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  1. Thank you, Brother Kane and Zakalwe, you really helped me a lot! I think I'll go with your suggestions: using a jedi sounds kinda…heretical but I think it'll do, should I find a fitting image. In any case, as Zakalwe pointed out, the tech priestess can be easily converted, I think. The adventure now needs the finishing touches and is ready to be run!
  2. Hello there, I’ve been asked to GM a one-shot adventure at a gaming meeting old friends of mine are arranging the next month: even though some of the likely players will already be roleplayers or at least know what an RPG is, most of them won’t know anything about roleplaying; surely, none of them will know Dark Heresy. So, to help them become a little more familiar with Warhammer 40.000’s setting I’m making extra clear character sheets and, besides the usual short note about the pre-generated PCs’ background to be given the players, I wished to add an image depicting their own character’s appearance too, as an aid for the players to better visualize the setting. Skimming the rulebooks I managed to find a fitting image for every PC but the adept, who’s a frail woman in her 30s but looking much older than her age: do you know where could I find a suitable free-to-use image in the rulebooks or over the Internet? Actually there seem to be very few adepts drawn overall and all of them are male.
  3. Thank you very much for your advice: I like both the hints about the shuttle’s spare parts/charts and the space hulk coming back or linking back to the Tau space. I think you put me on the right path: now I only have to process these ideas and put them into the adventure. Sorry if I didn’t reply sooner, when I posted my question I didn’t consider I hadn’t been able to access the Internet for some days until today.
  4. Perhaps it will include a rogue-like class too, such as the scum in Dark Heresy: if so, it's likely the penal legionnaire will do. I agree with the above posters who pointed out a commissar class would be too much: they could be an alternate high rank for a CO/NCO career though.
  5. Hallo there, I’m in dire need of some advice on a Warp-capable transport ship. 1) Point of the story and planned development At the end of the current adventure, my group’s Inquisitor will be sending the PCs to a paradise world on a one-month prize holiday, as he already did some times before. This time though something will happen during the travel: a Warp storm will change the ship’s course and let her out at the opposite corner of the galaxy, on the fringes of the Tau empire, more exactly close to a human-inhabited, blueskins-owned planet. The outline here is to have the PCs to be well received by the human hippie commies and forcibly incorporated into their community: my players will have to figure out a way to escape from here. After this, the long journey home begins, divided into a myriad of mini adventures, the first of whom being the PCs getting into an Imperial fleet and, should they claim being agents of the Inquisition, being handed over to their Inquisitor’s rival Inquistor (I don’t think I will develop the puritan/radical rivalry though since I didn’t incorporate it nor hint at that in any of their previous adventures). 2) The ship they’re currently using To bring them into this adventure I thought to have my players fly the same archotech shuttle their Inquisitor loaned them for their previous travels to the same paradise world: it is Warp-capable and fast even though it’s manned by a pilot only (whom they made friends with). The escape plan from the Tau planet I sketched out provided that my players had to rescue both the pilot and the shuttle: of course, should they come up with different ideas, I’d been glad to indulge their plans but still I needed one, in case they didn’tcome up with any. 3) Where the current ship doesn’t fit The shuttle though - ad its pilot - are an hindrance for the plot’s continuation: after their escape from the planet, I need the PCs to be kind of stranded, with no other means than their wits and what they’re wearing, and have them get their equipment anew, as their journey home moves forth. They would also be unable to use any Warp-drive on their own but rather forced to scrounge, buy or earn a lift on liners. 4) Where I need help Since the Inquisitor’s shuttle is too valuable to be lost and I don’t wish the pilot to be killed (he’s grown into a reliable and successfully portrayed NPC), I’m uncertain how to link the PCs travel to and from the Tau planet with the first of the following series of microadventures. So I really need a suitable transport to the paradise world and thus to the Tau planet: it should be carrying very few people (even better if it’s the party only), expendable and likely usable as an escape ship. I’d wish to avoid the «huge ship crushing whose only survivors are the PCs» stereotype because I as first wouldn’t be at ease with it. Any idea? 5) The PCs Currently the party is made of a guardsman, a scum and a void-born adept with some skills at piloting and navigation (she could be driving the escape ship). Thank you for any assistance you’ll give me!
  6. Thank you all for your very helpful pieces of advice: as told, even though I love the setting I'm not so well acquainted with either the Space Marines or the Deathwatch RPG so I really needed suggestions and explanations like the ones you gave me. Reading your comments I've realized the character concepts I have in my mind aren't too wrong and, although still needing some filing, they both could appease me: a bolt pistol and chainsword carrying Assault Marine (I don't mind the higher XP costs: "style" is still the keyword for me) or a heavy bolter carrying Devastator Marine. Now I only have to talk with the other players in order to understand which of them will fit the team better. I'm looking forward to playing this game! Thank you!
