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  1. In my campaign, the players went through heck to find a relic that could answer any question. They wound up using it to help the Blood Ravens discover their Founding Primarch. They were rewarded with a refurbished ship and an alliance with a company of Blood Ravens that is currently stationed on the ship. The ship being a Murder-class Cruiser formerly of the Warmaster's fleet during the Great Crusade. Naturally, if there is need elsewhere, a ship will be sent to pick the Blood Raven company up (or the players will be expected to honor the alliance by running taxi)
  2. Crafted by a Heretical member of the Mechanicum...
  3. I would say buff an ordinary marine or even adjust the stats of the Chantleader to fit what you need. My players faced a second in command Black Legion guy from a strike cruiser in combat and I managed to push his stats up to where the players could not harm him (though it's a little different since they are Rogue Trader characters facing a chaos space marine)
  4. I have a NPC Explorator who is a Heretek based around the concept that he is a "free thinker" and finds the time to take things apart and quickly reverse engineer and build new weapons and items from them. I have borrowed info from the Rifts series of books which has a ton of power armors and robot battlesuits available as a basis. I went from Rifts stats and compared to 40k stats to come up with some 40k rules for Glitter Boy armor, Northern Gun Samson armor, and a Titan Combat Robot battlesuit. While two of these suits were used in the last session, they have not actually been tested in combat yet to see how they stand up (or overwhelm depending). This Explorator also devised a cunning device used from part of a Lance to place on a tripod that the characters used in a Hit and Run attack on a Black Legion strike cruiser. Essentially, they bolted it down to the surface over the Void Generator and set it to fire before running. In this way they avoided the danger of entering a ship with chaos space marines onboard. He had also rigged a salvo of jovian missiles to banish a daemonic cruiser back to the Warp. In the next session when the players move to a new ship, he will have a new device that can transform the output of a lance into a disruption lance. And a host of other heretical devices that I slowly add to on my blackberry as I think of them. The Explorator has been "executed" once already, but was saved by an unknown party and rebuilt with cybernetics. He goes by an assumed name and has bound all the tech-priests onboard to oaths of loyalty. Essentially, he is Mechanicum but hates them and if known to be alive would be hunted by them.
  5. I actually only noticed that after making up the design for the ship. As was stated it may be a good idea to change it to Silver Chalice-class Cruiser and tweak the abilities a bit. I just hadn't gotten around to it.
  6. Aha! I got it. I'm just not a "Read the Directions" kind of guy.
  7. I think that indeed I will just do as normal and create a shopping list of capabilities that I want him to have. There was a table for connections and resources on some site (I forget which) that I chose from to get a general idea of the forces he can muster. I have not named him, but he is a Xanthite Radical. He hides his radicalism well enough to be very well connected, but seems outwardly puritan enough and has stained his hands red enough to not be well liked at all in the Expanse. The players first come into contact with him and his personal fleet when trying to gain control of an artifact said to show the past, anywhere and anywhen. The Inquisitor comes into conflict with the players who are allied by Blood Raven and Eldar support and conflict with several other interested parties wanting the power of this relic. When it seems that they cannot keep the relic, the players destroy it rather than allow the Black Legion or the Dark Eldar or any other twisted force gain control of it. The Inquisitor is pissed. Publicly, he raves on how this would help defeat Heresy throughout the galaxy as it could be spotted right after the criminals began their movements. Privately, he saw this as the ultimate research tome. The capacity to search into the far past and gain the True Names of any daemons...perhaps even the Chaos Gods themselves? That plan tanked, he uses his Divination powers and comes up with a new one. One a world in the Screaming Vortex...the junk of countless battles bubble up to the surface of a dark ocean. He has seen an artifact of near unlimited power appear. Something taken over ten thousand years ago and apparently cast aside...not really. He strives to blackmail the players to go into the Screaming Vortex and claim this artifact for him. This powerful device. The Eye of Magnus. With it, the Inquisitor intends to use it to replace one of his own eyes to transform himself into a being of power the equal of what Magnus the Red was during the Great Crusade. The players of course can say "Screw You" and fight, but this Inquisitor (who few would actually mourn if he were to die) is supported by the Imperial Navy, several Imperial Guard Regiments, a couple Space Marine Chapters, mercenaries, and so on and so forth. To attack would not only be suicidal, but would secure the Inquisitor's position that the players and their Blood Raven allies are Heretic scum for destroying the relic and consorting with the Eldar. (and for plenty of other Heresies that the Inquisitor knows about that are on the player ship itself). So they may be retreating to the Screaming Vortex just to stay alive. In the Screaming Vortex...they will be tempted. Their souls will be weighed and blackened. If they sruvive uncorrupted? They will be as Saints. If not? It is to be expected.
  8. I downloaded this and it looks good, but when I switch it from Rogue Trader to Dark Heresy, the Careers don't change to the Dark Heresy models.
