you succeed. Dunwich would probably be the "normal" first big box expansion, but it's rare right now and FFG's reprint isn't expected until later this year. If you're looking at a small-box expansion, I'd go with King In Yellow or Lurker. Lurker adds relationships, the Lurker herald, Dark Pact cards, and new gate tokens with special rules, most of which can help you. The new gates mainly have detriments such as "If an investigator is present when the gate opens, they're devoured", but there are also split gates that will lead to two different Other Worlds. That's helpful if you're trying to collect a Dreamlands gate token to get a Gug off the board or if you are trying to avoid R'yleth to keep an investigator from being devoured due to their personal story. King In Yellow is challenging because the Act cards help move the doom track along while adding a new way to lose instantly. That's not even going into the blights, which have the potential to cause immediate problems as well as cause sanity loss if you draw a location card that refers to a blighted individual.
  5. Hey, I'm somewhat new at playing AH and have a final battle question that I'm hoping someone can clarify. Specifically, when fighting a final battle against Yig, he ends up cursing all investigators. During each "investigator refresh" round, are you allowed to perform a roll in order to remove the curses or do the curses remain for the entirety of the battle? I ask because, until now, I've been playing games against Azathoth rather than other Ancient Ones for simplicity's sake. Now that I'm getting a feel for the normal rules, I figured it was time to try other Ancient Ones.
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