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  1. Agreed. Anyone else super stoked for Rise of Skywalker?
  2. There are plenty of good and bad in all three trilogies IMHO. I for one chose to enjoy the bits I like, but ignore the things that are problematic (for the sake of enjoying a movie). Holding the OT up on some sort of pedestal will not change my life in any way, so I just enjoy the movies as much or as little as I want.
  3. You could easily house rul This makes sense to me. If you're playing on hard, this should probably be the default setting anyway I think?
  4. Players didn't kill IA Skirmish. FFG did. With lack of support, lack of communication and a toxic meta.
  5. If it were dead, and they say it is, sales would plummet immediately. By not saying anything they can string a few stragglers along for a few more months in the hopes that there will be new content and support. As this point, saying nothing or saying something, it's too late either way. Their customer base isn't stupid. They can see the writing on the wall. And many are leaving for greener pastures. IA is dead because they are not saying anything. EDIT; to clarify, IA is only dead from FFG's perspective. Anyone who wants to play it will keep it alive for themselves and those around them. The App may have a few more releases. (maybe)
  6. Hey. Being Top 5 in your country is nothing to be ashamed of... I once won a bronze medal in <insert very obscure team sport>. (never mind that there were only three teams competing)
  7. I'm expecting Villains Box tomorrow. Checked my iOS and Ember Campaign was available.
  8. I’m gonna guess it had some Jawas in it
  9. It wasn’t the only thing, but definitely an InFlight that only gave a crap about three-four properties
  10. No mention of IA. (Armada was thrown a couple of bones though) the Q&A wasn’t broadcast. Anyone got any goss on what was asked and answered?
  11. You could provide some constructive criticism on the proposed changes instead of bashing people who are having a disagreement. but hey, you’re super good at whatever it is you do and the IACP don’t know anything about what they’re doing. good for you
  12. Simply the fact that you’re rolling dice means that you are not always going to get your points worth. I’m not saying balance isnt important. I’m saying not everything can be perfectly balanced. Jeez. yes, ffg appear to badly play test their last Ia stuff. But that’s what we got. So, for the many reasons previously listed, the IACP are trying to bring other less played figures in line. One or two at a time. maybe the fact that you think you’re “tilting at windmills” should give you an idea of where you actually stand?
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