  9. I would like to create a Lord Inquisitor of a Radical Bent to oppose my Rogue Trader players. I would like him to be a potent dark sorcerer with connections enough that should they actually fight him in open combat? It will **** them quicker than anything he might have to say about them. I was considering creating him from scratch going up through levels through Dark Heresy, the Inquisitor's Handbook, the Radical's Handbook, Disciples of the Dark Gods, and then Ascension. However...poring through each of these books in turn seems like a ton, ton, ton of work. Is there a quicker way? I looked at some site with a character generator, but it didn't seem like it helped. I'm thinking he is of the Xanthite Radicalism
  10. I am attempting to do a web of events stemming from the actions of the players. As they do different actions and affect different events, npcs react. They do their actions and react to different things until eventually the players deal with the fruit of the trees they planted. In other words...the players destroy the Cruelty of Fate, a Black Legion Strike Cruiser seeking to track down an artifact that can show the past (anytime, anywhere). They claim a map and begin searching for the relic, dreams of riches dancing in their heads. The Black Legion reacts by increasing their presence in the Expanse to track the players down. One the device is found, events lead to it's destruction at a massive battle involving many of the major players. A Radical Inquisitor declares the players heretics for denying him. A demon is released from the artifact and takes over the Rak'Gol fleet onsite for his own nefarious plots. The Eldar are driven away from the site so they cannot stop the daemon. The Dark Eldar had wanted the device and had planted a Kabalite warrior with the pcs (one of the players) and have promised to kill him for failure and to take a century to do it. And so on...each thread of the web spirals out and reacts with one another until the players intersect with them...some or all.
  11. The first thing to do would be inbetween sessions to ask the players what they would like to do and where they would like to go. This can give you the framework in which to plot something. If you have something in mind at least have what they want to do lead into what you have going on. Sounds like they've proven to be excellent in starting a trade route and helping set up a colony (I myself had not actually read Lure of the Expanse through for the mission, just a few details here and there as I don't GM published adventures.) They will also have made some friends in the Imperial Navy with handing over the Light of Terra to them to be refitted. So yes, there is defending current holdings and influence. They will also want to repair and restock that vessel and gain a few transports and escorts to handle the trade route and keep the new colony defended/supplied. Otherwise...there's bounties to be collected, always more colonies to be founded, ancient human civilizations that can be traded with or conquered, treasure hunting to be done, and so on. Rival NPC rogue traders could have been made during the adventure and they may have to be dealt with in a permanent fashion. For even more brownie points, they could bail out the Imperial Navy in any numbers of engagements...or if they are with low morals? Create a situation to bail the Imperial Navy out of by hiring a few raider vessels through secretive channels to ambush a patrol and then slaughter them to the last to ensure there are no survivors with wagging tounges. Or...they could gather a mighty army and help the Zaythans in their constant war with each other by crippling one of their mobile hives, slaughter the inhabitants, and secure the area while allowing some radical mechanicum folks prowl about it to see it they can find a way to reproduce such a monstrous weapon (without letting the Powers That Be know or have Mechanicum and Inquisition interest upon them) Lots of stuff to do, see, and kill if one can simply imagine it.
  12. We picked up where the cruiser that has allied the players has decided to skip repairs and help get right on the trail of the Cruelty of Fate. The Explorator called a meeting. The plan was to take warheads from the Jovian Missile Battery, board the Cruelty of Fate, and set off explosives to destroy their Void Shield Generator. He came up with a different plan. He had used part of a lance, a small generator, and a tripod. They would board the surface of the Cruelty, bolt the lance into place, and fire it on a timer to pierce the generator. During this time there was discussion about how they were tracking them as it was said a Warp Transponder had been placed on the strike cruiser and so they knew where they were going. Problem is? No such device exists and no one knows how the info is being sent, but as it has been accurate so far? It was left alone. To help with the boarding, the Explorator designed two new Power Suits and a Battle Suit (he only has one of each) and a self-installing MIU unit to be able to control them (borrowed two power suits and a robot battle suit from Rifts with modifications somewhat for balance...I can post stats if someone would like them.) Outside of the Processional, they had caught up with the Cruelty of Fate. The strike cruiser kicked out a Thunder Hawk on a direct course for them. When it was shot down, it exploded into being a great demonic vessel from the Warp. Not a possessed starship, but a daemon in it's shape. (See Hammer of Black Destiny in House Rules). The ally cruiser (bigger ship) is quickly hit by several Hit and Run Strikes and is quickly destroyed. The Explorator modifies a salvo of Jovian Missiles with the capacity to banish it and it was gone...back to the Warp. Once inside the Processional, they realized that the Cruelty of Fate was using a sorcerer to track down what they had sought and so their Astropath extended his powers and found it first. They boarded an ancient derelict and seized a metallic scroll case bound shut with psychic powers. The Cruelty of Fate demanded they turn over the device in exchange for a swift death. The Rogue Trader agreed and sent a shuttle...that landed on the surface and began putting the tripodded lance into place. The Black Legion in exchange, rolled out an artillery piece right below this lance. As the players escaped back to their own ship, both weapons fired to cause a rather large explosion on the Cruelty of Fate. Not knowing the extent of the damage they had just caused, we left off with both ships side by side with 1 VU between them and it's Initiative time. If they took out the shields and win initiative? This battle could be over in a single turn. If not? It could go very ugly for the players as the Cruelty of Fate has more than enough weapons to vaporize a little raider at this range.
