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  1. Thanks for that. It's beginning to make some sense now.
  2. Can't say about the expansions, but there are no "Another Dimension" exclusive events in the original, which would mean you'd probably have to get lost in timespace. Would certainly make the game a bit more difficult.
  3. Going to ask here instead of opening another topic. Have a few more questions but I'll start with the one that started this topic. Bought the original AH a few days agostumbled among other things on the same card described by nameless1. Here's the first problem though. My card says "In either event, YOU automatically close the gate you entered through." Sooo... Can't say when my game was printed, but I'm guessing it might not have been lying in the shop for years, although it might be possible. I bought it less than a week ago. Then there are two more outer world encounters that return you to Arkham (and there might be more, haven't checked all cards yet). First one says: The Dreamlands (Yuggoth, Other, blue) "Pass a Lore (+0) check to fight off your desire to sleep. If you fail, you freeze in the night. You are LiTaS. If you succeed, return to Arkham." The second one reads: (Abyss) Yuggoth (Other, blue) "Pass a Sneak (-1) checkthe creatures capture youexperiment on you. Lose half of your items, then immediately return to Arkham with no memory of the experiment". My question is, can I attempt to close the gate in either of the events? My guess is 'maybe' for the first one'probably not' for the second one. If so, what happens if there are monsters on the gate when I exit? I did not exit on the normal movement phaseit seems I can only closeseal the gate with checks on Arkham phase, not Outer World phase. Does that mean I would have to fight monsters next movement phase? There's another question I have, that's related to OW encounters. If I get sent to OW (I think event cards only send you to Dreamlands, from what I've seen)then say to immediately return backI get for instance an encounter that reads: (R'lyeh) The Dreamlands (Other, yellow) "Pass a Luck (+0) checkstumble into a spider's web. Lose 2 sanitystay here next turn while struggling to get free" How should I interpret that? Is that supposed to just mean 'delayed'?
  4. Epic. Thanks for the answer. I think in the rare chance this actually comes up in a game, I think I'll go with the 'block threat level increase' bit, but force the extra 8 monsters to stay on board, even if they go over the limit.
  5. So, I bought the AH game recently and am reading the cards and now trying to figure out the rules and such. Got the basics down, but now I'm stuck at the finer details. There are two Mythos cards, that I'm trying to figure out how they work together. There's the first one, 'Happy Days are Here Again, which is of type Environment (Urban). That means it can only get replaced by another Environment card. It states that terror level can not increase when this card is in play. The next card is The Terrible Experiment, Rumor, which means, as long as it's in play, no other rumors come to full effect. It says: '(blablabla)... Fail: Raise terror level to 10 and put on board a bunch of monsters' So, I'm curious as to how these two cards actually work together. They obviously can be in play at the same time, as their types are different. Also, if you fail the 'Experiment' card, you will obviously have to stick in 8 monsters. But what happens with the terror level? Does it go up to 10, or does it stay the same? Is there a general rule for incidents like this (or is this a lonely example)? Can Happy Days be used to 'safely' fail the Experiment event, or does the experiment sort of cancel the happy days card?
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