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    Cult Cake

    Yup, that's one awesome cake. Our cake, must be valued no less! See, it has its own chanting - and it's seemingly ugly looks is just a facade, the whole cake is in fact a tribute to the naivistic-symbolic art style ;-)
  2. TheGoose

    Cult Cake

    This is what you all ought to hungrily consume while delving into the dark corners of Arkham.
  3. Well now, I'm not a very experienced or brilliant player, so I don't want to give the impression I have any kind of expertise, but... to me, it sounds like you've been very fortunate in the rounds you've played. The re-roll ability on the researcher is, I am given to understand from the "pro" players, and agree with from my own experience, one of the best, if not the best abilities. I know some players even refuse to have that character in play, considering it overpowered. If you add a blessing to this that stays for a long time, then you've had some huge benefits for that round. Furthermore, Healing Stone is the most expensive item in the game (at least base game, afaik) and correspondingly powerful. Together with Fern's ability, you can regen one San and one Health per round (as you obviously know) and that, too, makes for a unusually fortunate round. That being said, it's not at all unlikely you would find the game too easy even with worse investigators, and the expansions are fun to play with, so imo there's no reason except the cost not to get one. Still, I'd say, play some more rounds and maybe you'll be struck by bad luck rather than good some time and have a more challenging time. Also, personally, I much prefer playing 4-5 players/investigators than 1-3. Of course, you may disagree with this. I hope this post doesn't give the impression to the high-lore players I'm completely out of Sanity points, it's just my spontaneous feelings on the subject.
  4. Wow, am I grateful for these! They are amazing, and will definitely give atmosphere not only to all my future Arkham Horror games, but also all Call of Cthulhu and Trail of Cthulhu RPG campaigns I'll run. It's just delightful! Awesomesauce, fat creds, love, and all that.
  5. I can't add a marker to the Google Maps locator map myself, right? In that case, if you want to, someone authorized to do so could add TheGoose to Sundsvall, east coast of Sweden. :')
  6. I'm going to hijack this thread for a bit, because I have a dilution-related question that I'd love to get an answer too and it is way too small for an own topic. Basically, I just wonder whether you can easily tell from which Exp. a given Mythos card is. Do they say "Dunwich" with small letter down in the corner, or have a symbol, or something like that? I'm wondering because I assume there has to be an easy way to pick out the cards for one Exp. when you don't want to use it.
  7. I do realize that time is important in this game and while I definitely not want to make the game easier, I just find the trips to the asylum to slow down the pace of the game. I think I may have been using spells too intensively however. And yesh, we did add extra toughness due to the old black goat; this is one of the reasons the terror track rose rather quickly in the beginning. Flipping the gates is something I consider not primarily to make it harder but rather because it will make the game scarier and more tense (I hope). I think however that the difficulty will rise sufficiently just from the corrections of our mistakes so far, such as clue trading, forgetting to remove allies, allowing movement after fighting etc. I'm also grateful for all your fan-made contributions etc; I think we'll take one or two more core games before trying them, though.
  8. Veet said: Yes while you may get an easy run one time you may get spanked next time, it can be fairly random that way. However once you get the hang of things the base game alone does tend to be pretty easy. There are almost countless ways of fixing that problem without delving into the pool of expansions though. If you don't mind using custom content you can check out the Fan Creation forum here on this site for a lot of good new ancient ones and heralds that boost the game many of which are not dependent on expansions. Many of us also have links to our own creations in our signatures. Another favorite of mine when just using base game is to soften the seals. The first time a gate is prevented from opening flip the seal over to its doom side, the second time remove it completely and you have to re-seal the location when another gate opens. Just a few extra ideas that hadn't been mentioned. That is good advice too. I'm thinking of picking up The Dunwich Horror expansion. Is that a good first exp?
  9. Yeah, most likely it boils down to a lucky run (got Mandy, someone got the healing stone, quite fortuous item findings etc), trading clues (most of all) and yes, we did not know that fighting drops the movement points. I guess I'll have to go through the rules again, although I thought I read them quite carefully a couple of times. I think I'll try upside down gates, seems interesting. Thanks a lot for the help!
  10. Well, as I look back, I realize that of course you're right about a lot of things we did: *Yep, we've been trading clue tokens. Didn't even reflect upon that although I even checked the trading rules while playing, it just slipped away. No trading of tokens etc though. *We do know that an items must be bought at the stores, though *We had Mandy in play and yeah, she's very powerful. She was randomly chosen though. *We faced Shub-Niggurath, so I guess things could've been worse there too. *We also forgot to remove allies with the terror level. (whichs speed of increase was rather uncommon for this game, we had some serious misfortunes in the beginning with two surges with only one gate in play, spawning 5 monsters each time. :-P *About the sanity loss, I guess you're right that it's basically a "lern2play noobz" matter. More careful spellcasting will be adapted. :-) Adding doom tokens on surges sounds like a pretty good idea, however, wouldn't that risk to ruin the tension in endgame when you're desperately hoping to avoid new gate openings, to keep the GOO asleep..? One more thing: relative gate activity? Huh, no idea. Are some locations more gate-prone that others? Thinking back, it sure seems that way, though it never struck us. What do you think of the house rule not to let the players know which world a gate leads to, putting them on the board upside down? I quite like the thought of it. Thanks for your time!
  11. This topic was originally posted at www.rpg.net, but I figured maybe this would be a better forum for the question. Aaand... hello everybody! I got Arkham Horror for Christmas this year and apart from disastrous play-attempts with my parents, I've played it twice with my normal gaming group. We've had much fun and I enjoy the game a lot, but both times, we found it was wayy too easy. First time, we were 4 players and played without any house rules. Thus every gate opening only spawned one monster, and of course that was very easy. The second time we were 5 people and therefore every gate spawned 2 monsters. However, it was still too easy. I mean, we may have had a lucky run but we kicked Shub-Niggurath when she was at doom level 7 I think, terror track 5, and we're even novice players. Biggest issues I have with the game is a) endgame gets crippled because as soon as there starts to get some elder signs on the board, portals quite often won't spawn and nothing happens. Endgame should be more hectic and more frightening, not less. b) maybe we're just not good enough at managing our resources yet but I find the stamina and sanity system a bit tedious. Yes the game should be hard and unforgiving, but I'd prefer it if this was caused by a faster doom track and more monsters on the board, not by having to run to the asylum every 3-6 rounds (especially for mages) and waste a round and money there. My ideas for solutions: a) *the house rule by Richard Launius himself that spawns two gates every time instead of one. However, this seems like it could be too hard instead. Also, we don't really want to increase game time. *An idea could be to spawn gates at a position even if there's an elder sign there, however without removing it. *We also considered that if a gate spawns on an elder sign, the elder sign will break but nothing more happens. However, this would just make the game really slow and always end up with fighting the GOO. *Or finally, one could remove the "seal 6 gates" victory condition, so you'd have to seal to reduce number of simultaneous gates and then close them all at once to win that way instead. But I like having several different ways to win, and also that seems like it would make the gametime much longer. b) *We had an idea that every time you're the First Player, you'd get to refresh up to 3 points worth of either Stamina or Sanity or divided between the two. Sooo.... what do you folks think?
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