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  1. It means that you keep the contents on the face of the card secret. not the existence of the card itself...
  2. Majushi

    is it death ?

    You have to remember that even though there is content that exists it still has to be converted to the app format and playtested. none of those things happen quickly. look at when Jabbas Realm for the app was announced, and how long it took to release. Patience!
  3. Majushi

    Looking for unwanted Campaign parts!

    I’m a campaign player but I might have some spares of duplicates I picked up. Jawa pack. ISB pack. Echo Base Trooper Pack. Captain Terro Pack. Hired Guns Pack. i could probably send you the duplicate stuff I have from these
  4. Majushi

    Spectre Cell command cards...

    Chopper no?
  5. Majushi

    is it death ?

    It is not death. Wait and see. (is my hope. I have no actual facts to give you unfortunately)
  6. Majushi

    first time here so not sure

    Links or additional info please?
  7. Majushi

    Forced Missions ... no more?

    Now I really want a new IA Campaign, where you start with an "ally" in the early missions, who is at one point believed to be killed in a massive explosion. Only to later find out that they have been captured and turned to evil, and become the boss at the end.
  8. Majushi

    Suitability for Solo Play?

    I'd echo a1bert and Rikalonius' sentiments here. Flight of the Freedom Fighter was a nice bonus for those of us who already own IA and have played most (if not all) of the campaigns multiple times. But Jabba's Realm is where its at. More replayability. More interesting missions. (plus the box comes with some pretty good figures) Additionally, while it might seem like more to keep track of (it is), 4 heroes is much more fun than 2 in my opinion. It's like having more tools for the job, and the puzzle of which tool to use at what time is a large part of the fun.
  9. Unfortunately I believe a1bert is correct on this one. (To no-ones surprise really) There are specific rules for what happens when allies take strain (it becomes damage), but the absence of rules for what happens when they recover strain doesn't prove intent for it to work that way. In fact, I would argue that the absence of a rule regarding allies recovering strain means that it does nothing. (FAQ should probably have an entry on this) Recovering strain is, as stated by a1bert, specifically a hero ability. It would not make sense for allies to have the same benefit.
  10. Paint one up for us. I’d love to see your take on one...
  11. My team for Jabba's Realm Playthrough was Drokkatta, Ko-Tun, Shyla and Vinto. My finale saw the first part play out at the Sarlaac Pit where the Rancor showed up and climbed into a skiff. The second part was on Jabba's sailbarge, where Shyla defeated Jabba in one turn to win it.
  12. Majushi

    Beyond the Rim (custom campaign)

    I would only say that you should Beware giving the Rebels too many things to do. They could easily feel that its impossible to "win" with so many things to do...
  13. But he hasn’t had his activation yet, he’ll still get a go.
  14. Majushi

    Elite non-unique allies in campaign

    So, Imperial actually gets more threat (over time), but less up front? If Rebels bring Obi-Wan Kenobi for 10 threat. Imperial gets 5 threat, an optional deployment and 5 tokens. During the Status Phase for round 1 the Impeiral gets an additional 2 threat and loses a token. Then During the Status Phase for round 2 the Imperial gets an additional 2 threat and loses the final token. If Obi is defeated now, the three remaining tokens are discarded without effect. So, potentially the Imperial could have a total of 15 threat over 5 rounds? But the rebels have an advantage at the start. I think I like this.
  15. Majushi

    Massive rebel ever?

    Chewbacca Controlled AT-ST? With AT-ST and Tank fixes for the Imperial?