  13. This is something my players will face this weekend. It is a daemon summoned whole from the Warp rather than a normal starship that has had a daemon bound to it. Man: +5 Detection +20 Speed: 5 Turret Rating: 2 Shields: none Armor: 20 Wounds: 100 Crew skill: 70 Ship regenerates 1d10 wounds per round unless damage is done by Blessed weapons Daemonic Hosts +10 to Command tests, Morale losses +1 (to those attacked by Hit and Run/Boarding Actions) Starboard/Port Batteries (2 each) Eldritch Energies Str: 5 Damage: 1d10+2 Crit: 5 Range: 6 Prow Daemonic Transport Cannon Str: 10 Crit:5 Range:10 No damage done, each hit rolled is a Hit and Run attack to a max of 4. Scoring a Crit changes the Hit and Run to a Full Boarding Action with a Crew Population of 100 as daemons flood the victim ship. Each 10 damage after that is a bonus 10 to Crew Population. Scoring all 10 hits for a double crit raises crew population to 200. All weapons ignore armor unless it is Warpsbane Hull. Players can make a Tech-Use (-20) to manually turn on Gellar Field which will reinforce armor to allow it to take effect...if this battle is done in the Warp? The Gellar Field is on and armor takes effect. If it fails, the crew has more than just an enemy ship to deal with Inside this daemonic ship is far larger than what it appears to be outside as if those entering are also entering the Warp. The insides bend, twist, and break the minds of those who look in or enter. So... Scanning this ship adds 1d10 Insanity to the scanner (if the crew is doing it, he dies while ripping his eyes out, committing suicide, and generally going mad). Boarding this ship for any reason imposes a -20 to Command tests, +2d10 Insanity and Corruption to all characters involved and any harm done in success does nothing to the ship. Boarding actions go up against 1d10x100 Crew Population.
  14. Sounds awesome. Thanks for the input. For the background it's meant to be a symbol of a fleet of vessels who joined the Imperium and yet retained their own ID and pride. Allies of the native people who lived in the Drakis Sector more than the Imperials who came later.
  15. This is the first ship from the Brotherhood of the Silver Chalice. Now while Battlefleet Drakis has grown beyond just the core elements of what was the Brotherhood, it remains to be a force within a force. The Brotherhood is a pre-Great Crusade force that fought against a powerful Chaos sorcerer and his army across the span of centuries. When the Great Crusade came, it was at the discovery by the Thousand Sons. It was this ancient space marine legion that found many of the worlds in what was to become the Anubis Sector held psykers or mutants with unique powers to be found no where else. While a few were discovered and tested by the Emperor himself, a few races were hidden away by the Thousand Sons so that they could learn from their abilities. At the defeat of the Chaos sorcerer by Magnus the Red, two of the sorcerers top champions were sealed away by blood rituals cast by the Thousand Sons. Rituals that call for Thousand Son blood to be sacrificed even to today...there are Thousand Sons known to be hidden in the Drakis Sector (its new name after the Horus Heresy was finished) and those without. Those Thousand Sons who have turned from the light are known as Sons of the Daemons by those native to the Drakis Sector. Yes, as long as this background is....it's the really short version. I have not actually used this setting yet as it's still in development and my gaming time is really limited. I'm taking my players on different missions in the Expanse before we make it for the Drakis Sector in the Segmentum Ultima.CLASS: ChaliceHull TYPE: CruiserORIGIN: IoM Dimensions: 5.5 km long, .6 km abeam at finsMass: 25 megatonnes Crew: 70,000Accel: 3.5 gravities max sustainable accelerationThis class of cruiser is the symbol of the Brotherhood, created at the dawn of the Brotherhood's gathering, in the region now known as the Drakis Sector, when the shipping lanes began to close at the start of the Age of Strife. The Silver Chalice is proclaimed proudly on the sides of the prow in place of the Aquila. It is seen in every battle formation and in every part of the Drakis Sector. Speed: 6Manoeuvrability: +15Detection: +15Hull Integrity: 60Armour: 18Turret Rating: 2Space: 75SP: 75Weapon Capacity: 1 Prow, 2 Port, 2 StarboardTRAITS:The Silver Chalice: To those who lived in the Drakis Sector for generations, the sight of the Silver Chalice is one of open relief for friendship and help is not far away. To those of the Brotherhood of the Silver Chalice or those who had been in the Drakis Sector for generations, a +10 is granted toward Fellowship tests. To those of the Imperial Navy outside of the Drakis Sector, for outside Adeptus Mechanicus, and for many of the common folk...not placing the Aquila over the Silver Chalice once they had joined the Imperium of Man was a dreadful insult. To deal with these is a -20 penalty to Fellowship tests. To the Inquisition, they are potential traitors due to an Inquisition vessel being destroyed in the Drakis Sector while exterminating a rebellious sect of powerful assassins. The Brotherhood destroyed the vessel, claiming that the Inquisitor had turned heretic and was burning an innocent population. An investigation is ongoing...providing a -20 (or more) to Fellowship tests involving the Inquisition.
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