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  1. Personally I would hope for a small expansion, and NOT "TI4"...a small expansion with 2-3 more Great Races, maybe another ship type like a Missile Frigate, some new Public Objective cards, that's about it.
  2. All sounds awesome to me Leowulf! Bring it all FFG!...I'll buy it!...I'll play it!
  3. I hope it's not too early to talk about expansions for FS because I feel one is warranted, and the sooner the better! I can't wait to play 6p, and have more Factions in the game!
  4. SFRR

    Dead game?

    Yeah, the price is awesome, but the bad news is this may be the end for Battles of Westeros as FFG may just be trying to sell off their inventory. :-(
  5. I would be interested in your Lannister strategy. I've seen just about every possible strategy for Lannister after 50+ games of 6p RAW ("Rules-as-Written"), and Lannister simply cannot defend themselves effectively against Greyjoy. If Greyjoy wants Riverrun first game round, they get it, Lannister has to have a natural +4 combat strength to hold Riverrun against Balon & the Sword. I'm assuming you are playing without ToB (I hate ToB cards, they suck).
  6. We exclusively play the T6 Rules, you need the DWD expansion for this, and we play a variant with "Mission Cards" from the FFC expansion, for 6 or 7 players...loads of fun...we wouldn't play any other way (and certainly never 6p RAW, never). We also play 7p T6 Rules with House Arryn, with or without the FFC Mission Cards...it's awesome!
  7. I have hosted and taught several times, and one of the very first things I explain is that no one should be enemies nor allies for the entire game. This is a hard concept for players of different types of games to accept. Then I go over the common new player errors: 1. Placing an order token where there are no units 2. Mustering at all Castles and Strongholds simply because they see someone mustering at a single Castle/Stronghold (with a CP* order) 3. Placing too many Star orders, or any at all when they are not allowed to do do 4. Placing Raid orders where they can only raid themselves 5. Placing a raid order on a land space thinking they can raid a ship providing support to an attack 6. Placing a raid order thinking they can stop a march order by "raiding" it 7. Consolidate Power order tokens (CP orders); all aspects, new players seem to always be generally confused by what a CP order token is, and what it does 8. Attempting to resolve all march orders at once on their turn, instead of understanding that each player resolves ONE march order at a time, in IT turn order 9. R-R-M-C, I ask players to memorize this: "Raven - Raid - March - CP"...this helps a lot 10. Always asking "Who goes first" - the IT track determines player turn order 11. Ports - everything about Ports, new players have a difficult time with the rules around Ports (these rules do take getting used to) 12. Why does a Garrison get to use a House Card, and can be supported, but I can't support a neutral force token to stop an opponent from taking that space?...a common question in our group
  8. Friendly ships in a sea space adjacent to the embattled area only add combat strength if there is a support order placed in the sea space containing said ships, the ships do not add combat strength to the attack on an adjacent land space simply by virtue of transporting land units to an embattled land space.
  9. An SE supporting an ATTACK (this is the key point) on a Castle or Stronghold adds +4 combat strength; an SE supporting the defense of a friendly Castle or Stronghold adds 0 combat strength.
  10. No, to answer question 1, a ship in the port of Pyke may only move to Iron Man's Bay. In order to move your ship from the port of Pyke to Sunset Sea, you must first march to Iron Man's Bay, then, on a subsequent turn, you may march to Sunset Sea.
  11. The 5p variant we play is RAW House Cards, RAW unit set up; but No Greyjoy (Pyke is unassailable). We put a 5 strength neutral force token on Seaguard and a 4 strength neutral force token on Flint's Finger. Works for us...lots of fun.
  12. I'm looking for Battles of Westeros players in the Denver Metro Area, Colo, USA.
  13. Yes. When a player attacks and takes an enemy land space that includes a port containing ships, the attacking player may replace any number of those ships with his/her own, or may simply destroy them.
  14. Page 16 of the rulebook is vague on this issue. It simply says: "3. Resolve Consolidate Power Orders Removing/Resolving Orders Whether an Order token is resolved normally or removed from the game board by other means, it is simply returned to its House’s available orders, ready for use during the next Planning Phase." Players may decide not to resolve Raid Order tokens, or March Order tokens, simply by removing them once it is their turn, but there is no indication either way if this is allowed for CP Orders. Based on the previous precedent, since all orders are resolved in IT order, one at a time (though in practice, this seldom actually occurs, players just tend to simultaneously announce "2 PT's + Muster" for example, in actual game play; I would say that a player is allowed to remove a CP order token, rather than resolve it normally. Of course, there may come an official FFG ruling that contradicts me, similar to to the situation where in DWDW the Reference card states that Ships in Ports generate a PT in the situation where the with DWDW, if the Raven player decides that DWDW will generate PT's in identical fashion to the GoT Westeros Card, gives a PT for an unblockaded Ship in Port - but then FFG decided that they don't - contradicting their own Reference sheet provided with the game.
  15. That's more or less the way we play. This is an "EPIC" game, and we give it the epic amount of time it is due. We just played a 6 player game, TLW to 14 VP's, to 7 game rounds. Started at 10:30am, map set-up completed 11:30am (we use a house rule for pre-set maps where everyone makes the map together, then we select home system locations based on a random draw order). We were "in the action" right away at 11:30am. The game finished at 10:30pm to a complete 14 VP TLW conclusion. Our last three games before this one were 8 player games. They went 6 rounds mostly, but finished later, like midnight. We play AoE with the SE Strategy Cards, and we have quite a few house rule modifications. This last game we played was our group's 43rd game of TI3. We virtually never use Intrigue/Representatives, nor DS / FF.
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