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  1. Majushi

    Wave 12 Wishlist

    In IA canon, how many Jedi survived the order? 2 Jedi masters (Obi and Yoda) 2 padawans (Diala and Kanan) 1 other (Davith. What is Davith?) plus Ahsoka if you want, but she wasn’t a Jedi anymore at that point. compare to how many died? Hundreds? Thousands? The fact that a handful survived is probably quite plausible...
  2. Majushi

    Wave 12 Wishlist

    A few people thought Rebels content would be possible
  3. Majushi

    Best expansion to buy for skirmishers

    I believe they are. I Usually end up with duplicates of both skirmish and campaign versions.
  4. Majushi

    Looks cool, but...

    It is longer than two. It came out in 2015. Expansion in 2016.
  5. Which I get, yeah. But a person under NDA must be able to at least admit they are under an NDA? Right? So if someone is a playtester for IA, and subject to a current NDA. Area they allowed tell me?
  6. Pretty much what people have said; campaign with friends is good, and there are many to play through. solo or with friends on app. Get core, then Jabbas Realm Or Hoth. skirmish; be wary. Will only be as good as your local scene.
  7. Majushi

    IA Olympics

    No Coruscant? Or Empire at all really... could do a Sith list, or a Jedi list,
  8. So, a thought occurred to me and I’m sure the answer is no, but; playtesters. You know who you are. i assume NDAs are in place, but can you even speak up if you are currently playtesting something? im not asking specifics about mechanics, characters or even format. but just a, “yes, we have stuff we’re testing” or “no, we’ve not been given anything at the moment” would just give the rest of us some hope or insight. Or just a, “im a play tester and I can’t tell you anything” would at least be a semblance of communication
  9. The Slippery Target example isn't really that similar; You are playing multiple cards triggering on the same event. So timing conflict is resolved as normal, in this case you would choose which slippery target to resolve first. For Miracle Worker, a1bert has already pointed out that the wording in this case would be clear. As both suffer the damage simultaneously, the trigger to play the card happens before MHD is removed from play.
  10. Majushi

    IA production schedule

    Huh, turns out I was right
  11. Makes sense really, from applying the exact wording of the victory point target rules.
  12. Majushi

    Looks promising!

    The barrier to entry for any multi-expansion campaign may be too high for their liking, it doesn’t affect those of us who already have everything, but many people have been saying how they didn’t plan on getting Jabbas realm until the app announcement. if they combined say... twin shadow and Bespin into a new campaign it might be viable... that said, all that really does is combine tiles that have never hit the table together before. Hardly a big deal when everything else I the boxes is already usable all the time...
  13. Majushi

    Tyrants of lothal

    For mini campaigns, all agenda cards that put missions into play are removed from the deck.
  14. The biggest surprise is the total lack of communication or announcement about the release. (I kid, I kid)
  15. Fair point, but if dying lunge and celebration puts the player on more vps they win. (Both hit. 40+ vps at the same time. Right?)