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  1. 1) Does blood lance allow a dodge roll? Most other ranged attack psychic powers specify that they can be dodged, however blood lance doesn't mention this. I'm assuming it can, but one of my players says it can't. 2) Are multiple "shadow in the warp" effect cumulative, up to the total possible -60 modifier?
  2. I'm actually reminded of one of the Souldrinker novels. There's an IG Lord General in it who basically says he hates having space marines in his Area of Operations because he has no way to command or control them, they're gonna do what the hell they want regardless of what his overall mission is. But back to the original question, why would a commisar be assigned to a space marine unit then?
  3. I know in real life, soldiers don't go out on missions with just lose rounds. Their basic load is 7 filled magazines. Any additional ammo would either already be in magazines, or be in the metal ammo box that it comes in to save space. i'm not sure what the capacity of ammo box of bolter rounds is, but something like 5-7 magazines worth would probably be fair.
  4. The talent specifies that your animosity is directed against "a group, orgainisation, or race" . So I'd again say it depends on whether you and your GM want it to affect the Tau empire (organisation) or the Tau race. If you interpret it as Tau empire, you'd have to not grant the bonus against the mercenary kroot and vespids working for the imerium, as Disguise mentions.
  5. Siranui said: Tau only, I'd say. Talent does what it says on the tin. Otherwise you're opening yourself up to 'well, those humans/edlar are siding with the traitor marines/tau, so my hatred traitor marines/tau should give me a bonus' style whinging. That seems a little more abusive than any sane GM should allow. I can see an arguement for including Vespid and Kroot, as they are typically considered Tau subject races, I guess it wouid really depend on whether you interpret hatred Tau as hating the race Tau or the group Tau empire.
  6. Definitly great work! I was just working on a mission using dark eldar as the enemies, and was looking for stats for them, so this is great!
  7. Ah, yea. Hadn't seen the errata about only channeling your power into a force weapon once per turn. Thanks for the info!
  8. Is there anything stopping a librarian from from dual wielding two force weapons? Other than requiring the two weapon wielder, which I'd assume he'd acquire via elite advance.
  9. Anyone wanna take a shot at making rules for this guy? http://www.belloflostsouls.net/2010/04/most-awesome-40k-character-of-all-time.html
  10. Sounds like a good spring board for a long term campaign, although I don't know if the deathwatch would be given a mission like that. Of course, it's your campaign, so however you want it to go down. Just remember to give the players some decision making authority, and not put them on rails through the rogue trader. Also, it's a rogue trader dynasty. Rogue trader dysentary is some type of space stomach virus.
  11. What authority would a commisar have over a space marine in general, and the deathwatch in particular? I know that ciaphas cain was attached to a space marine unit, althoug I havent' read that book yet so I don't know exactly how much authority he had or what role he played in that mission, so I doubt it'd be unprecedented for a commisar to be attached to a deathwatch kill team for various reasons, and in the into mission in the main rule book there's a commisar that the players can meet. Although I doubt they'd be able to execute the space marines, I'd think that technically they'd outrank the space marines themselves, or at least have an equal level of authority.
  12. Sorry if I'm interpreting it wrong, but it sounds like your players weren't aware that you were using the house rule until the end. I could see this happening if most of the fights were one on one with the enemies only having one attack. At that point it really doesn't matter whether they know in advance. Honestly, the rule seems a tad unfair considering the lethality of some of the enemies in the game. Take the gene stealers from the first mission in emperor protects. Three attacks and two dodges each. When I ran that I didn't let my players know which attack had triggered razor sharp, which was lethal enough on those things. I believe the system works in that you'd know which attacks you need to dodge. Consider an opponent missing you him taking a wild swing that's not even coming close. A trained combatant like a space marine should be able to tell in advance whether or not he really needs to move. Of course, if you are going to use this rule, make sure it's accross the board and does effect the NPC like KommissarK said.
  13. I think the Horde rules fairly accurately depict the TT rules. A lone termagaunt isn't going to matter unless it gets really lucky agaisnt a unit of space marines. But a group of thirty of them are going to break down a couple marines just by weight of numbers. As for fate points, I wouldn't see them as an easy safety strap. Granted, they keep you from dieing, assuming your party as a whole survives. But it's a cascading effect. As you burn fate points to keep yourself alive, you'll begin with less and less points at the start of each mission. That means less healing, less rerolls. Then, before you know it you'll be burning another fate point. Deathwatch is sort of a grind. All the smaller fights should be causing the players to spend fate points until they get to the master enemy at the end. At that point most of the players shouldn't be at 100%. And considering how much damage a hive tyrant, ork warboss, or daemon can do, the marines should be fearing for their lives.
  14. During the course of an adventure, one of our players gave away his combat knife to a normal human. Now, I don't think he realized the bond that the astartes have for their knife, so we're probably going to let him retcon this. However, if he chooses not to, any advice on potential repurcussions?
  15. Spoilers! So has anyone run the price of hubris with a psyker in the party? I'm thinking this would really affect the proving when they need to remove their weapons and armor to prove themselves. Has anyone had any experience with this? Is it a game changer, or not a big deal. If it's a problem, what do you suggest to even it out?
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