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  1. I'm not Russian myself, but there's a few listed on DeckBox.org, you can message people if you have an account there: javascript:void(0);/*1302254997504*/
  2. Respect! You definitely are quite the fan. =) Just wanted to drop in and say keep up the intel ffgfan, it's much appreciated!
  3. Mordechai said: And when BigV says we're very pissed off, it means V-E-R-Y P-I-S-S-E-D O-F-F!! So literally everyone in Italy is off the wall mad?
  4. It's encouraging to see such positive responses to this! I'm still new and don't understand the power level of all the cards yet, but I've seen a lot of complaining as of late on the boards so this positive reaction to the restricted list is awesome to see! =)
  5. qwertyuiop said: No. This option. Really! All of the Enemy Cycle and March of the Damned. How much? I have a need for such things!
  6. The very first one, "Assault on Ulthuan" javascript:void(0);/*1301930098238*/
  7. Well I'm a relatively new player myself so I'm not entirely sure which BPs you should try to aim for, however I would recommend you take a look at the database on DeckBox.org (link below), you can sort the cards by expansion and should easily be able to find what you need. As for how Orcs play they're for the most part a Rush/Blitz deck, they can build up power much quicker then any other race. They also thrive on being damaged, they have quite a few cards that get more powerful when damage is applied. They're also all about gaining power through hurting themselves or doing AOE effects that are bad for both the enemy and themselves, so they're indeed very chaotic in nature. An there is indeed a lot of humor in their cards. =) javascript:void(0);/*1301918614510*/
  8. This was still a worthwhile post as it actually had the picture to go along with the rules you gave us. Awesome art is awesome.
  9. Don't think so, I was looking for a way to message someone the other day and couldn't find one either... unless I'm missing something.
  10. Deckbox seems to be the way to go (link below), if you create an account there you'll be able to created decks as you please. They also seem to be up to date on cards as far as I can tell. javascript:void(0);/*1301486825540*/
  11. I'm still new here but competitively speaking why would you limit yourself to in faction if there is a perfectly good, reasonably costed resource in another faction that circumvents the flaws your faction tends to have? If playing just for fun and you want to stick with a single faction then yes you'll have to deal with the issues, but if you're talking about being competitive while limiting your own resource pool that's your fault. Whether they said it or not, no where in the rules does it limit you to one faction, you just can't cross the Alliance/Destruction line. So pointing out realistically costed cards from outside faction is perfectly viable.
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