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  1. Hi folks, Just reading through the rules, preparing to introduce 3 new players to the world of RPGing. Unlike my regular RPG group, who I can rely on to know the rules inside out (and where I'm just a player), I'll be DMing this, and they'll be relying totally on me for rules. So I want to make sure I've got them right. So you know where I'm coming from, my main experience is with Cyberpunk, D&D 3rd ed, Black Crusade, and my favourite, Ars Magica. (All effectively roll + add modifiers games) For your average attack, it seems to be an opposed roll of Weapon Skill vs Target's Defence. Now, I understand it's an opposed check. NORMALLY, an opposed check means you find the target's relevant characteristic and determine challenge dice from that. The combat rules say Challenge dice in combat default to 1 challenge die. Am I correct in assuming this supersedes checking the target's opposing characteristic (particularly since Defence isn't technically a characteristic). Second, I undersatnd you add 1 misfortunate die for each point of Defence the target has. Am I correct in also assuming this is the only time Defence contributes to misfortune dice being added? Let's say, for example's sake, I have a character with STR 5, and Weapon Skill trained once. He's fighting a Chaos Warrior (good luck to him) as set out in the Tome of Adventure. He forms a pool of: 5 blue characteristic dice (and substitutes any based on stance) 1 yellow die (for his Weapon Skill being trained) 1 Challenge die (because combat uses 1 challenge die as a default) 3 Misfortune dice (because the Chaos Warrior has 3 Defence) Any dice specifically related to the attack being made, circumstances, fortune spent, etc. Now, what about the Chaos Warrior's Weapon Skill (that he has trained). Is this considered to add a misfortune die because it's a relevant skill? Have I missed anything? The system appears to be somewhat elegant, but the way it's set out in the rulebook is quite confusing. Your help is much appreciated!
  2. In my experience it's always worth speaking to FFG about replacements. They do ask for evidence of the damage, but if you've got that, they have generally been quite helpful to me, if not the speediest to send out the replacement material. That said, they're a games company. No one is going to die if they don't get their bits straight away. For me, the binding on my copy of Black Crusade started coming apart after a couple of weeks, and they sent me a free replacement after I emailed a few pictures of the problem. (Unfortunately the binding on the replacement is also now coming apart, so I mights stick to PDFs from FFG until they find a new printing/binding company to do their work).
  3. I haven't had that sort of problem, but I spoke to them when the pages started falling out of my Black Crusade rulebook. They did ask for a couple of photos to show the problem, but then sent out a replacement book for free. If yours is an obvious defect, and it sounds like it is, then I don't see why you couldn't get the same treatment. I note I had bought via Amazon, but dealt directly with FFG for a replacement.
  4. Upsurprisingly enough, I was having the same problem as everyone else, that being that I could either do no damage, or kill the players outright in a single round. I took a fairly simple fix, which we're all quite happy with: I doubled the Marines' hitpoints. This now means that they can feel that pressure of slowly losing HP without dying instantly, and I can throw slightly nastier things at them. In order to balance things out a bit, I've also adjusted the hitpoints of many NPCs, as nailing an Ork Warboss in a round hardly has an epic feel to it. And surely that's why you'd play DW over the other 40K games, right? For the opportunity to do epic things... Anyway, if you're struggling with the damage balance, I recommend trying the doubling of all hitpoints. I actually did it mid-session during my players' 3rd mission after we all decided things weren't working. Haven't looked back.
  5. So N0-1_H3r3, how goes the Eldar stuff? Just thought I'd ask as it looks like there have been a couple of weeks since your last post on the matter, and I'm very keen to see what you come up with. The Dire Avenger stuff was great!
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