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  1. See I was looking all over for the weight of napalm and I couldn't find it, so I just used the weight of gasoline and ended up with 150 kg (rounded up, +/- 1 kg). I didn't know that kerosene was the equialent, thanks. So that leaves me with 340d10s with a radius of 680 m / diameter of 1360 m. I knew the promethium barrel would be able to blow up the casino. No it probably won't play out that way, I think it's just going to be ignored. And after that ambush in the Murder Hole by the Dark Eldar two of our guys lost two fate points, several comrads died, our Chimera Armoured Transport ruined. So we are pretty screwed up and that blast would've have finished us.
  2. Well if we use 1 litre = 1 kg Then that would have to be 200 kg which means about 400d10s with a radius of 800m / diameter of 1600m. We were ambushed by a group of Dark Elder in a Hive city through a passage called the Murder Hole. It was on a mission to save a general in the pleasure district. Our Chimera was too damage to repair so we took what could and blew up the rest with the promethium barrel. I'm trying to tell my friends that the 1 barrel of promethium could have destroyed the casino with the hundreds of Dark Eldar in the building. And also that we are actually dead because we blew the barrel up and we all were too close to the blast.
  3. Well I'm trying to calculate the damage of 200 liters of promethium being blown up. In the Inquistior's Hand book on page 178, for every kilogram of promethium it does 2d10 E and had a blast radius of 4x it's weight. I want to know how many d10s must be rolled and what the radius of the blast is. It's a strange question I know because as you said nothing is measured in liters, the flamers in the book doesn't list how much it takes. Otherwise I would have to guesstimate using napalm as the equivalent of promethium to figure out it's weight per liter.
  4. I have a strange question, what does 1 liter of promethium weight?
  5. That's what I thought and just wanted to make sure, thanks.
  6. This seems like dumb question but I just want to make sure that my thinking is correct, but is the talent Weapon Training (Heavy) a single talent or do I have to purchase it for each weapon specialisation I'm trained in, in order to use that specialisation's heavy group?
  7. I think one of four things happen, 1. The effects follow one another. 2. The effects stack one another (e.g. they happen at the same time). 3. One effect takes precedence over the other effect, which in turn that effect is ignored all togather. 4. They suffer the effects of being on fire and automatically become pinned if they catch on fire, otherwise they suffer the pinning rules if they don't catch on fire. 1. I believe that once on fire your character worries about that and works towards putting themselves out and I would say that then they would take the pinning test afterwards at the first chance they get. 2. Onced hit by the Heavy Flamer they would take 1d10+5 E Pen 4 damage from the Heavy Flamer and take a Challenging (+0) Agility test to see if they are caught on fire or not. Success means they're not on fire and Failure means they are on fire and they immediently take 1d10 Energy Damage (ignoring Armour) and takes 1 level of fatigue. Then they would take a Challenging Willpower (+0) test to see if they are pinned or not. Success mean not being pinned, Failure means they're pinned. So once the character's first round of being on fire and pinned simultaneously begin, the character suffers 1d10 Energy Damage (ignoring Armour) and takes another level of fatigue from being on fire (Oh great, Karl is going to enjoy my burning face. :/). Then they take a Challenging Willpower (+0) test to see if they act normally that round, otherwise they will run around screaming from being on fire. Now their normal action is only a half action because they are pinned, so that means they have a half action to try and put themselves out or run for cover if they aren't already in cover. At the end of their turn they can make a challenging Willpower (+0) test to over come being pinned. 3. In my opinion being on fire takes priority over being pinned, you would just ignore the pinning rules and suffer the fire rules. 4. If the character avoids catching on fire, even after taking damage from the heavy flamer, he then takes a pinning test. If the character catchs on fire he is considered to have failed his pinning test and must put himself out at first chance he gets and then to try and get to cover.
