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  1. Majushi

    Other good gaming companies?

    I actually enjoy them, but don't find there is a lot of depth to them. Simple but fun.
  2. Majushi

    Wave 12 Wishlist

    The Auto +2 Accuracy is basically better than switching the Green to a Blue. And the Green is better than Blue on everything except Range. I'd leave it as is. Blast isn't really thematic for a Sniper, but Pierce is. I'd leave that one as is too. I'd agree that a 2 unit squad would make sense. Health 4 or even 3 (look at Jet Troopers as an example) It's pretty hard to make a Spotter and Sniper on the same card. Easiest is to make them both Snipers, and give them an action similar to the ISB Infiltrators. Usable only once by the group that round. So they can spot/shoot or the other way around.
  3. Majushi

    New Character Ideas

    Tauntaun Rider is pretty much it I think
  4. Majushi

    New Character Ideas

    I personally think they exhausted the figures relevant to Hoth in that expansion. I can’t really think of any additional groups. Maybe Rebel Pilots? Or imperial Walker drivers? Scum? no idea. HK’s were so left field at the time too...
  5. Majushi

    IA production schedule

    Well, except that a lot of people can’t afford two major money pits. i like X-Wing, I really do. But Imperial assault was the money pit for me. I’m all in (campaign). i don’t mind loads of news for other games. I just want a little regular news for my particular niche. i get that FFG aren’t catering to me specifically, but they do seem to throw ranges by the wayside without so much as a whisper of information to the masses... how about this; every week they should do a “state of the game” article. Just a paragraph about each range stating something to alleviate the nerves... is that too much to ask?
  6. Majushi

    Rebel Team Composition for Bespin

    He's very fun. I would suggest keeping Shyla though, as she's (one of?) the best melee characters available. Maybe Davith/Onar/Vinto/Shyla is viable if neither of Onar/Davith can be dropped for Murne...
  7. Thanks @WalkingStuka. I hadn't picked up on that part in the OP
  8. Well... obviously... that doesn’t help me though...
  9. Majushi

    IA production schedule

    I'd assume this is most likely the next news we will see. How long until that I don't know. Probably sometime... pre Christmas maybe? Imperial Assault App Announced 20th November 2017 Imperial Assault App Released 1st December 2017 Jabbas Realm App Announced 18th July 2018 Jabbas Realm App Released 8th August 2018 Looking at this it took them approximately 7 months between announcements. If we assume development of Jabbas started once Core was done, we could potentially assume a similar time difference to the next announcement (variance on time can be depending on lessons learned/setbacks) Maybe we can estimate new app announcement in January/February next year?
  10. Majushi

    Kessel Run - small box wish list

    Maybe something like; Mission 1: Steal the Cargo ship - vs Mud Troopers (Beckett Ally) Mission 2: Freight Heist. (Could do something like Sands of Seelos on a macro scale?) - vs Range Troopers (Beckett Ally) Mission 3: Infiltrate Kessel Mine. - vs Syndicate (Qi'Ra Ally) Mission 4: Red Sun Confrontation - vs Syndicate (Dryden Villain, Enfys Ally)
  11. Majushi

    The Mandalorian

    But completely broken right? I mean, imagine someone disintegrating someones Vader? Granted, they will have to get VP's elsewhere (not exactly an issue for Scum) to make up the difference lost, but you essentially insta-killed a figure by doing 1 damage to it. (Points or No, that's brutal) Maybe a Command Card something like; Disintegrations: Boba Fett gains Surge: Reduce all Blocks to 0 for this attack.
  12. Majushi

    Everything is out of stock?

    Google is your friend people!!!
  13. I imagine one could do “unique” named Clawdite Forms... So form of Zam for instance. But as you say, the three existing do cover the most obvious iterations. You could do a spy version maybe? Objective runner with extra movement and hiding ability. Maybe bonuses when interacting? or a brawler instead of the street rat? or a medic version that support in different way to the senator. or a multi-target shooter (like Vinto) instead of the scout. im sure there are someone out there with the abilities to think of better options. Although the priority isn’t high on these ones...
  14. @Bitterman Form cards are very specialised, for sure, but I'm sure there are people out there who would love to custom make some more options for their Shapeshifters...