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  1. mercenaryntx

    Yithian Deck: Does it exist anymore?

    Please email me if you read this and and you have a Yithian deck for sale. Sealed or non-sealed, English version. Thanks in advance! mercenary@gabber.hu
  2. mercenaryntx

    WTB Call of Cthulhu CCG cards

    Hi all, I'm looking for the following cards in English: Coc CCG cards: AE R23 Agency Stakeout AE R71 Syndicate Agent AE R91 •Cthulhu, The Great Old One AE R100 Proto-Shoggoth AE R104 Deep One Assault AE R138 Mass Hysteria UT R55 •Cthulhu, High Priest of R'lyeh UT R103 Warping of Time FC R29 November Whispers FC R38 •Richard Upon Pickman, Genius Painter FC R53 One for the Road FC R56 •Yig, Father of Snakes FR R104 •Shining Trapezohedron MN R55 •Carl Stanford, Deathless Fanatic MN R101 Haunted Mists MN R141 Limehouse Docks ACC F16 •Crazy Eddie, Don't call him Ed... ADD F2 Development Camp ADD F5 •Professor Armitage, Old and White-bearded ADD F6 Hack Journalist ADD F8 Noises in the Hills ADD F10 Feathery Watchers ADD F20 Negotium Perambulans in Tenebris And I'm also interested in buying a complete Yithian Deck. CoC LCG Alternate art promo cards: Laboratory Assistant Cthulhu, Lord of R'lyeh Glaaki, The Inhabitant of the Lake The Seventy Steps, Of Light Slumber Jon Pechon Johnny Valone Cthuloid Spawn Snow Graves Victoria Glasser Tattoo Artist Deep One Assault Nyarlathotep Dreamlands Fanatic Uroborus James Logan Azathoth If you happen to have any cards from above and willing to sell don't hesitate to contact me! E-mail: mercenary@gabber.hu Cheers, Zsolt
  3. mercenaryntx

    Yithian deck on eBay

    Hi there, I'm interested if someone is ready to sell his deck. Preferably English, but doesn't have to be sealed. I'm also interested in other promo (CCG only) and rare cards as well. Please contact me via email (mercenary@gabber.hu) because I don't visit this forum too often. Thanks!
  4. Uncontollable urges is unavailable in Story 2 so it can be a quite challenge to the keeper then. And a huge advantage to the investigators if they can figure out what the cultists want in that chapel.
  5. We started to play with MOM a few days ago and - besides the fact we think it's completely futile for the investigators to win - we enjoyed it very much. Just to be sure, I printed out the Errata and the FAQ before the games, so we could found answers for almost every question we had. Except one. If you are familiar with the goal of the Objective 1B of the Story 2 you know that the keeper has to move 4 cultists to the Chapel to put a Chthonian into play. But there's a character Kate Winthrop, who's got the ability to prevent the keeper to put a monster in the same room where she is. Maybe we just missing something here, but what if Kate's in the Chapel when the fourth cultist enters? A) The Objective card is stronger and the keeper can ignore that character's ability this time B) The keeper has to wait till that character leaves room C) The keeper can put the Chthonian into the next room D) ???