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  1. Hey Guys, for those of you who haven't seen my previous posts, I am just getting back into the 40K universe after a 7 year hiatus and I am currently trying to not only get myself up to speed to run a Rogue Trader game, but looking for any details I can use to help my players understand the Imperium since most of them have never played anything involving the 40K universe. What I am now looking for is any information online that goes into the workings of the Imperium as well as other "Fluff" as I have noticed others call it. The extra detail would really help my players understand why the 41st millenium is the way it is. I am looking for any online resources that could prove worthwhile in developing the setting for people that do not know the 40K universe. I know this is a very broad spectrum of information I am looking for however; I feel it is better to have too much and pick and choose what to use than to have minimal and not get the full feel of the 41st millenium for my players. Also as a side note, I am curious about those of you who are veteran storytellers for Rogue Trader, do you prefer to have very set story lines, or do you prefer to give various plot hooks, and see where the players take the game? I personally prefer to give my players the option to follow what leads they want to pursue as opposed to railroading them through a story line but I am always interested to hear what other storytellers prefer.
  2. In my years as a story teller, I can deffinately agree that it is frustrating when players do not realize the potential thier characters could have if they just read up on what they can do however; demanding that players buy books is like playing Russian Roulette, some will gladly jump on the bandwagon just so that they can have a copy of thier own, but most will scoff at you and either make your sessions more difficult because they are frustrated at you for demanding they spend thier money on your game, or just leave the game alltogether. In my experiance it is far easier to look at a couple of different options for players to read up on what thier character can do. #1 Offer a minimal xp bonus (I usually don't use this one because I try to keep in mind that in some cases bonus xp can offset the game unless the entire party is getting the bonus) #2 Sit down with the player between sessions and explain to them what options they overlooked at character creation and explain to them how these options (and others) would help thier character. After the conversation offer for them to borrow the book. #3 Build a villanous NPC that is a mirror of the character (one of my favorites) and show them through good role playing what that character is capable of. For most players seeing a clone of them in action using the full potential of the class usually inspires them to read more. I have also considered one of the options that I have read in this forum, to make print outs, or cheat sheets if you like the term better, and hand them out to the players. I know I will be using this idea for my Rogue Trader game since I have several players that want to play the game but are not fluent in the 40K universe so giving them sheets to explain who is who and what certain things mean is going to help them a lot.
  3. Thanks for the help! It appears the sky (or space is it were) is now limitless in possibilities
  4. Hey Guys, I am working on my first Rogue Trader Campaign, and was wondering if anyone knows if there are any online resources for Sector Maps? I would really like to map out an entire Sector with game options for my players, and the main rule book that i have only has a little bit of actual information on the Koronus Expanse sector. Granted I am more than willing to develope the entire sector if I need to however; I would hate to do that and then find out there is actually a book or website that already has a good chunk of it done already. Thanks in Advance to anyone willing to help!
  5. Glad to see that there is at least one book that covers space ports, I will have to add that book to my list of books needed. Thank you very much!
  6. I had a feeling Battlefleet Gothic was going to end up being the answer to the ship layouts, thank you very much for confirming that! Most of my players tend to be very detail oriented so getting the layouts of the ships is going to help a lot!
  7. Greetings to all, I am a former Warhammer 40K player (it's been 7 years since I last played) so I understand the Rogue Trader universe, and recently decided to pick up the Rogue Trader RPG since I origionally started playing 40K back when that edition came out. What I am looking for is technical data on various things in the Rogue Trader area of the universe. Anyone who remebers the old school books knows that it was not uncommon for there to be diagrams of ships (not just external pics) as well as technical write ups on the actual vessels. Does anyone know where I can find something like this for use in my Rogue Trader Games? I am also looking for any data that may be out there for Outposts such as layouts and services provided as the main book I purchased does not include anything of the sort. I am by no means a rookie when it comes to running an RPG (I have been a player for 18 years and a DM, Storyteller, etc for 10 years) it has just been a really long time since I have used anything in the 40K universe and I would like to take any information I can get my hands on to develope the quadrant my players will be adventuring in to maximize thier experiance. As i mentioned above I currently only have the core rule book and if any of the information I am looking for happens to be in one of the other epansion books that have been published then please let me know so that I can pick those books up as well. Also if there is any other detailed information that anyone can direct me to it would be greatly appreciated as I am trying to develope as much of the quadrant prior to starting my players into the game. Thanks In advance to any and all that are willing to help!
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