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  1. I'm trying to build a empire deck, but is not competitive, because every race win to them, so they need some of the restricted cards again, or new powerful cards.
  2. Call of Chaos - Limited. Action: Chose a number and reveal X top cards from your deck. X is the chosen number. Put into play in your battlefield revealed chaos unit with cost X or lower. Discard the rest of the revealed cards. WTF… Any number, like 20 or 25, is an excellent card, is the tanslation ok?
  3. There are new support cards, very cheap cards, so, why is the forge already restricted? I think that we need new faqs to remove some old cards from that list, and include some new cards to avoid infinite combos to win the match.
  4. One question, in the new dark elf adventure, How i can destroy it? May i put a unit on it? How do i avoid its effects? Thanks
  5. in page 5 of the rules says: The Empire, Dwarf, and High Elf races constitute the “Order” races. On the other hand, the Chaos, Orc, and Dark Elf races are nown as the “Destruction” races. Order cards and Destruction cards cannot be combined in the same deck. i can't understand why the 4th in the polish tournament, with a dark elves deck, has a high elves card.
  6. Thank you everybody.
  7. what about dragon expansion, is it good? Thank you for all your answers.
  8. i want to buy this game but i want to ask about it, the game really deserve it? What is the best expansion? Thank you
  9. Hi, i want to suggest, a print of the cards of warhmmer invasion core, and assault of ulthuan, of the one or two copies card, because is good for beginners. Is like a little expansion with one or two copies card, to complete 3xcopies for every card. Is necesary to be competitive.
  10. i only put this idea, the people who support or not. but this capitals is for neutral races fans, that people who want a capital for their races, with three kind of loyalty to choose one at the begining of the match. that kind of capital don't annoy anyone.
  11. Virgo said: This topic has been discussed here already about 100 times. There will be no additional races in this game and no, the neutral races won't be given capitals, they will just stay what they are, neutral. Just search the forums if you want to read more arguments. Have a nice day thanks to be more gentle than before, i prefer this kind of answer. i think that the more we support this idea, there are more possibilities to be real.
  12. You love to annoy people, i guess that you are a lonely guy with no friends, i pity you.
  13. with neutral capitals, whit 3 kind of loyalty, and choose one at the begining of the match. to complete the next neutral races, skaven, undead, lizards, silvan elf, and breattonian.
  14. please translate the spoiler. thanks
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