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  1. Gaire

    2 questions

    My Marines earned their Crux Terminatuses… Terminati? Cruxes Terminatus? Terminator Honors. They earned them after we concluded The Emperor Protects. They had Renown of… 45, I think, were rank 5, and had just saved the whole Reach. I think that suffices.
  2. Gaire

    2 questions

    Rites of Battle suggests 40+ Renown and Rank 4 or higher for the Crux.
  3. I'd do Willpower bonus in meters as opposed to a flat 5 meters.
  4. Gaire

    2 questions

    Greater Followers can have a Psy Rating of 2, so I imagine that you could buy them psychic powers using some of their Talent slots.
  5. The Outer Reach will contain Necron stats. Assuming today's preview is correct, that book will be released in two weeks' time. Additionally, the Black Crusade supplement Tome of Fate has a decent collection of stats for 'Crons and their weapons.
  6. The Chain Melee Attachment uses the stats for a Chainsword sans-Balanced, so using a Power Sword without Balanced makes sense for the theoretical Power Melee Attachment.
  7. herichimo said: (assassinating him in his hotel etc for instance) Oh, I know this is so terribly off-topic… But now I can't get the mental image of a Kill-Team assaulting a hotel out of my head. "Brothers, secure the breakfast nook!"
  8. I'd just bump the renown and requisition of a power sword and give it tearing. Gave the Blood Angels player in my game a relic Glaive Encarmine (yeah, it's redundant to make a relic into another relic, so what?) with tearing. Considering I was throwing everyone a piece of archaeotech or relic gear at that point (Space Hulk that had a lost Astartes ship from the Great Crusade), I don't feel like I was overpowering the character.
  9. I think it's a bit pedantic to say that the Marine cannot take a hand off his bolter as part of a reaction- thus being unarmed in that hand- to draw the melee weapon. I mean, if the weapon in question is a power claymore, then no, ya gotta have both hands empty. But for a combat knife or a power sword or any other one-handed melee weapon, I don't feel like it's game-breaking to allow it. And if you force the point, your players are just going to always state that they're one-handing their basic weapons.
  10. We doing this again? All right. Okay, first and foremost, as has been said time and again: It's your game. If you want to have female Space Marines, ultimately it's up to you, but you should probably talk to all of your players before you set it in stone. First, make sure the female player WANTS to play a female Space Marine. Battle Sister into Palatine is a powerful choice, don't sell it short, and I've got a female friend in my game who loves her Space Wolf Rune Priest. Second, make sure you're not going to cheese off any of your other players by mucking with fluff like that. It's no good to appease one player if three others are going to quit over it. Personally, I'd try to avoid female Space Marines, but I'm a bit of a fluff monkey myself. If you're going to do it, may I suggest you do Twenty-First Founding instead? The whole aberrant nature of having female SM kinda lends itself to the weirdness of the 21st. To expand on what Macharius said about using the Space Marine rules for a Sister of Battle: using the Black Templars for a base and fluffing the space marine special stuff as being artifacts or implants on the Sister works beautifully.
  11. The Sound Constitution talent grants you one additional wound per purchase of the talent.
  12. The alternative is to do what they did with the Tyrant Guard in Jericho Reach: give them Fate Points that can only be used to activate any Talents they have that require such expenditure. Touched by the Fates (0) is a good idea. I'd probably implement it if I weren't two, max three sessions away from ending my campaign.
  13. I think I've given out two, maybe three Fate Points over the course of my campaign. They're at like 48,500 XP, Renown of ~95, and most of them have 4 or 5 Fate Points laying around. Given, my Kill-Team has been hilariously lucky with taking minimum damage, avoiding attacks, and benefiting from horrible rolls on my part- to the point that Tyranids have been dubbed the Derp-Mind. Never before have I seen so many rolls of 100 on attacks and Toughness saves. So yeah, I handed out one for completing the Emperor Protects and one for gathering the coalition of Imperial Forces in the Reach to take down the Chaos Undivided army on Samech and plug up the new Eye of Terror that was forming in the Hadex Anomaly. So… each time they've actually saved the Crusade, they've gotten a fate point.
  14. There's no dispute here. Deathwatch Core Rulebook, pg.56: "Hitting someone with the butt of a basic ranged weapon (such as a boltgun) counts as an improvised weapon." If you want to use your bolter in melee combat and stay effective, get a melee weapon attachment. Heck, if one of my players asked me, I'd be willing to come up with rules for a power bayonet. Wouldn't be cheap, but if they wanted it, I'd let them use it. Say, same stats as an Astartes Power Sword, loses Balanced, costs 24 requisition- since the mono costs 7 (4 more than a combat knife) and the chain costs 9 (4 more than a chainsword).
  15. I'm with herichimo. The DoS minimum damage roll applies to the attack made with the WS/BS roll, not to any additional effects triggered during that attack- which covers the psychic channeling. If you wanted to allow the DoS minimum damage rule to apply to the psychic channeling damage using the DoS on the FPT roll… well, that would be the GM's call, I think.
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