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  1. Majushi

    Are all villains earned?

    Fair point, although one can be inspired despite a morale loss. plenty of “sacrifices” can be inspiring and hurt morale at the same time. i clearly must have misread the RRG in the past.
  2. Majushi

    Are all villains earned?

    I didn’t think the RRG specifically mentions non-unique when referring to where the card goes? also, a villain could be dead or retreated but still “inspiring” to their followers. The mere memory of Vader being in the fight could spur even the simplest of ... I supppose Royal Guard... to greater heights.
  3. Majushi

    Are all villains earned?

    Quick question on that. Do they return to your hand for the purposes still being able to use Inspirational with them? And if not; Why?
  4. Majushi

    Content Required to Play the Campaign?

    Yes. Jabba can appear if you have Jabba's Realm and Core, but not Jabba's Pack. If you have Core & Jabba's Pack then Jabba can appear. But no Weequay Pirates, Gamorrean Guards or Jet Troopers. I don't think that there are "unique Villain experiences". If you have the Villain, when a random Villain is required, that Villain may be that Villain. Or it may be Weiss, IG-88 or Darth Vader from the Core. I can't attest to replayability myself. Essentially I believe the App follows the same mission structure each time. The differences will be in the encounters you may come across in-between? Someone else with more app experience will have to clarify this one further I think.
  5. Technically aren't you doing both? I mean, because you reach the other "side" of the space, you have gone "through" that space. [ P ] [ B ] [E ] [ T ] [ B ] [ E ] [ E ] [ B ] [ E ] [ E ] [ E ] [ E ] [ E ] [ E ] [ A ] So, in my mind to target T, A has to draw LoS to the two leftmost corners of T. The bottom left corner is fine, but the top left corner you have to draw LoS through the space to get to it? Compare to if you were targeting the bottom left corner of P. The exact same corner. You would be going through T to get to it.
  6. Majushi

    Format: No-16

    Sounds like fun, but I had a thought that might make it less restrictive (but still restrictive in the right way) Only ban cards that were used in multiple lists in the Top 16. That way, if only one player used Vinto for instance, Vinto would still be available for selection. But if eight players use Zillo, then that removes it from selection. The only major issue to that ruling would be if there was only one rebel player who made it into the Top 16 for example.
  7. I agree it should be obvious, but then why need a specific clarification about objects sharing the same space? (RRG p6) Also, just because you are drawing LoS TO a space, does not mean you can't also be drawing a LoS THROUGH a space...
  8. Majushi

    eClawdite vs rClawdite

    Ah, so the issue here is that Merc don't have a super-duper support figure that can be used instead of Gideon/3P0/Hera If any faction should be annoyed by this it should be Imperials, who have Imperial Officers and that's basically it? No access to Focus or Hide really. Barely any access to Power Tokens. But no. Clawdites are the issue because they're not as strong as (arguably) the easiest 6 points Mercs or Rebels will ever build around? Maybe the issue isn't the Clawdites (or your apparently dreadful luck with the dice), but the fact that Temporary Alliance is still even a thing. It was a fix to limitations in the core box. Those limitations don't exist anymore, so just ban the thing and be done with it.
  9. Majushi

    eClawdite vs rClawdite

    Expecting the dice to roll perfectly as the odds predict is a fallacy in itself. As you say, a guaranteed token would probably be too strong. There needs to be some risk of failure in the actions, or why play at all?
  10. Wow. Those Rex and Anakin jobs look absolutely amazing!
  11. Unfortunately, Insignificant doesn't actually provide a definite answer. (only by inference can one assume that R5's ability and the targeting of other companions sharing spaces are connected) It is possible, based on the rules listed by Golan above, that a companion cannot be targeted if the LoS intersects the space the figure they are under is occupying. That said, if you can see two corners without intersecting the target space then I see no reason why the companion cannot be targeted. (unless it is R5)
  12. Majushi

    Amazon Echo Skill

    You have all been added to lists. the Empire thanks you for your service. good day!
  13. Majushi

    Random Star Wars photo...

  14. That’s a good point.