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  1. will it ever be?
  2. Is it still not Iphone Compatible?
  3. I would've liked at least 4 or 5 forms in the HotE box itself, but as it is I think it'll be unlikely we see more forms for the Clawdites at all.
  4. Yeah, I'm going to have to echo the above sentiments; Jabba's Realm is best bang for buck in both Skirmish and Campaign. Ally and Villain packs are a little more tricky to recommend, as a lot of them require the box expansions they came out with to have the right tiles to play. Twin Shadows - Boba Fett, R2-D2 & C-3PO, Kayn Somos, Bantha Rider Return to Hoth - Leia, Dengar, General Sorin Bespin Gambit - Lando, Bossk, Agent Blaise, ISB Infiltrators Jabba's Realm - Jedi Luke, Jabba, Captain Terro Heart of the Empire - Ahsoka, Maul, Palpatine Additional Ally/Villain packs with no corresponding box all use only Core tiles; Alliance Smuggler, Jawa Scavenger, Hired Guns, Hera & Chopper, Grand Inquisitor, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Greedo, BT-1 & 0-0-0, Wookie Warriors, Stormtroopers And finally, Ally and Villain packs that were released with the Core (and only use core tiles); Han, Chewbacca, IG-88, General Weiss, Royal Guard Champion, Rebel Troopers, Rebel Saboteurs All in all, it's hard to recommend Ally or Villain packs without knowing the purpose. Campaign or Skirmish? Campaign, I would probably pick packs that are usable only with Boxes you already have, So any of the ones marked RED. Skirmish, I would probably pick as for Campaign, but with a few more to help flesh out more than two or three lists at a time. So any of the ones marked RED or ORANGE. If you end up picking up another of the boxes (Campaign or Skirmish), I would add the ones in GREEN if you get Jabba's Realm or BLUE if you get Heart of the Empire or PURPLE if you get Return to Hoth. EDIT: I hope that makes sense. I'm happy to clarify more about which packs and why if you want.
  5. Yeah, Final Blast on a Probe Droid isn't as abusive as a Industrious Rodian (was). I've managed to pull this one off in my campaign once, and the Rebels were not pleased. Granted the Droid is near death anyway, but's a neat little trick when it comes off...
  6. Or make your opponent attack a door before they're ready to have it destroyed?
  7. Now that is a missed opportunity. The fourth superfluous Clawdite could've been a unique deployment card. Yeah, obviously it would require more testing for an additional deployment, but a non-canon Scum character to go with the Sorin, Kayn, Terro & Weiss characters we already have.
  8. Except that the other figures would not get another activation in addition to the Last Resort damage...
  9. I read it that way also, but the wording certainly could have been clearer.
  10. To be fair, he's not exactly using the shield for it's intended purpose. But once FFG provides alternate sculpts with the Riot Troopers Shield-Surfing I'll concede they should have white dice...
  11. Shame about not having enough deployment cards for the figure, or the extra form required either...
  12. I assume he plays honestly with himself. When making moves as the Imperial he does what would be the strongest move then and there. Then, when it comes time to activate a Rebel, he does what would be the strongest move then and there. If you can play with no bias to one side or the other, and not make decisions based on hidden information, it's not impossible
  13. As a player in a1bert's Bespin mini campaign, I can attest that Hutt Mercenaries is very strong but not unbeatable. If you have a strong group of heroes, a bit of luck on your side, and the right tactical choices at the right time; 1) MHD helped mitigate the big burst damage by being able to heal up a significant portion 2) White dice dodges were in our favour (only slightly more than average, but it helped) 3) Davith and Shyla were strong single target damage dealers. (good for taking out 2/3 of a strong deployment before it can act) 4) Vinto was good at clearing up near-death figures with ease. (good for taking out 2/3 of a weak deployment before it can act) 5) Keep pressure on enemy units constantly. Do not give the Imperial an activation with a strong deployment when possible. 6) Be aware of who has the bounty tokens, and use them in a away which limits the Imperial's chances to get the most out of class deck 7) be lucky. It helps Also 8) Hidden E-Wing Guards hurt. A lot. Kill them with fire 9) The E-Jawa hits like a truck. Kill it with fire 10) The Dewback is really good. You know what to do 11) Ughnaughts aren't that scary when there is only a couple of them. 12) Hired Guns are a pain in the behind, but rarely the biggest danger on the board.