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  1. That may well be, in DH it happened often as we all seemed to always be in a fight for out lives. But in RT it did happen to a couple players in our first session, we were facing a couple squads of Rak'Gol. Lets just say we all agreed we need to start out with some lesser enemies....
  2. well said as always mate
  3. Hmm, as it happens I found a good post regarding this to some degree. Sorry if it's a double post, as I can promise I tried using the forum search tool several times. Google apparently gets the win. I certainly could use some more support than the mentioned post that says 'everyone falls into two camps'
  4. Hail Comrades, looking for answers about fate. I know that by reading the book that it gives an example in which someone avoids certain death with a las canon by burning a fate point. The GM believes that this implies that whatever the critical table describes is what happens (to a degree) but you survive. After this has happened to me several times I just can't see how this is correct. Many times this means finding bionics in the middle of mission, which in my experience is almost certain death. It would seem to me that after reading some like minded posts that if the players could offer a creative way in which they survive that it wouldn't always come down to losing limbs and organs. I know that it's reading between the lines but any feedback would be nice.
  5. I would say that overall my group is all a lot better at knowing the rules now and full auto works much better. While I can't see my first post being whiny, I will say that I still can't see there not being a more likely chance that you would hit a group compared to a person. Granted it isn't an automatic success, as several are more than willing to point out but the rules are largely structured around hitting a single target, especially in the area of the attack difficulty. So in my mind this is the end of it, also I did eventually notice the dodging full auto rule thanks.
  6. So we've recently switched from DH to RT and so far everything hasn't transitioned to drastically but I am confused about the Explorator Career path. In DH in the advancement tables it listed at what rank you could install(and have the talent) for each mechandrite. In RT I only see a couple of them, specifically the ballistic and unility mechs. I looked for the optical and don't see it at all on the list. Is this info located elsewhere? Much obliged
  7. So I can see I missed the boat on this discussion but I was hoping for some clarification, as I don't see it within the thread. Isn't this 'conversion' what is discussed in RT on page 172 in the sidebar?
  8. So, after everything I've decided this cannot be done. It is feasible to do a conversion of sorts but the characters being converted wouldn't be able to really have gotten far in Dark Heresy. After reading the RT sections on DH characters I've had a little insight, as RT assumes that the characters in RT are starting with the 4500xp. This number is a vague calculation of starting homeworld and career( so it is the skllls, talents, attributes, and equipment associated with these that adds up to the 4500. If you were converting a DH character you would have to buy each talent and skill if you didn't have it. Also you'd have to purchase a simple advance in every attribute to get your stats to where they should be. And in terms of equipment I'd say that I have no idea where to start there. So in so many words, I'd say make characters for RT or DH. Don't mix them, if you do I'd say keep them strictly as RT or DH characters that are created and advance based on their core mechanics. Can't say this is much of a solution. After using the conversion techniques I've found on the forums I'd say that DH converts are way more powerful than they should be, I had several that would have had to roll under a 70 based on the advances.
  9. Sorry I guess I didn't totally read your reply, therein lies the trouble with the internet...always skimming and not actually reading. I have read your topic under house rules...I just think that what it does is give too many advantages to DH characters compared to RT characters. Maybe that is the real issue...we have characters that are DH converting to RT and some just creating RT characters. RT's will have significantly less skills and talents...with no benefit for not having been a DH. Or I suppose that new characters could simply advance through a DH career and then convert to RT, as if they had played DH from the start. Well we're gaming tonight so we'll see how things work out. Much obliged for the help.
  10. Guess you're technically right, though on page 34 it does give the guidelines for DH to join RT...so that was the direction of my inquiry
  11. Hail Comrades- So I'm really bad at searching forums, so it's possible all you need to do is redirect me. My other fault is that I read into things too much, on occasion. With both of those self-criticisms I was wondering: Do characters going from Dark Heresy to Rogue Trader start out with the Rogue Trader career equipment? I know that DH charcters are around 4,500 XP plus the 500 that they spend in their new career. That part makes sense. Along with that I wonder if DH characters get the starting skills for their new career as well? I can see both sides of the issue so feel free to argue it but what I'd really like is something more concrete...like from the core book. Much obliged
  12. Ah I do see that in the sidebar, I've read the main text a dozen times without seeing that...but it's in the Example section. Strange place for it but in any case that answers my question. Thanks to all the replies! I'm not seeing some of the logic of allowing this for all npc's....as based on my play experience the game is pretty difficult as it is. But I suppose that if your groups are cool with it, it'll certainly keep them on their toes
  13. Hail comrades- We're switching over to Rogue Trader pretty soon but I figured I would figure out Righteous Fury before we move on. I searched other posts, including the new one from on high, but don't see what I'm looking for exactly. My Question: Do NPC's get Righteous Fury? I see others have asked but I'm not seeing any page numbers. In my opinion I'd say no, as it clearly states that "the emperor has indeed smiled upon you". This to me implies that the emperor smiles on his loyal members of the Inquisition, so regular baddies wouldn't get this as they are not working for the benefit of the Imperium. Not to mention they are working against it by attacking members of the Inquisition. That said I'm semi-new to all things 40k and may not understand how the Emperor works, perhaps he hands out his Righteous Fury all willy-nilly? Much obliged
  14. I can't imagine how I missed the allocation sentence under full auto burst. Therein lies the danger of skimming I suppose. You've all been more than helpful. Much obliged comrades
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