  8. No that's fine about the fellowship stuff I'm just being a D*@% is all, it's the internet and all. I was talking about the Dodge skill in general against other psychic powers, for Firestorm there isn't really anything you can do short of having the minor psychic power Endure Flames from the Disciples of the Dark Gods on page 27, which gives you immunity from fire damage. Funny story about that one, may team and I where waiting for a ride on some back water planet and I floated up to see over the buildings, to see if I can see our ride coming. So the pilot must've seen me do this and told the Priest (PC by the way) on board that there was a deamon incursion or something and then next thing I know is our ride comes in and the Priest with troops under his command and tries to arrest me. Well I try to give up peacefully so as not to involve my teammates in a bloody fight, but Eli (Arbite) tell him no that the cell is not going to hand over the party psyker. That's when **** hits the fan, the Priest gets back on the ship and his troops starts firing at us. I'm like great just wonderful and then I realize that the Priest is going to tell the pilot to open fire on use with bolt rounds from the ship, I'm like Oh F#@% so I teleport into the ship as it's lifting off to try and reason with the Priest. And what do you know that jerk shots me with a Flame pistol, so on my turn I make my WP test and use Endure Flames to protect myself from anymore damage from his flame pistol but in the process the whole ship is on fire in the inside of the plan and the pilot and him are burning to death. I'm like I'm out of this dead bird now and I teleport up and out of the plan as it crashes directly on top of Ovan (PC I.G.) but with his luck (he has 9 Fate Points) it didn't leave a scratch on him. So anyways, the Psyk-out grenade is very expensive and hard to come by so that may be out of the question but it's still possible. The only thing that I can think of that could possibly stop the Psybolt or Psycannon bolts is the Catch Projectile psychic power from Telekinesis Domain, but that can be left up to arguing on another thread though. So basiclly you have to stay out of site to advoid Firestorm, maybe you could use concelment or knock out the lights or something idk or use a flash grenade to blind him first possibly so he can't see you and target you as well, that to say as long as he doesn't have protection from photon grenades. Now you don't have to worry about Holocaust and Incinerate as long as you stay at the very least 11 m at all times and just keep moving way from him if he gets close or if he is acting funny, so try scouting when you can I guess to stay away as much as possible. P.S.: OMG I didn't know that Fire Storm could get so powerful, I totally misread that power.
  9. Well the Witch Cage is only to limit his powers and to try and restrain him. I never said it as a practical weapon, it does make me think though do psykers need line of sight to target people with their powers and assuming that the answer is ‘yes’ then that stops him from using a lot of his combat powers. With the Witch Cage on he is also he is deaf and blind just so you know. So what’s wrong with the Psycannon Bolts, Psybolt ammunition and the Psyflame ammunition? This ammunition ignores almost all of the defenses that a psyker can put up for defense, wasn’t that what your what you’re looking for? Because you said Flesh Like Iron and Molten Man is what he would have for defenses, so this stuff would still rip right through him, plus it would take him two turns to erect these powers which gives you two turns of free shooting on him. What’s wrong with the Psyk-out grenade? It literally stops a psyker from manifesting any psychic powers, the dust would linger on the psyker for 5 rounds, that’s 5 rounds without having to worry about any psychic powers at all. I bet your going to say that is lame too. My question to you is what are you looking for as an answer to your problem? All you’re really doing on the boards here is shooting down people’s advice by calling it lame, so what were you expecting to hear from the community? Can you explain your problem a little bit more to us, like what do you mean by overcome your party psyker, because if damage is no problem for you, because you can just use a multi-melta, then that means that you don’t have any trouble in attacking and causing damage to the psyker. Then this leaves defense then, which there is a whole other thread that was started by Darth Smeg. There is no dodge power, I'm talking about the dodge skill! P.S.: There is no defense against Holocaust power; the only way to stop Holocaust is to prevent it from being manifested in the first place. Incinerate is hard to use on a non-stationary and it has a limited range of 10m, so just stay away from him at the very least. Firestorm well you’re kinda screwed, short of having a fire proof suite on.
  10. Looking through several books I've found these items to deal with Psykers. Inquisitor's Handbook - Psycannon Bolts page 191 Blood of Martyrs - Witch Cage page 121 Daemon Hunter - Psyk-out Grenade page 67 - 68 Daemon Hunter - Psybolt Ammunition page 74 - 75 Daemon Hunter - Psyflame Ammunition page 74 - 75 You will have to be trained in the use of flame weapons and/or bolt weapons to use this equipment. The Whitch Cage is to restrain the psyker. Another great defence against psychic powers is having a high dodge roll and you could always exploite his weakness of only being able to use 1 power a turn by forcing him to use it on defence psychic powers such as Catch Projectiles which uses up his use of a power next turn.