  7. Hallo there, after GMing a long Dark Heresy campaign, soon I might be able to join a Deathwatch campaign as a player: yet I’m not a Warhammer 40.000 tabletop player and thus need a bit of advice about all things Space Marines. I think I’ll make my PC a Raven Guard, a chapter I like mainly because of their background: as a class, I took the Assault and Devastator guys into consideration but still need something explained. - Assault Marines look fine, at least in their usual bolt pistol+chainsword combo: yet I’ve understood that these weapons could be an exception among the Raven Guard Assault Marines, since the lightning claws (which I can’t stand, style-wise) are their common choice. So, how odd were an Assault Raven Guard carrying a bolt pistol and a chainsword? - I’d surely like to be the guy carrying the big gun like a Devastator Marine does: but does a heavy bolter match the stealth tactics a Raven Guard is trained to use? What other heavy weapons would be more likely for them? Finally, in my searches over the Internet for pieces of information, I’ve read that the Raven Guard use older pieces of gear: does it mean that, beaked helmets apart, they still wear the Heresy-era studded armors? Is this just an appearance matter or does it also have any spin-off on the way this older equipment works? I mean, is the gear more likely to malfunction or underperform and such? Perhaps these questions find an answer in the First Founding handbook but sadly I haven’t had a glimpse at it (neither our soon-to-be GM nor any of the other players got it yet and I want to be sure the campaign starts before buying it eventually): anyhow, are this handbook's contents somewhat useful to flesh out a Raven Guard PC or can it be skipped entirely? Thank you for any advice!
  8. Hallo Bgilkinson, I think the "Character Folio" (a cumbersome and somewhat useless character sheet divided in countless pages) has what you're looking for:there is a page in it dedicated to the stats for henchmen and vehicles. Too bad for you, I think it is very likely out of print. You can found a better description here: www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/14/14035.phtml
  9. Hallo Birch, usually in my group we act like Gregorius' Sunday group: should somebody be missing that day, I (the GM) play his character, who that day turns into an NPC and doesn't interfere with the other players' choices. If the story reached a cliffhanger or a tricky situation though, all the players have to be present in order to go on: so, should somebody still be missing, we instead switch to board games. Not much of an ingenious method but one that works for us.
  10. mjbarrett said: obviously radicals and puritans have diffrent beleifs but do you think a radical and puritan might have a good proffesional relationship? maybe even work side by side? Were common sense common, yes; yet common sense seems rather uncommon in the Imperium, so I don't think they would.
  11. Luddite said: Can you reference nr 2? I'm trying to read up on the fluff (I play ork tabletop, they travel by...sheer stupidity) Interestingly, there are many sources (particularly around 3rd Ed.) that put the Astronomican's 'range' at about 50,000 light years or roughly half the Imperium. Most of the Ultima Segmentum is outside of the Astronomican. However, later editions including the current 5th Ed. make no reference to the range, simply saying how vital the psychic beacon is to holding the Imperium together. Maybe this is a quiet GW retcon? I'm far from being an expert in this matter yet I've found a similar piece of information on Lexicanum that states: "This psychic power is directed by the mind of the Emperor across about fifty thousand light years of the galaxy. Because Terra is situated in the galactic west, the Astronomican does not cover the extreme eastern part of the galaxy. Warp travel beyond the Astronomican's reach is severely limited - this creates the effective borders of the Imperium". wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Astronomican About the fight between the Imperium and Star Wars Empire or Republic: ain't the Force a manifestation of the Warp? And therefore arent' the jedis mutants, kind of unsanctioned psykers? So, should the Imperium's armoured fist fail in annihilating the Empire/Republic (which I sincerely doubt), I think that the invading (or invaded) Star Wars universe would be quickly possessed by demons and Chaos spawned by uncontrolled psychic powers. Odd it hasn't happened yet.
  12. At Last Forgot said: Imagine all the people, living life in peace... yoo hoooo hooooooo. "I can picture in my mind a world without war, a world without hate. And I can picture us attacking that world because they'd never expect it". An exterminatus on the Ewoks' planet would be a good start.
  13. Gurkhal said: An interesting scenario is of course what would happen if the mutants on a planet rose up, overthrew the humans, and then continued to deliver the tithe. Would the Imperium send an invasion or would they let it slide as long as the psykers were kept under control, tithes delivered etc. Noctus said: If they did it openly (you can get away with much stuff if its covered and the Psyker- and Tithe-levies keep rolling), i´d think that the Ecclesiarchy would throw a fit as this Blasphemy against the Sacred Human Form, and the Administratum would be divided in the small "Tithe keeps coming, thats important" and the bigger "Eradicate the Example"- Faction. Sebashaw said: I'm extremely sure that the tithe faction is the biggest of Administratum. I think too the rebellious mutants wouldn't be allowed to rule the planet for long: indeed should they be ignored by the sector's constituted authority - and should the rumour about their successful rebellion spread (it surely would) - the Imperium would soon face many other mutant rebellions on several worlds. Therefore, the Imperium's reaction had to be quick, deadly and exemplary. Moreover, should the humans be used as slaves by the mutants now-turned-rulers, even the accountants in the Administratum would keep silent, or else they'd be risking of being deemed in league with the heretic mutants.
  14. Edheltaur said: Based on this photo from GenCon, "Christmas 2011". Thanks to pwvogt for posting them in this thread. Oh, yes, I didn't notice it: thank you for pointing that out! Nonetheless, let's hope the game will be published before Christmas (October or November would be fine): buying the game (and its shipping) in December would be a real pain.
  15. Hallo Gurkhal, Gurkhal said: But perhpas a mutant "cult" that thinks that they should take over the world from their human oppressors and then share everything equally with their own. This reminds me of the Pale Throng, described in "Disciples of the Dark Gods" (pagg 52-60). And, as far as books go, the libel that's propagating unorthodox ideas such as anarchy could be modeled upon the Ateanism (pagg.132-136 of the same handbook): the planet has gone mad because of a book that, when read, spreads folly and subversive behaviours. The source of the book hasn't to be necessarily Chaos: it could even be related to those "hidden xenos secrets waiting to be discovered" you wrote about.
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