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  1. This one is on my list to pick up, Seems to have a very nice style to it and have read nothing but great reviews .
  2. Would make a very cool hero, would like to see some more heroes, sounds terrible but for Allies none really jump out at me as characters I love.
  3. Hey, I know of two good online stores which would suit you perfectly. www.waylandgames.co.uk the P&P is pretty good with great prices www.firestormgames.co.uk the P&P is free for orders over 30 sterling , the items cost a few cent more but if your ordering a lot these guys are prob what you are after. Hope it works out for you.
  4. I think this game has a great " Spirit of the game" vibe about it, to win or lose means little.Great game to play with those who aren't too interested in card games in general, short and sweet. The art style is great, its different from the 80's version, and neither better or worse I think.
  5. Good thing is the chance to get this great game cheap,Picked up a copy for my brother , Haven't seen this game in quite a few years .
  6. I am in ireland too Usually when I play who ever is the weakest player will get the offer of the most powerful deck ( Dwarf ) from the cards we have. Never played in a tournament but would think if the Empire is such a issue it will be fixed by house rules or power boosts for the other factions come next cycle.
  7. Would be a nice idea fora 40k version. Like your cards a lot ,very nice graphics just wish they were not the sisters of battle.
  8. A great idea would be with the Print on demand service to allow players to pick and choose cards for the purpose of deck building , card replacements ect.. and it should be cheap enough for both Fantasy Flight and the player.
  9. Magic I think for quite a few card and board gamers was the "gateway drug" of choice. It was a great game till they kept adding more and more rules to the point of being lost under them all. I also think a lot of the later cards forced you to "upgrade" far too much,I realize most games do this but Magic was over the top. The cost was a big downside hehe, ever notice it was always just one more booster pack .
  10. Good news is they are still doing expansions , which is something to be happy about Fingers crossed for a new deluxe at some point.
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