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  1. It's all about learning and improving and trying new combinations. The story isn't too diverse (Jabba's Realm is great however), but the character combinations and enemy appearances provide plenty of replayability.
  2. He wants some downtime obviously. A little Netflix, or maybe playing something on Steam...
  3. I'm guessing; Baron Zemo Scott Lang / Ant Man Miles Morales / Spider Man Pietro Maximoff / Quicksilver Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch
  4. I think the fact that "it is used by" clarifies is perfectly.
  5. Yeah, I suppose it's stupid that a character has to be the target of an attack to play a card where they defend against it in some way.
  6. Isn't really the only thing that changed a clarification on how you become the target of an attack? You can't just play a (Defense) card any time anyone else is the target. You only play it when you're the target of an attack. If you are not the target of the attack you must make yourself a target by either exhausting your hero to defend or exhaust an ally to defend. The logic that it differs from (Attack) and (Twart) is false because they were always different. Twart and Attack are performed proactively by the hero. Defense is always reactively.
  7. You're seeing seriousness where there is none.
  8. Looking at those dates it's hardly consistent. I mean they've picked a different date every month. Too hard to know when they're gonna announce another one really...
  9. He's pretty much a nobody. Hardly worth mentioning on the above lists, and there are plenty other Avengers (West Coast or otherwise) to mention before getting to Living Lighting
  10. Eh. For me personally the leaks have built more hype for the content than watching the streams have, so each to their own. I for one am excited by what the next Scenario box may offer, and a leak of title, villain or hero names alone would pique me even further. And it would help tide me over until next month when they do their announcement article/stream.
  11. Watching a Wookie run around in a circle doesn't exactly inspire fear, although the confusion caused could easily explain how the Wookie gets a particular boost to it's attack...
  12. That's a pretty big claim to just throw around...
  13. Is this one correct? Is the hero the target of an attack if they have used an ally to defend an attack against another hero?
  14. That’s basically it. So they can future proof some characters who will be stronger in Wisdom or Spirit and also be decent attackers.
  15. heals and gains are the same in this instance. It's a misprint.
  16. So anyone got good ideas for who would fill out the Justice and Leadership slots after Hulk? Justice: Daredevil? Leadership: Nick Fury? Star Lord?
  17. While I agree with your point, the AMA clarified there would be no more Physical product. The Digital content was not mentioned (beyond a new Raid mode being announced), however I find it very unlikely we will get any further digital content.
  18. Cap's alter ego reduction once per turn plus his super soldier serums could come in pretty handy if you ran him instead.
  19. Wait, do we know that for certain? All I got from what they were saying is they had to cut cards to make room for The Invocation Deck (5 cards) Previously a Hero pack would have 12 extra cards (triplicates of a card for the 3 other aspects and triplicates of a basic) Cutting 5 cards from 12 means there should still be 7 additional cards (1 of which is Iron Man Leadership Ally) If anything, this is a good opportunity for them to release a handful of additional allies for the different other Aspects. I would expect to see an Aggression Ally, Justice Ally and Basic Ally. This would leave 3 slots, which could be another basic card.
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