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  1. This abilities sounds like lot of fun. I can almost picture Clint Eastwood telling a undertaker to get 3 coffins ready then at the end of the gun fight saying “make that 4 coffins” On the other hand for the GM to make things even there might be more big baddies like a storm trooper hanging out on the corner of a hall way named Joe from engineering with 5 of his coworkers. I kill them , then out of left field are 4 rancor’s with a taste for Bothans that viewed Joe as their favorite pet .
  2. HappyDaze Not all characters have a stealth option for stealth attacks or even a stealth defence. I am still trying to get a grasp on what stealth actually does in this game, as opposed to everquest/wow/D&D.
  3. I like the backstab option. so far we have decided no house rules yet as we are all new ish to this game. It would be nice though
  4. Thanks for tthe advise , I lowered my cunning to 3 and used the extra points.
  5. I enjoyed the prequels, jar –jar was not even to annoying to me and I am old enough to have seen the first movies actually in the movies. Evil was not just borne vader was slowly led down a dark path He really did love his wife but he went too far with obsession and anger took over. What if Yoda and the others in the counsel took him under their wing earlier? I also enjoyed the slow study dissolving of the republic to the points where even the illusion of democracy was shattered. I think in both cases ‘ the road to hell is paved with good intentions “ applies
  6. bah wookies cant always win " runs to other end of battle field"
  7. I am also thinking there is a way to remove the bad guys from a fight without killing them , or at least fooling them to attack one another. This way i can add a little je ne sais quoi to the fight. Instead of blunt force trauma make it artistic, work of art
  8. I think the spirit of the game depends on perspective , on the far edge of space where a traditional fringer might grow up then it is the wild west /don’t tread on me attitude. People want to live by their own rules. If a person grew up in the core worlds where there was a republic and at least a semblance of democracy then people want “ the good ol’days “ and to get life back to normal. Fight the good fight Explorers will want to the star trek thing and look for new places to live outside of this crazy conflict. This world is such a smuggler haven this is opportunity in strife. The good/fluffy bunny side wants to fight the power and assist the republic and free people any way possible. Food, clothing anything to makes a community to work. In the bad side if the police are looking the other way then bad things will happen.
  9. Thank you all, This character will be a thief with 4 agi/cunning so has the ability to use weapons he just will do so asa last resort. Thank you for the advice on using social skills to distract and disorient the enemy.
  10. Winning combat without firing a shot! I am not talking complete pacifist, but a way of either stopping combat entirely or at least running the bad guys into an ambush. I will be a Bothan thief but play him like a spy. I am thinking stealth, skullduggery, deception, and disguise talents (Indistinguishable) and explosives (grenades with a timer) There are a few opportunities to stealth over to where the bag guys here and talk them into running into an ambush or a grenade on a timer. I can disrupt communications with a scrambler. Or even sneak close and throw a clob grenade and ensnare them. I sort of ran out of ideas after that, does anyone have any experience on running a stealth character using deception a more of a weapon then actual weapons?
  11. Thank you all, The issue with melee is it is hard for me to avoid it if someone really wanted to hammer me with melee weapons and still fire a blaster. That is why i wanted to aim at the legs to slow the character down or in the eyes to blind a character . As it stands without Agi supplying a defencive bonus and having no way to slow a character down i can be beaten into rodian pudding.
  12. I was thinking hitting the eyes would have setback dice to hitting me and hitting the legs would add a movment penelty. especially with two heavy blasters .
  13. We are only going by the core rule book so far. This is only our third game together so keep it simple so far. And so far GM has removed grenades from the game . Thanks a bunch for the ideas though
  14. Thanks all. I was told aiming at a leg would only slow him if I hit a Triumph symbol , same as the eyes would not blind him. If i can slow him down I will die in one or two shots. I have a second pistol which addes a black die so 3 black die aiming at a body part that does not blind or cripple unless I crit makes it harder then it looks.
  15. Hello All , I am playing a Rodian pilot with 5 agi 3 ranks in ranged light. I thought I could aim at the eyes or legs and that does not seem to work against some big melee like a wookie . Seem aiming at a body part removes a blue die and gives me 2 black die's .he can burn 2 strain and I can’t really kite him. My last thought is maybe a smoke grenade and ninja vanish. Any ideas? also topic should have said advice not advise
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