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  1. Not quite what i meant.....We can build with SoR cards but we can't publish with SoR cards in! That seems.....wrong!
  2. Can we resolve Lockdown if we only have Krennic in play but he has his other Deathtrooper die? Checked rules under spotting, dice and characters and couldn't see a ruling saying spotting required both card and die. I'm inclined to say no, but I'm no rules lawyer....anyone else know?
  3. Heya! Don't know who the marvellous people are that host and work on SWDestinydb.com, but can you change the settings so that we can publish decklists with Spirit of Rebellion cards in? Now the set has hit it'd be great to send people to the site for our decklists we are using! Cheers guys!
  4. Here in Bristol, the fledgling Star Wars Destiny scene has taken its first swoop out of the safety of the nest, and had a very nice little fly about! This week, Severn Gaming Network ran its first Destiny tournament, hosted by the marvellous Excelsior! Games in Bristol city centre, and, despite it being a cold and rainy Tuesday night in the middle of February, had an amazing 17 people turn up to do battle! It turned out to be the perfect number too, since as prize support we were using the contents of one Game Night Kit, which meant there was enough for everyone to get something; participation prize was an alt art Tie Fighter, with alt art Kylo Ren cards and resource token packs also up for grabs for the top places. In addition, Excesior! included some very generous store credit vouchers as prizes for the evening making it quite a nice haul if you managed to place! With rounds lasting just 35 minutes each, we had plenty of time to get 4 rounds in for our evening’s play, meaning it felt “good value” for time and money investment required for doing an evening tournament like this. A good variety of decklists were on display even with the expected preponderance of Jango actually present. With some of our community getting into the game a bit later than others, a few decks were constrained by access to a limited pool of product, but many of us were “early adopters” and bought in early on, so we did have some very competitive decklists on display too. Although I was TO, I was keen to join in and get some games in too, and decided to run with a Vader/Raider list of my own devising. With an emphasis on getting upgrades in to play and then combat tricks to maximise damage, I was feeling confident my deck would hold up and be competitive so long as I didn’t make silly mistakes. Here’s a brief rundown of how my matches went! Game 1: Vs Carl (eKylo/Trooper/Raider) Carl is a veteran CCG’er, being the last ever Store Champion in Bristol for Conquest (R.I.P...), but explained he was new to Destiny and was building from a limited pool, and so the game progressed in a fashion you’d expect where a finely tuned deck was playing against an expanded starter! Kylo bowed out pretty quickly to Vader’s onslaught and Carl’s trooper/raider never quite had enough poke afterwards to take Vader out. Once Carl gets more product and games under his belt however, he could be a fearsome opponent in our meta! Result: Win Game 2: Chris Roberts (eLeia/eAckbar) Chris is an excellent player and scene stalwart, so I was ready for a tough matchup. Fortunately for me, Vader went about the business of destroying his own kin with characteristic single-minded determination: at the beginning of the third round, armed with Kylo’s Lightsaber, Vader rolled 7 damage, which was quickly countered with a huge Defensive Position play by Chris! So gutting! Not to be deterred, at the start of the fourth, Vader rolled out eight! Feeling shocked by two such huge rolls in a row, I apologised profusely, but Chris played....Comlink! And rerolled the lot! Embarrassingly, Vader rolled into NINE damage off the Comlink reroll and finished off Leia. After that, it was a simple job to finish off Ackbar. Result: Win Game 3: Liam (Jango/eBala/Trooper) I knew this would be a tough matchup; I think this is currently the most competitive list and Liam knows his way around a game of Destiny. As it was, he played it perfectly and I didn’t. Vader fell over himself a few times rolling lots of resources rather than damage to pressure Liam, but this was one of those games I also felt throughout that I wasn’t quite making the very best decisions I needed to against such a deck and such an opponent. Most crucially, I had two Intimidates in hand that I just couldn’t roll damage for so that I could play the Intimidate and create a window to resolve the damage in and maximise it. Eventually, Vader went down under a hail of gunfire, Bala reactivated with 4 more dice and the writing was on the wall. Result: Loss Game 4: Tom (eJabba/Vader) Tom opened with all sorts of excellent banter and that never let up throughout, so a very entertaining game to end the evening with. Tom didn’t seem to have the answers in hand to Vader when he wanted them, and his Vader seemed to just be doing less damage than mine throughout the match; he’d do a 1 or 2 around shields, and I’d be doing 3 or 4 and just staying ahead. I finished Jabba off with a huge swing for 8 and managed to keep my own Vader alive long enough to get the job done on Tom’s. So, I ended 3-1 with a few other players, but we had a 4-0 player in Mike F; Mike brought a Poe/Hired Gun/Hired Gun list, which, although I didn’t play against him, heard he expertly piloted on the evening! All in all, the top 5 decklists were: 1: Poe/Hired Gun/Hired Gun 2: Jango/eBala/Trooper 3: Vader/Raider 4: eJango/Trooper/Trooper 5: Leia/Ackbar It was a very fun evening; my first tournament that I’ve TO’d, a great turnout, loads of great games and a community already formed and healthy! Looking forward to more in the months and years to come!
  5. We're being trolled... He's equating what he's doing with "blowing on dice". Haha. Well done sir, a successful troll on your part. Next post...
  6. This is pretty much definitively "cheating". When we roll we are to roll in a way that sufficiently promotes a random result. If I saw you rolling like this in a game with me, (after I'd stopped laughing), I would kindly ask you to roll normally Brilliant!
  7. Very sad to see a scant 35 minute round time. One of the great things that I love about this game is the diversity of decks available, and 35 minute round times will make control decks just too much of a gamble to play with. 45 minutes would make it much more reasonable, although we haven't seen what other cards are to come in the card pool that can increase the pace of the game over just Awakenings. Something to bear in mind...
  8. Hi guys! This is the master thread for the video tactica series I'm doing on the cards in Destiny! Please do add in comments or other hints and tips you think of to my videos in the YouTube comments section of each video; that way this can become a resource to players joining the game hopefully for a long time to come. Ill bump this thread with a new video each time one is released so it's easier for you guys to find! Enjoy! Latest: Vader tactica: Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbgksQSsd12ToyLCoHRY9ufsjknJg803J
  9. Hi guys! Next in the line of tacticas, this time for the Nightsister! Please do add comments if I've missed an important point! https://youtu.be/VV8SX1zUoZU
  10. Hey guys! I've started a new series, to run alongside my long term tactica series, on deckbuilding in Destiny, called Deckbuilding 101. First part is all about strategy! As always, please leave comments or ideas for anything you think I've missed out relative to the topic! Enjoy! https://youtu.be/F8Ayk_RQQmY As always, please do leave comments or hints and tips others might find helpful as they watch these videos!
  11. Jango Fett gets the tactica treatment; a great character! Anything you think I've missed, add in the comments section on the video so that other new players can learn how to play with this "lethal mercenary!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86AHeyFRn6E And here's the tactica playlist so far: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbgksQSsd12ToyLCoHRY9ufsjknJg803J
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