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  1. I would love to see a imperial assault style of game. Learn to play could be a group of magistrate have to stop a ronin upraising. The main game would be traveling into the shadowlands. Cool gameplay would be have to collect jade items to keep the taint at bay. Also heroes would have wounds (kinda like the arkham games sanity) If not flip your card & the party would have to battle you. #EmeraldAssault #RokuganADescentIntoTheShadowlands
  2. Action: give all your cash in your wallet to you opponent then apologize. Don’t make eye contact.
  3. So I made this account in March of 2011 with my favorite family from L5R.
  4. Let's us play the dark side (4players)and take over a rebel base (1player)
  5. Thought I was going to be able to go up to GenCon on Sunday but life happens. Could someone please post some pics of the demo and maybe the game behind the case thanks.
  6. Not bragging First me and my play group have every piece descent E1 and E2 (- Nara the fang ) Just my opinion Teir 1 HEALER : Ashrian, Runehand, & Albright MAGE: Tarha, Astarra, Truthseer kel, Quellen & Jaes SCOUT : Fairwood, Tatianna, Farslayer, Silhouette & Kirga WARRIOR: Nanok, Hawthorne & Karnon Runners up: Steel Horn, Tahlia, Master Thorn, Synalrael & Glyr What i do not like Warrior's with Brown die Eliam and Mages Landrec.Health under 10 / speed Under 4 unlike E1 not alot of items help you gain movement. what i learned about 2nd you do alot of moving. You can have Stamina at 3 but most Hero's on my list have great Ability's/ Feat's. Hero"s Attributes should add up to be 11 going to be weak at something. Even are group the other day Had a Nanok (Feat pop already) and another hero locked (sweep & stun) with 1 giant. When we had to get ontop some tomb the other hero's a full double movement away.
  7. so monsters get 2 action. is the Elemental AIR ability a attack if not whats stopping from attacking every turn then using AIR? or FIRE then Air. Thanks
  8. A friend told me about Descent and Started playing around a year ago after being a long time Heroes Quest fan. Cant make Minnesoto to far would love to get my hands on them promo's but refuse to pay the ebay price. plus GenCon right around the corner ans is a hour 1/2 drive for me
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