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  1. Starting 1st Campaign as Imperial- Need Tips

    Also, evaluate if this campaign is intended to be "just for fun" or "highly competitive" If just for fun, try to get an idea of how close to either side winning you can push things. Make it close by pulling punches or going for the jugular intermittently. Spread Damage or Focus Fire to keep things fun. Give helpful advice or insinuate event triggers so they can maybe adjust their tactics a little. If one side pulls ahead don't be afraid to look for balancing mechanics. Don't throw missions, but don't always look to withdraw a hero or block a hallway. Avoid putting too many conditions on the heroes if you can. Sometimes leaving units in a position that lets a hero show off their new skill brings more fun to the table than positioning them optimally. If highly competitive, look at @ATM2100's suggestions for optimising.
  2. The Anti-Hero Guide

    Focus fire on a hero to force the MHD player to activate early in the round, then focus fire on a hero after that. Rince Repeat until a hero goes down.
  3. Is the Battlefront Campaign really canon? Really?
  4. The short answer is No. The slightly longer answer is Obviously No, and its unlikely that anyone with the creative powers in relevant positions can implement anything IA into canon sources.
  5. Addressing Game-Changing Mistakes

    I would suggest that what is done is done. Give the Imperial what they would've got for winning, and leave what the Rebels actually got as the same. And learn from the mistakes.
  6. I think Pasi makes sense here. The targeting for Dark Energy has already been met when played. Unlike attacks, there is nothing here that goes back and checks that the original targeting is still valid.
  7. C1-10p's On A Mission question

    Since Call the Vanguard is played outside of an activation, the figure must spend the movement points as soon as they are gained. That said, IF the attack and move actions can be switched around (which I'm not sure they can), you could attack then move, or move then attack. But as said above, you cannot split the movement into two batches, either side of an attack.
  8. For Reference; In my opinion; 1) You use Dark Energy to attempt to push the small figure 1 space. 2) When the figure is about to be pushed the 1 space, you play Parting Blow to attack the target. 3) While defending, the small figure now uses On the Lam to move, say 4 spaces away. You then try to resolve Parting Blow which fails, and finish resolving Dark Energy which also fails.
  9. Imperial Assault Damage Calculator

    Thats cool, but as a next step can you add the ability to remove symbols from attacks? Such as removing the Dodge for Hired Guns, or Evades/Surges if Weakened.
  10. Those movement points can be spend without requiring a movement action. its actually a critical Rebel ability that when used right will optimise their chances of winning missions. a Rebel can strain twice for 2mp, spend them and attack twice in one turn if required.
  11. The article mentions specifically that it is art of Rex and Thrawn.
  12. Better collection manager

    An easier way to select all or multiples at a time. As a player who has everything, it was quite tedious to select them all one by one.
  13. General app musings

  14. Cleave targets?

    I would probably rank them something like this; Nearly defeated (Wounded) hero Healthy hero (last healthy hero) Nearly defeated (Withdrawn) hero Nearly defeated Unique Ally Nearly defeated non-Unique Ally (last in group) Nearly defeated non-Unique Ally Healthy Hero Healthy Unique Ally Healthy non-Unique Ally (last in group) Healthy non-Unique Ally Wounded Hero But a lot of variables may affect this. Is the Healthy Hero the last Healthy hero? Does defeating an ally cause mission loss? Has the cleave target already gone this round, or are they still going to activate? Basically, it puts the ball in your court and asks you to honestly decide which is worse for you. Whatever you decide, is what the Imperial would do.