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  1. Hi there! Just got through our second game and had these three questions: 1. The US Boss's Long Tom is its own artillery piece that is, I suppose, off field? How come the Germans don't get that?! 2. We assumed a command section can give itself an order in the command phase. Is this correct? 3. When you count the hits against a target vehicle that wasn't destroyed, you discount the cover, but NOT the armor saves correct? Thanks!
  2. OK, thanks! Just seemed a bit odd and disconcerting to see in the rules.
  3. Hi there! This should be a quick one: If the Reaction Markers are removed during the end phase, why would a Regroup Order in the Command Phase have any markers to remove (apart from Suppression markers). Doesn't the Command Phase happen after Initiative? How could there be reaction markers that early in a turn? Thanks!
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