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  1. Correct. Only allies, villains and deployments from the Core box are currently available. Heroes from all expansions are playable, and most supply and item cards too (including the three from Inquisitor, Greedo and Obi-Wan packs)
  2. Play however you want to play.
  3. I'm using Gideon, Fenn, Vinto and Shyla.
  4. It's his "about to cry face" when he heard he wouldn't be getting his own figure and deployment in Imperial Assault
  5. All content currently released can be selected in the app. Any of the content we didn't mention has a comment on it explaining that it will be updated to include it in the future. when that is im not sure anyone knows.
  6. Basically what Tvboy said. big/small boxes get you more heroes, items and supply cards. Ally and villain packs from wave 1 are all supported. Obi-Wan, Greedo and Inquisitor all have an item in their packs that can be used. And that's it for now.
  7. My apologies. I completely misunderstood what you were talking about. Totally my fault.
  8. Please, they just did a transfer of any topics that had the word "App" in it. I would hardly consider that as news for IA. Just basic housekeeping...
  9. The app does away with the Imperial Class Deck entirely. So it doesn't have to track bounty tokens.
  10. Yes, you could play this without the physical box (app only. Not if you want to play any of the other 6 campaigns released) Who said the game is dead? I'm just saying that giving the players everything in the app is a disincentive to buying the box. It's not supposed to be a game in its own right. It's supposed to be used in conjunction with the box. But seeing as you have so "eloquently" ended this conversation, I suppose you must have said all that there is to say on this subject...
  11. Which cards? The deployment cards? All the info relevant on those now are which dice they roll for attack and defense. Abilities have (mostly) been ignored or adapted for app play. Speed is irrelevant as the app ignores it and tells you how far they move. Figures become irrelevant if you track locations in the app. Damage tokens become irrelevant if you track damage in the app. The only real information you need on cards is the Hero stuff. And in the end, you can find all of this on the internet now. If you remove the need to track things physically, you remove the need for the boardgame to be bought at all.
  12. But in doing so would essentially negate the need for physical components, and FFG would lose money on lost sales
  13. Unless they interrupt to activate, which happened to me without a choice in the matter and Fenn took 10 damage. (that might have been the tutorial only though)
  14. So are the Hero rewards unavailable entirely? Or is it possible there will be encounters that will give it to them?