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  1. The reasoning I had behind Saxon was his Rogue trait and Raid ability. If they aren't playing with a large fighter screen (like me), then I can possibly drop a raid token on the ship I'm focusing fire on. Preventing one of those annoying Engineering dials from saving a ship. Maarek is one of the pilots I really like, and I do think you are right and he is better in this situation. I could switch it up to Maarek, Valen and Ciena, and that would also free up some points for maybe something else. I thought about that, and it is the one idea that I keep coming back to. It is just getting the 9 points to pull it off
  2. Faction: Imperial Commander: Grand Admiral Thrawn Assault: Opening Salvo Defense: Planetary Ion Cannon Navigation: Solar Corona Victory II (85) • Grand Admiral Thrawn (32) • Disposable Capacitors (3) • Quad Battery Turrets (5) • Leading Shots (4) • Seventh Fleet Star Destroyer (5) = 134 Points Victory II (85) • Disposable Capacitors (3) • Quad Battery Turrets (5) • Leading Shots (4) • Seventh Fleet Star Destroyer (5) = 102 Points Victory II (85) • Disposable Capacitors (3) • Quad Battery Turrets (5) • Leading Shots (4) • Seventh Fleet Star Destroyer (5) = 102 Points Squadrons: • Bossk (23) • Black Squadron (9) • Gar Saxon (23) = 55 Points Total Points: 393 I did have some thoughts about taking Veteran Gunners instead of Leading Shots and sacrificing some of my squadron points/bid to pay for it. I mostly through this build together because I wanted to try something new with a ship (the VSD) that I've had little success with before. It has been 1+ years since I played Armada, but my local group is trying to start things up again. I've always wanted to throw together a Thrawn fleet, but he seemed only worth it if you were going to field 3+ ships on the board.
  3. Xphile101361


    Oh I agree that you can use the GeneSys rules. I actually created a base set of weapons (trying to keep the costs similar) so that people could just pick them up and use them (RWBY Weapon Worksheet). I just always have people in my play groups that love the customization process of tweaking and modifying their gear If people aren't hugely interested in customization, I would probably just toss 2500-3000 credits to them and let them build custom equipment that matches that.
  4. Xphile101361


    I started working on one awhile back, but I'm a much bigger fan of RWBY than my players... For Semblances, I would look at the Heroic Abilities in Heroes of Terrinoth. They pretty much function the same way. You'd likely have to sit down a customize a bunch of new ones though, as the Semblances in RWBY cover so many different ideas. Another thing I changed is that Wounds were renamed to Aura. When your Aura is depleted, which would normally knock you out in GeneSys... the heroes can stay in the fight. Every time they get hit with no Aura though, they automatically take a critical injury and with that you'll start seeing the really bad injuries. Star Wars had some really good item crafting rules and modifications, and I'd probably use that for the custom weapons. Just make it so that everyone gets a weapon that has the ability to switch from ranged to melee form as a maneuver.
  5. There is also a small story at the beginning of the RPG Rulebook concerning Bayushi Kachiko and Doji Hotaru. I think it takes place before Doji Hotaru is named clan champion. I thank you for putting together this archive of stories. I've been meaning to update myself on the current state of affairs and this will do nicely
  6. Looking at CSS, it doesn't look like the first opportunity ability should have a + next to it. Opportunities with +s next to them TELL you how how the extra opportunities are spent (such as the two cost opportunity below it), but this one doesn't. If this is the case, and one a single weapon can be ensnared, I don't think I have a problem with how this ability works.
  7. I was attempting to channel my Mister Roboto voice
  8. Thanks for the feedback guys. I did purchase a new mic recently. Not sure why my old one started to get wonky, but I think it was a combination of bad habits (I was keeping it too far away from me), bad settings (skype and I fight frequently) and that it is a stand mic picks up all of the sound from the room. It worked great for the purpose before as my gaming group is split across the state and we wanted a mic so that everyone at the table could be heard. For podcasting though, not so great. If you think the sound feels wonky in the future or you have some suggestions on how I can improve my end of things, shoot me a message on twitter at @xphile101361. I'll agree that some of the first episodes we did are not the best. Both Ben and I were completely new to podcasting and were figuring out this dance of "how do we make this all work". Being a programmer, I created lists for talking points and tried to organize everything. For us, this doesn't work well. I spent too much time trying to get us "back on track" to where I thought we should be and not enough time engaging in the current conversation. That being said, I think we've improved a lot. I know I've mentally changed the way I approach the show and now have a lot more fun with it. I hope that shows through in the episodes we've been recording. I think the free form discussions we have now lead to a lot more on the spot insights and cool ideas that just pop into our heads. If it still sounds like we're reading from a script, I can assure you that we aren't at all. Ben spends a ton of time editing each episode to improve the quality of it (and getting rid of my cursing). So if you only listened to the first few episodes, jump into the middle and give it another listen. I know I've had a ton of fun making this show. Hopefully I've been able to give you guys a few cool ideas and insights along the way. I'm sadly not that active on the forums, but always feel free to hit me up on Twitter if you had a cool idea you want to talk about or a suggestion for a show topic. For those of you who have been listening to the show this entire time, thanks! It is for all of you that we create this.
  9. How much do you tell the rebels about victory conditions? I've played only a few missions with my group so far, but two of them have been timed (in number of rounds). The "read aloud" text mentions that they have to be quick, but nothing more. Should the Imperial Player be giving the Rebels both the victory conditions (You have to access all of the consoles on the map/Blow up all of the objectives/etc) and their lose conditions (Imperials win after X rounds/Imperials win if ally gets defeated)?
  10. Unable to find a way to send private messages (I could just be too tired to find it) and Sister Lynata already here...could someone point me towards the better sources of info on the SoB?
  11. So I'll first point out that I'm a complete and utter WH40k noob. Always was interested in the TT game, but where I live it is rather impractical to find another living player. Thus I truely fell in love with the 'verse when I picked up the DoW games (note, the first one I picked up with Soul Storm and fell in love with the SoB) and now have moved on to the RPG. Reading this thread has been highly interesting to me. I orginally started reading it because I wanted to know how to integrate a SoB into a DW game (as 50% of the gaming group I run is female, and I'm not sure they would all be keen on playing as boys with toys). So about equipment and armor in this setting... what effect do the machine spirits have upon it? Are there other sigils that also have an affect upon such items? I'm just wondering that if during all this debate upon weapon weight and bullet sizes, something was lost that really makes these weapons different from real world physics. I think it will be highly interesting to see how the next DH book that introduces the Grey Knights deals with the problems mentioned in this thread. The product advertising mentions that you'd be able to create Grey Knight PCs that are compatible with DH. To me, compatible also means that it has to be somewhat balanced as well, but I may be wrong about that. If GK can truely go back and forth between DW and DH games, then i do think that question about game scale will have to be answered.
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