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  1. Does anybody know who the artist is that created a Cthulhu image used on the news page for LIEL? I really like that graphic of Cthulhu and the lighthouse: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/9/22/let-it-eternal-lie/
  2. In the "Lost in Time & Space" there is a stone slab. In the past or present, you have to solve the Alchemy puzzle. I assume, after that, you have to use the time machine to go into the future and then do another explore action (so THREE actions to complete this)? Also, after this the next clue says if you're not in the future, you have to go into the future. Well, how could I NOT be in the future if that's the requirement to explore past this?? This whole adventure is nearly impossible for the investigators. Tougher everything and don't even get me started on the final reveal!
  3. Thanks for the reply! All of that makes sense to me.
  4. Hi, I have some questions: 1. If you win the battle at Plannum, it says you move a non-warlord unit you control to a planet of your choice. Does this mean any of my units on any planet or even at my HQ can be moved to a different planet, or is it specific to a unit starting at Plannum? 2. Y'varn says that "each player puts a unit into play from his hand at his HQ". Basically this is a free deployment of a card that will follow the leader into a future battle? 3. The Mark of Chaos - does that get attached to my unit, an enemy unit, or my choice? What does "leaves play" mean? Destroyed? Retreated? Either? 4. Do you transfer a resource from the Promethium Mine during the deploy phase it enters play or only on subsequent deploy phases? I.E. I have to pay 1 now, but don't start collecting until the next turn. 5. Combat example: a Vile Raider vs. Altansar Rangers and the raider has initiative. Rangers attack for 2 and get exhausted. Ranged attack over. Melee begins and the Raider does 2 damage to the Rangers. Raider is exhausted. At this point both cards are exhausted, right? So we go to a new round, both cards are restored and since ranged is over ad the raider has initiative he attacks again for 2 and kills the rangers? Thanks!
  5. The rules for deck-building say that you need at least 50 cards, but the rules for the first game setup only mention using 36 cards?? I haven't played the game yet, but it seems like the first game is the same rules as the regular game, so why the reduced deck size?
  6. I started the turn hidden and used the ability. The "cost" to use the ability says 2 movement points. I assume since I already paid that AND the card does not say this is an action, that after I teleport to a new location, I still have 1 action left.
  7. Two questions regarding this ability: 1. It does not say that this is an action - if I use this, would I still have an action left after using my 2 movement points? 2. If a room has any cards in it, does that mean I cannot go there or is the card restriction specific to a space in a room? It seems that I can go to any empty room on the board and have one action left (probably to do a run since the room is empty, or maybe attack a monster in the space)
  8. It says the King's Court cards are supposed to be face up the entire game, but when you get a card that says to pick one, it says "random." How do you pick a random card when you can see them all??
  9. I saw a similar post on BoardGameGeek and it looks like the jewelers act like any other gang, so each of the 4 characters uses normal character movement. Also, they would collect 2 ducats if the player doesn't have any treasure.
  10. 1. Does the Guild of Jewelers also control Sienne and Isabeau? I assume so because I don't even see where Sienne is used in any other scenarios! However, "At your orders!" only talks about moving Kornak and Valrut. Maybe because their movement is based on a die roll whereas Sienne and Isabeau can move 4 spaces like any other character? 2. What happens if a Guild member wins a fight against a gang that has no treasure - can they collect 2 ducats from the player instead? 3. Why do Sienne and Isabeau have a mind value if they never pick locks?? 4. Would a gang member ever attack a Guild member? It doesn't seem like there is any reason to because they can't gain anything other than moving a Guild member 3 spaces and fighting Sienne and Isabeau is risky because they get 3 dice vs. 2 for everyone else.
  11. Here is the response I got from FF: "With Elder Sign we actually created two completely independent builds for iPhone and iPad (at different price points). Because we built it this way, none of the iPad content you purchased will transfer to your iPhone version. You can think of them as two different apps."
  12. Question regarding the crawling hands from the Forbidden Alchemy expansion - Can the Keeper move all of them during his turn or just one per turn?
  13. I was playing the first scenario from Forbidden Alchemy. At some point during the game, the starting room caught on fire. After that, one of my investigator's was killed, so I brough a new one into the game. Since his turn is over when you place him in the starting square, that means "Welcome to the mansion from hell - you take two damage just for stepping in the door"!?
  14. Dam said: This, once the Objective has been revealed, investigator deaths are permanent, no replacing them. Is that from the rulebook? I must have overlooked that. I played a game today and the player's goal was to have all of them escape before the final event card was revealed. One of my player's was killed after the goal was revealed. According to that, the game is immediately over because now all of the players cannot escape, right?
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