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  1. Pitty! Miniature resculpts would alone make me buy the revised edition...
  2. Hello! As a miniatures collector I just have to ask: Will the DungeonQuest Revised Edition contain different miniature sculpts than the current one or not? Thank you in advance!
  3. Gryps


    What about a Battlelore 2nd ed. (a.k.a. Commands & Colors / Memoir '44 -style) rules for a series of Horus Heresy (not 40K!) battles / campaigns? Not an open system ("bring your army points, I bring mine") but a series of pre-made specific battles, each one on its own box with map / miniatures on a non-Epic40K scale / special "historical" event cards deck representing a specific part of Horus Heresy. With a parallel board for space battle where needed. Just some thoughts.
  4. Gryps

    New Expansion!!!!!!!!

    No problem at all, I had not expressed myself clearly. Thank you very much for the answer, I deeply appreciate it!
  5. Gryps

    New Expansion!!!!!!!!

    I suppose other options would include drake, wyvern, dragonnette, basilisk etc. Miniature representation of (fictional) monsters vary, that's why I asked if there is official information.
  6. Gryps

    New Expansion!!!!!!!!

    Any idea what the dragon-like creature / miniature is? TIA!
  7. Horus Heresy, as part of the Warhammer 40,000 background history, has always been in the heart of the players. The few past years, Black Library and Forgeworld have added details and miniatures to this expanding legend and found huge support from the gaming community. This only leads to the obvious questions: 1) Are we going to see a new release of Horus Heresy (The Battle for Terra) game with fresh rules, miniatures and gameplay? or even better, 2) Are we going to see a new boardgame / strategy game SERIES based on all the great Horus Heresy campaign battles? Istvaan, Calth, Prospero and of course Terra, between others? Praying to the Holy Emperor and offering a beer το Russ, this will happen very soon...
  8. Gryps

    Relic: Nemesis Expansion

    Many 40K lovers, myself included, buy Relic for the wonderful character busts. And would fanatically buy mini character expansions ~ like Descent lieutenants ~ even for just a miniature bust and a stats card. Oh, and pegs! Give us enough pegs for all busts!
  9. Gryps

    Relic: Nemesis Expansion

    I just hope we also get miniature busts for Eversor and Stortrooper. Please, please, please?