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  1. White Wolf sold (again)

    I'm sure that FFG passed on VTES for a number of reasons, but at least some of those likely included: 1) CCP not wanting to licence WW while they were in negotations to sell it, 2) CCP several times saying that they weren't interested in doing anything with VTES unless it involved Wizards of the Coast (who kind of own the rules... maybe?), and 3) Wizards refusing to have anything to do with VTES (which has stopped at least 2 efforts to get VTES reprinted that I know of). So with CCP out of the picture, things might well change. Plus the new White Wolf has said more than once that it wants to licence out it's setting to companies who can do quality things with it. That having been said, FFG has already purchased L5R, so they might not be looking for any more LCGs for a while. With all that said, if you are interested in VTES, there has been a conversation between White Wolf and the player organization that has kept VTES alive (it's called the VEKN), and there is currently a poll on the VEKN site about what people would like to see for the future of VTES. Now you do have to create a free account with them if you want to participate (you have been warned!), but they would really like to hear from former players as well as new / prospective players, so go make your voice heard!