  11. Ok after giving a second read over for Psy-jammers and what they react to, I will say that they don’t defend against the Fling power. It’s the wording of how psy-jammer are described that is confusing me a little bit and yes I was also thinking how the rock works against an untouchable NPC or PC too. But I was also thinking that Untouchables and Psy-jammers are written up with two different rules sets and each have to be treated as per what is written for their individual rules. Now with the Blinding Flash power I know I’m stretching it with the psy-jammer. The way I imagine it working is like how you have a filter on the window that can block UV light from the sun. So your eyes are the windows, the psy-jammer is the filter that blocks UV light and the Blinding Flash is the sun that produces UV light, except that UV light is actually warp radiation. You could also imagine that the psy-jammer is actually reacting to the hole in reality that is being opened up by the power and the psy-jammer flares up to create a partial filter from the light that way. I know it’s a stretch but I’m basing this reasoning off how I’m interpreting how the psy-jammer is described in the book. Now I could be interpreting it wrong but the way I see it the psy-jammer gives a +20 bonus to any test involved to resist the effects of a Psychic Power, the light coming from the Blinding Flash power is effect from the power so it would stand to reason from RAW that the psy-jammer would partially block some of the light that originated from BF and grant you a +20 bonus to your Agility Test. Now I say that the talent Resistance (Psychic) is the only thing that you can say is blanketed among all these powers because of how it is described in the book. I imagine that the character that has that talent has come up against psykers before hand and they are used to dealing with the psykers powers and their effects. I think of Resistance (Psychic) is just having experience with the effects of psychic powers and knowing how to deal with them because of previous experiences.
  12. The talent Resistance (Psychic) works on all these psychic powers, because in my opinion that is what the talent is ment to do and it isn't really breaking the game at all, or at least I think that it isn't. Hexagramatic Wards work on direct psychic attacks and their manipulations Psy-Jammers work on any Test to resist the effects of a Psychic Power. I say for Telekinetics "Fling" a Hexagramatic Wards would not work but the Psy-Jammer would work because the rock being thrown is an effect of the psychic power Fling even though it is not a psychic attack in unto itself though. These feels really tricky and hard to answer, because of the wording of the psy-jammer makes it seem exactly like the Resistance (Psychic) talent except it's being granted to you through the use of a device and it's not's something that you know through experience or luck like the way with the Resistance (Psychic) talent grants you though. I'm still kinda of up in the air on this one. I say for Telekinetics "Push" the Hexagramatic Wards and Psy-Jammer would work. Push is a direct psychic attack and a psychic power. I say for Biomancy “Blood Boil” the Hexagramatic Wards and Psy-Jammer would work. Blood Boil is a direct psychic attack and a psychic power. With the Hexagramatic Ward you would get the +20 bonus on tests but not the double AP because, if I'm correct, Blood Boil ignores armour and toughness. I say for Biomancy “Constrict” the Hexagramatic Wards and Psy-Jammer would work. Constrict is a direct psychic attack and a psychic power. With the Hexagramatic Ward you would get the +20 bonus on tests but not the double AP because, if I'm correct, Constric ignores armour and you take damage from suffocation which ignores armour and toughness. I say for Pyromancy “Blinding Flash” the Hexagramatic Wards would not work and Psy-Jammer would work though. Blinding Flash is not a direct psychic attack because it's an area of effect power but it is a psychic power. Now for Possession attacks I feel that only the Psy-Jammer would work because it actually says that it gives a +10% bonus against those sorts of attacks. If you're talking about the psychic power Dominate then all three methods would work to protect you from the attack because it's a psychic power and not a actual possession attack in the sense of a Demon/Warp entities trying to possess you. So what do you guys think? How does my explaination sound, do you agree or disagree?
  13. That's my bad, I looked too quick in the book. Ok, nvm about that half action kicking the weapon away and stuff. Unless you had a teammate that could do the kicking for you.
  14. Hey if your GM allows it great for you, but I feel that no one is going to like it in the group, but that is my opinion based off how my group would feel about it. I believe someone e-mailed the FFG and asked stuff about Divine Shot and that the power was suppose to work with a personal weapon of the character pistol or basic weapon or something and it's not suppose to be used with a rocket launcher per se though. I think it's over kill but it's all based off of your groups dynamic and game play, if you don't use it ever single second of the game it shouldn't be too bad then, but if thats all you use all the time then good luck. I think someone is going to say somethin if the psyker is always carrying around a rocket launcher everywhere he goes.
  15. Well you can always just roll BS to try and confirm and add whatever modifiers that would apply normally. I think I remember post way back when where it was stated that you couldn't get Righteous Fury because there was no BS roll used in the first place because it was an auto-hit. So to my knowledge I don't think there is anything that says if you can or can not confirm the critical or not. But I like what InquisitorAlexel said though, but you would have to talk with your GM and discuss it with him in how he wants to handle it. To me it seems unfair if there was no way to confirm the RF or if it was a auto confirmed RF. And it would seem fair if you just had to roll your BS as normal with the modifiers that would normally apply as if you weren't using Divine Shot.
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